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Charter a yacht in Izola and visit the small coastal city located on the western part of Slovenia on the shores of the Adriatic coast. With a long tradition of fishermen and winemakers, the inhabitants of this city are known for their friendliness and hospitality.

This Mediterranean city has a great architectonic heritage, which combined with the history and traditional legends, generates a unique sensation when walking through its streets. There are thousands of entertainments options: one can visit museums and galleries and be submerged in the city’s roman and medieval legacies, while the Adriatic in itself provides great opportunity for relaxation.

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What to do

This Slovenian town offers a large variety of activities to its visitors, however the most important features of this city is its stress free atmosphere, pleasant climate and idyllic landscape that invite one to relax and forget about the stress of daily life.

What to see

  • Korte:
  • the biggest village of the municipality, Korte has great views do to being located 224 meters above sea level. The village is divided into two, the old part of town on the lower level and the new part of town on the highest level. This village is home to the church of St. Anthony the hermit, a notable church due to its architecture.

  • Cetore:
  • Cetore is a town located inland. It is characterized by its tranquility and is known for its horseback riding activities and its farms.

  • Sared:
  • up until 1980, Sared was an industrial town located at 268 meters above sea level, afterwards the town begun to grow and houses with spectacular views of the Adriatic begun to be built. On the highest part of the town one can find the church of St. Jacob and a monument to the fallen that was built in 1943. In addition, the town boasts numerous roman ruins throughout the area.

Within the town, visitors can visit many historical monuments and points of interest, such as the Besenghi degli Ughi palace, the churches of St. Maur and St. Juan, the Simonov Zaliv archaeological park and the Pietro Coppo Park.


There are a number of ports that are ideal to moor your yacht. Some of them are:

  • Port of Izola:
  • a small but central port with a capacity to host sailboats, yachts and cargo ships among others.

  • Port of Koper (Capodistria):
  • one of the biggest ports it’s located nearby and it has a large variety of services such as electricity and water available for the boats that choose to dock in it. It is also very close to an airport.

Beaches and coves

The beaches here are nearly all pebbled and filled with stones. The Slovenian coast is just 46 kilometers in lengths and some of the country’s beaches are:

  • Piran:
  • The beaches in this area are all covered in stones, but their crystal clear waters are very inviting.

  • Portoroz :
  • This area of Slovenia has some of the few available sand beaches, and because of this, it is a popular tourist destination.

  • Izola :
  • This area has small beaches, one of which has a platform to expand it. The beaches in this area are covered by small stones and many restaurants can be found by the shore.

  • Koper:
  • The beaches in this area are characterized by their landscapes and fishing areas with great charm. This area is also known for its many medieval structures that create a unique landscape.

Due to the fact that most Slovenian beaches are covered in stones, the best way to explore these landscapes is by chartering a boat and sailing through the beautiful waters of the Adriatic and discovering the beautiful features of Slovenia’s coasts.

Natural Parks

Slovenia has several natural parks of unique beauty. There are two spectacular natural parks very close to the town:

  • Natural park of Strunjan:
  • Within this natural park one can find some of the highest cliffs on the Adriatic coast, spectacular salt formations and one of the most beautiful bays of the region. The best way to visit this park is by boat, so that you can contemplate the cliffs from the deck of your yacht and explore the beautiful coves and bays that this park has to offer.

  • Natural park of Sečovlje :
  • This park is located in the southern part of Slovenia, and is one of the most well known in the country. Salt formations that have been mined in the past are now part of the Slovenian cultural heritage. According to ancient writings, these salt formations are over 700 years old.


The cuisine is typically Mediterranean, with influences from such neighboring countries as Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Austria. The main ingredients include meats such as pork, truffles, fish and shellfish. Izola is also popular for its wine, with many vineyards throughout the region.

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Izola’s climate is warm and soft, with occasional precipitations throughout the year. The average temperature on Izola is 14.3ºC, while the average precipitations are around 1053 mm per year.

Average temperatures

During the high season the following average monthly temperatures can be expected:

  • May: 20ºC

  • June: 24ºC

  • July: 27ºC

  • August: 24ºC

  • September: 19ºC

  • October: 13ºC

Sunlight hours

When sailing, it is important to keep in mind the number of sunlight that you have available during each day, so that you can plan your routs. The sunlight hours during sailing season are as follows:

  • May: 15

  • June: 16

  • July: 15

  • August: 13

  • September: 12

  • October: 10

By plane

Slovenia’s main airport is the Jožeta Pučnika and it is located 20 minutes from the capital, Lubliana. The airports of Triste and Venice in Italy and Graz in Austria offer affordable flights from many European capitals. It is common to fly to these airports and then travel to the coast by rental car or by train.

By road

Slovenia has a large road network through which one can drive to most places. However, you have to take into account the required sticker that is needed in order to drive in Slovenia. This sticker can be acquired in any gas station before crossing the border into Slovenia, and you can purchase a sticker that is valid for a few days or a few weeks.

By train

The railroad network in Slovenia offers a comfortable access to the country from Austria and Croatia, although it is cut from Italy for historic reasons. The state railroad company is called Slovenske železnice and it also connects the Slovenian capital with the coastal city of Koper.

Yacht models in Izola

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