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Why not opt for a yacht charter in Kemer? A district which is one of Turkey’s key tourist spots on the southwest side of the Taurus Mountain and about 43 km away from the province of Antalya. The name refers to the stone walls that were built in the 1910s to safeguard the area from the overflow of water from the mountains and the consequent flooding which they suffered. From the deck of a yacht charter you will fully appreciate the view of the shorelines bordering the 2,500 year old historic towns.

Located in the South of Turkey, close to the province of Antalya and is surrounded by the Tauro Mountains. Its 15 km coast contains virgin beaches of turquoise waters on which to lay down under the Sun, pine forests and natural landscapes that can only be accessed by boat. Its beautiful environment has resulted in the growth of yacht charters of high level during the past decades and has populated the city centre with cafes, boutiques and restaurants. You will discover a different side of Turkey compared with the main cities of the country, with a more traditional culture and a welcoming local life.

Rent a yacht charter and set sail on a sailing holiday in Turkey that you will never forget! The Turkish coast offers you amazing scenery, waters and ancient towns and rustic, luxurious marina after marina. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tour the Turkish coast on board a gulet, boat or one of our yachts, visit stunning and memorable destinations in Turkey such as; Fethiye, Kekova, Gocek, Kas, Marmaris, Bodrum, Finike, Olympos, Antalya and many more locations that you can sail to on the gorgeous Turkish coast in its blue waters that are quieter than the western Mediterranean.

What to do

Choose a yacht charter to experience this small and recently rebuilt city filled with boutiques, bars and places to stay. Visit the little park of Yoruk, close to the port, to appreciate the tradition of the region´s local people, the Yoruks. However, the main attraction is its natural beauty, in which the ocean, hills and woodlands converge. Enjoy the city´s coastline, the Moonlight shore close to the marina, or the unspoilt beach stretching all the way from Beldibi to Tekirova. Make the most of your yacht charter by using all the facilities available on the beautiful shores.

Kemer is home to millenary ruins of several civilizations with an important cultural wealth. Among them you can find the ruins of the Roman city of Idyros that dates back to the III century A.C., which holds beautiful mosaics and the remains of a Byzantine church in its interior.

Take advantage of your yacht charter holidays and visit the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. During the night, you will be able to contemplate the mythic eternal fires of Yanartas in all their glory.

The locals are used to enjoying the city and its great Mediterranean climate in the markets, shops, festivals and activities that transpire in the city centre every day. The local businesses have adapted to the growing number of nautical tourists and offer most of their local products with the option of payment to be done in euros, dollars or liras. Because of this, many tourists chose a yacht charter here to eexperience the environment during the day and shop in the evening.

The Coastline

Terikova Beach

Is probably the most famous in the town. It has soft sand, it is long and extensive and it is ideal for a wonderful day out at the beach.


The coves that it contains are some of the most recognized enclaves for snorkelling or enjoying the views. You will find several nautical schools in the area.

Moonlight Beach

Is located in the town and it offers a day of complete relaxation on its extensive sandy surface.


Among the typical delights of Southern Turkey you can find the gozleme, a delicious dough stuffed with cheese or meat and baked on a steel platter, which is accompanied by the local delicacy ayran, a Turkish drink prepared with water, salt and yogurt: the perfect refreshment on your sailing trip in the heat of summer.

The main port has space for more than 300 vessels and services for refuelling and resupplying, as well as Internet, so that your holiday stay will be a comfortable one. You will be able to witness the view of its coastal marinas and towns with over 2500 years of history and life and endless number of unique experiences. Don’t miss out!

So rent one of aBoatTime’s yachts or boats on either of our bareboat or crewed charters abd fall in love with sailing and yacht charter holidays. Sail around this quieter area of the Mediterranean on your boat and cruise along this ancient piece of coastline in the amazing Turkish waters that surround the coast. Don’t miss out on the chance to sail to nearby sailing destinations such as Fethiye, Kekova, Gocek, Olympos, Antalua, Kas, Marmaris, Bodrum, Finike and many more hidden marinas, beaches and islands near the city and on the rest of the coast of Turkey. Take a gulet, catamaran or yacht and sail to Kemer – you won’t regret it!

Found on the south coast of Turkey, a yacht charter in Kemer could be very hot during the high season with average high temperatures reaching 40ºC in July. However, the pleasant mediterranean waters provide relief from the heat, coming in at a pleasant 28ºC during the same period. The mid season is lengthy with average daily temperatures of over 20ºC as early as April and as late as early November. Rain is slightly more risky during these periods but Kemer still boasts 300 days of sunshine on average per year.

A few travel options ensure the most relaxing start to your yacht charter in Kemer.

By plane

Antalya Airport is the closest airport to Kemer (42km). It has connections with over 589 cities in 54 countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

By bus

There is a shuttle service from the airport. The only problem is that it takes around 3 hours. A bus goes from Antalya to Kemer from the bus station used specifically for this route.

By car

The main motorway with access to Kemer is the D400. It is very well built, easing your connection to the south and north (Antalya).

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