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Charter a yacht in Krk and visit this stunning Croatian island located in the bay of Kvarner. This large island (420 square km) holds 68 different villages, towns and cities, the biggest among which is Krk, home of the island’s administration. So why not sail a gulet or one of our yachts either bareboat or crewed around the Adriatic and all the islands and marinas that Croatia has to offer, destinations like Losinj, Kornati, Dubrovnik, Kvarner, Cres, Punat and many more areas, even the Venetian coast!

Krk is an island with a great cultural heritage, which can be seen through the rich religious architecture throughout the island. Among them, the most famous is the cathedral of Asuntion and its two churches, Saint Margarita and San Quirno. During your yacht charter sailing holiday, you have to visit these places.

The island also contains a large Roman heritage that can be seen in the Frankopan castle, the plaza of the tower and the market plaza.

What to do

It’s a great natural paradise characterized by spectacular coasts great for open-air activities and watersports.

  • The island of Cres:
  • Very close to the island is the island of Cres is one of the biggest in Croatia. One of its biggest tourism attractions is the Vransko lake, rent a gulet either bareboat or crewed and sail to this Croatian town and see great things like this lake on your yacht charter sailing holiday on the Adriatic coast.

  • Baska:
  • to the south of the island, it’s characterized by its impressive landscapes.

  • The Biserujuka cave
  • An impressive cave of a krastic origin where it is normal to find bands playing in concerts.

    What to see

    This Croatian citadel is one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic, it is full of Roman ruins and other points of interests, among which are:

    • Roman ruins:
    • they can be found throughout the entire city such as the mosaics in the houses.

    • Medieval fortifications
    • Among which are the fortified walls, built during the times when the Venetian Republic held the island.

    • The Kamplin plaza
    • which constitutes the center of the ancient city and where you can find large Roman ruins.


    One of the most important ports is the Punat marina: constructed on 30,000 square meters of water, it can provide multiple services such as cranes and towing vehicles. There are a multitude of interesting and relaxing marinas on offer for you in many different destinations on the coast near Krk that will provide you with everything you need. Sail and moor your boat or yacht in places like Losinj, Kvarner, Cres, Punat, Kornati, Dubrovnik and many more destinations in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, as well as any beaches you wish to relax on or marina.

    The Coastline

    One of the most important points of interest in Croatia are its beaches, and the best are:

    • Stara Baska
    • A spectacular group of beaches characterized by blue waters and its stony shores.

    • Golden beach:
    • Only accessible by boat, it got its name due to the toasty color of its cliffs.

    • Sveti Marak :
    • It´s a rare find as it is sandy when usually in Croatia, shores are normally stony, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations of the island.

    • Vrbnik :
    • It has great views and crystal clear waters.

    • Klimno :
    • an ideal place to find peace and quiet, it is separated into two areas, one offers a lot of services while the other is more secluded.


    • Currency:
    • Kuna (1kn=100 lipas// 1€=7.5 kn approx.)

    • Places for exchange:
    • Banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels and camping sites.

    • Accepted credit cards:
    • Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Dinners.


    Krk is an island rich in delicious gastronomy. This island has a lot of fertile lands and high quality fish in its waters. That is why during the Roman times it was known as the “island of gold”. It’s a traditional cuisine, whose roots go back to the foundation of the settlement. Among its most known products are the shellfish and the lamb. In terms of wine, the most traditional one is Vrbnička Žlahtina, a dry white wine locally produced on the island.

    Krk has a soft and moderate climate. The average temperature during the summer is 26ºC, while the average water temperature during sailing season is above the 23ºC.

    Average temperatures

    During sailing season, you can find the following average temperatures:

    • May: 17.1ºC

    • June: 20.6ºC

    • July: 23.4ºC

    • August: 23.1ºC

    • September: 19.8ºC

    • October: 15.8ºC

    Sunlight hours

    When sailing, it is important to keep in mind the number of sunlight that you have available during each day, so that you can plan your routes. The sunlight hours during sailing season are as follows:

    • May: 13

    • June: 14

    • July: 12

    • August: 13

    • September: 10

    • October: 8

    By airplane

    Krk has an airport called “Zračna luka Rijeka” located on the northern part of the island. It has both national and international flights. It is 27 kilometers away from the Rijeka train station.

    By bus

    There is a bus company called Autotrans, which has different routs to the island of Krk and on the island itself.

    By train

    The company “Hrvatske Željeznice” has several train stops throughout Croatia, but not on Krk, so an idea would be to move by train up to the ferry to the island, and once on the island use the bus.

    By ship

    There are a number of ferries that have Krk as a destination. This island is connected to the islands of Cres and Rab. However, it is not necessary to take a ferry in order to get to Krk as it is connected to mainland Croatia through a bridge.

    By car

    To get to the island by car you have to cross the bridge that connects Krk to the rest of Croatia. There is a toll that drivers have to pay in order to get into the island, which creates frequent traffic jams.

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