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Yacht charter in Kos is a popular choice for sailing holidays, and when you see this beautiful island you will understand why. The island of Kos, one of the largest islands of the group known as the Dodecanese, is full of contrasts. The historic heritage and ancient ruins combine with bustling, modern towns to provide tourists with both a rich cultural experience and a more modern atmosphere which will make you feel right at home. Yacht charter in Kos gives tourists access to some of the best sailing areas in the Aegean Sea, and definitely needs to be experienced to be believed.

The capital and the biggest port of the island of Kos is the city with the same name, a vibrant, cultural town brimming with entertainment. While on your yacht charter in Kos you will admire the views of the city, dominated by a wonderful mix of Turkish, medieval, and Italian architectural styles that reflect its rich history and give the city its unique charm. Castles, fortresses and churches are combined in the city with narrow cobbled streets, busy taverns, cafes and restaurants.

For those partial to a more active lifestyle, the city's bar scene is definitely worth a look whilst on your yacht charter in Kos; the combination of restaurants offering a variety of delicious local dishes and clubs drawing in the tourists and encouraging all night parties.

Finally, rent one of our yachts and maximise its use by using Kos as your hub to travel around as many of the islands as possible during your yacht charter holiday. The Mediterranean offers some amazing sailing destinations in both Turkey and Greece, some places you have to visit are; Lefkas, Rhodes and many groups of islands like; the Saronics Islands, the Cyclades, Sporades, the Dodecanese and many more islands, marinas and towns along the Greek and Turkish coasts. So rent one of our bareboat or crewed charters and set sail and experience a holiday unlike any you’ve ever had before on your yacht charter sailing holiday in Kos!

Kos’s beaches

The most popular one is Paradise beach, in the Northeast area of Kos. It is a beach of soft and fine grain sand in which you can rest during the entire day feeling as if in paradise. Water sports are also available.

Another recognized beach is Agios Stefanos, a rocky beach in the Western part of Kos, it offers incredible views of the coast. While in the Southern part of the island you can find a beach of golden sand called Kamari, a long fine grain beach on which you can rest after a day of sports.

Water Sports

The favourable currents and wind in some areas of Kos make it a especially attractive destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are various schools that will be able to advise you and provide you with the necessary equipment.

Snorkelling is another attraction of the Greek Isles as it is an impacting way to discover the fauna.

Historic monuments

Kos has participated in a number of wars throughout its history, the most renowned being the Trojan War, between 1194 and 1184 b.c., and it has been an object of conquests by civilizations of all types. Its privileged position in the Mediterranean and its proximity to Turkey always made it a strategic target. Because of this, it has a cultural heritage only found on some of the Greek Isles.

Some of the most famous historic monuments are the Aslepeion’s sanctuary, a Doric temple that honours this scholar of medicine. Although its construction date is unknown, it is known that it was restored in the II century b.C. The inscriptions on the front of the temple indicate that it constituted the headquarters of Hippocrates’s school of medicine. Opt for a summer yacht charter in Kos to experience the yearly Festival that celebrates him, hosted by the city in July and August, organized in honour of the father of medicine, who spent his life in Kos. He was born in Kos, and you can still find the tree where he used to gather with his students in ancient times, it is located in the Plaza of the Banana. You can also visit the sculpture of the famous man in the archaeological museum. In his honour, every year between July and August, a festival is celebrated, it is the most popular on the island.

On top of this, Kos preserves the remains of a medieval fortress of the XIV century at its entrance, erected in 1315 by the knights of the order of San Juan of Rhodes.

Travelling from Kos

The island of Nisyros is just an hour away from Kos and is one of the mandatory places to visit on your yacht charter in Kos. It is a small and peaceful island defined by its volcano and spectacular vistas.

On the other hand, the location of Kos on the West of Greece and just 4km off the coast of Bodrum in Turkey, allows you to visit several countries during your yacht charter adventure. Another mandatory visit is to the Greek isles of Astipalea and Kalimnos, which are located less than a day worth of sailing from Kos. In addition, the Aegean provides optimum winds and currents for you to be able to visit one isle after the other with ease.

The port of Kos has over 40 spaces for mooring and basic services of resupply. Don’t forget that besides the marina, you have a number of beaches and coves in which to drop the anchor throughout your yacht charter holiday in Kos.

A yacht charter in Kos is something that sailing enthusiasts shouldn't miss. Exploring ancient sites, anchoring in marvellous coves and swimming in shimmering, blue Aegean waters is an adventure that, once experienced, will never be forgotten. Plus, don’t forget to sail to and spend some time in nearby destinations like Lefkas, Kos, Rhodes and islands like the Dodecanese, the Cyclades and the Saronic islands in Greece, also, sail up and down the coast of Turkey and experience a different holiday compared to sailing in the Mediterranean! This year, opt for a yacht charter holiday in Kos and we guarantee you will not regret it.

Very southerly positioned, and closer to the mainland of Turkey than that of Greece, a yacht charter in Kos would provide you with a hot, dry summer and plenty of timeframe in which to take it. In the spring, namely April and March, you could expect temperatures between 18ºC and 23ºC, a very pleasant climate in which to sail, however you might find the sea, at a mere 17ºC a bit cold for swimming.

The high season spans over summer and includes the months of June to September with average temperatures over this period around 24ºC and often peaking as high as 32ºC in July and August. With the sea temperatures staying as high as 23ºC into October and the air averaging a comfortable 19ºC this is easily recommended as a time for a yacht charter holiday in Kos.

A number of transport options help you choose the most relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Kos.

By plane:
During the summer months, the island receives a massive flow of tourists both looking to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, sample the nightlife or experience a yacht charter holiday in Kos. Kos International Airport, otherwise known as Hippocrates Airport, is located in the centre of the island, 26 km southwest of the town of Kos. Daily flights are available from Athens and during the summer season flights also arrive from Thessaloniki. From international destinations, flights via Milan and Frankfurt are operated year round. Charter airlines operate direct flights between Kos and European cities from May to October. The journey from the airport to the city centre is 40 minutes by KTEL bus.

By bus:
To get to the island of Kos, you will need to travel by either plane or boat. To gain a true appreciation of the island whilst on your yacht charter holiday in Kos, buses are a convenient option for getting around the island to enjoy all of the sights. They run frequently and are quite inexpensive.

By boat:
The main port for ferry service is the town of Kos. From the Port of Piraeus in Athens, ferries depart daily to Kos. There are also ferry routes from the Dodecanese islands of Rhodes and Patmos, as well as connections to Cyclades. During the peak tourism season, weekly ferry services run to Thessaloniki and Samos. Car ferries and passenger-only ferries travel from Kos to Kalymnos. It is also possible to reach Kos from the Turkish coast, departing from Bodrum and Datca. In Bodrum, both passenger and car ferries are available.

By car:
To take your car to Kos, choose one of the car ferries that connect Kos to Piraeus, other nearby islands, or to Bodrum in Turkey. A car can be a good way to combine your yacht charter in Kos with a tour of all the treasures that lie inland.

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