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Take advantage of a yacht charter in Krvavica to get to know this small village set in the middle of Croatia’s shoreline, between Baška Voda to the north and Makarska to the south. It has great access to the Magistral highway that extends down to the Adriatic. A benefit of your yacht charter is the opportunity to visit these famous neighboring resorts. Divers enjoy the calm and clear waters that splash the stunning white gravel shores of this destination, a perfect view of which can be enjoyed from your yacht charter in Croatia.

Search through our available boatbookings and find the yacht charter of your dreams, we have a huge range of yachts to choose from that you can sail either bareboat or crewed with a skipper. Why not go sailing in Croatia on board a catamaran to relax on your yacht charter holiday. Moreover, use your boat charter to sail around Croatia and the islands that are dotted along the coastline, go sailing to splendid destinations like Baska, Losinj, Murter, Biograd, Makarska and many more locations up and down the coast, all of which have a marina for you to moor your boat or yacht in!

What to do

Croatia’s second highest mountain, Biokovo, in a stunning natural park. Your experience of a yacht charter in Croatia will be filled with unique, picturesque and peaceful landscapes with green pine woods, fresh air and nature all around you. Beside the shoreline, some years ago, the local club of sea sports and fishing, PŠRD Ramova, built a marina with over 250 quays. During your yacht charter in Croatia, you will not believe that in this small town there is such an incredible marina. Under the shadows of the pine forest, you will encounter an enchanting building from the 1960s where formerly, the children of army staff used to holiday.

For those tempted to dive into the clear blue waters, make sure you join the diving club. If you don’t feel like getting wet, go cycling along the trails on the hills at the shoreline, from where you can appreciate the amazing scenery and Roman remains spread all over the coastline. Alternatively, you could continue with an enjoyable evening at the bowling center.

What to see

Although the city´s name has been cited until 1792 in historical sources, the village was inhabited much earlier. To complement your yacht charter, you can enjoy a touristic holiday around archeological sites and some of the medieval areas. For instance, step off your yacht charter to visit the popular Manastirine and Zakuće where you can find the mystic and feudal gravestones, the stećak-s. Or else, go to Gradina and Lazine and see other interesting findings.


The main port is the Marina Ramova. It is a small marina where it is possible to moor the boat whenever you want to visit the mainland.

Beaches and Coves

You will appreciate how the extensive shoreline of over 10 km will give you and other tourists enough room and privacy to sunbathe without overcrowding, another benefit of a yacht charter.

  • Krvavica Beach
  • One of the biggest contrasts seen here, in addition to the one between its white sand and the turquoise blue of its waters, is the one between the beach and the town, with its majestic port, located right next to it; one of the biggest ports in the country.


During your yacht charter you will be glad to rest and eat at the restaurants and cafes set in the port with brilliant views of the coastline. The gastronomy is heterogeneous and is therefore known as a region based cuisine, since each region of Croatia has its own unique culinary traditions. The modern roots are cemented in the more ancient periods and in the existing differences between the traditional culinary customs between the inhabitants of the interior with respect to the ones maintained by the inhabitants of the coastal regions. The coastal regions have been strongly influenced by the Greek, Italian, and Illyrian and French cuisines.

A yacht charter in Krvavica will provide you with an unforgettable experience of your Adriatic holidays along the Croatian coast and its islands. So rent one of our luxurious boats, yachts or catamarans and sail along the edge of Croatia and explore islands, beaches or relax in marinas or on board in your cabins! Plus, make sure to visit and sail to some other great places near Krvavica like Baska, Makarska, Voda, Murter, Losinj or Biograd amongst other destinations in Croatia on board your crewed or bareboat charter yacht! Set sail on the holiday of a lifetime to one of the best destinations for a yacht charter!

Along with being on one of the most beautiful coastlines around, Krvavica also provides a long summer season with highs of 20ºC even in October. Couple this with slightly stronger winds than the summer months and you could see this beautiful region at its best. The warmest months for a yacht charter in Krvavica however are June through September with average temperatures ranging between 21ºC and 25ºC, and pleasant winds for sailing.

Average temperatures

The average monthly temperature in Croatia during the peak months are:

  • May - 18 ℃

  • June - 22 ℃

  • July - 25 ℃

  • August - 25 ℃

  • September - 21 ℃

  • October - 17 ℃

Sunshine hours

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Croatia are:

  • May - 15

  • June - 16

  • July - 15

  • August - 13

  • September - 12

  • October - 10

A variety of modes of transport are available to help you get your yacht charter holiday in Krvavica off to a relaxing start.

By plane

The closest international airport is in Split (60 km). You can arrive easily to start your yacht charter holiday in Krvavica through the local airport of Brac (25 km) or Mostar airport (70 km). The international airport has connections with many European countries, for instance, the UK has several flight options. Alternatively, fly to Trieste, then get a bus to Krvavica, or fly to Venice and take a bus or catamaran.

By bus

Zagreb Bus Station is the biggest and most modern station in Eastern Europe. Thus, it can take you to any city in Croatia (Krvavica included) and some other European cities, giving you the option of visiting other cities while on your yacht charter in Krvavica.

By train

The network of the Croatian Railways (HZ) is centered around the capital of the country (Zagreb).The main website for booking trains is www.hznet.hr, where you’ll find special offers for practically any destination. Croatia's railways connect all the major Croatian cities except Dubrovnik. In terms of international connections, there are some direct lines from/to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary.
Around 10 years ago the so called ‘tilting trains’ were introduced, distinguished for their increased maximum speed and higher level of comfort, the perfect option to transport you to your yacht charter in Krvavica. They connect Zagreb with Split and other major Croatian cities like Rijeka and Osijek. Travel from Zagreb and Split in 5 hours 30 minutes, instead of 9 as before, and Zagreb to Osijek in only 3 hours, instead of 4 hours 30 minutes.

By boat

The largest Croatian passenger port is the Port of Split (Dalmatia), named the ‘Welcoming Point’ or ‘Gateway to the Islands’, followed by the port of Zadar and Rijeka in the northern part of the Croatian coast. Port Ploče is located in the opposite side of the country, in southern Dalmatia. Due to the high number of small islands, the majority of seaside cities are connected through the port with local ferries. Keep in mind the proximity to Split (60 km), where the majority of tourists arrive, and from here go to Krvavica by car, a quick journey to the starting point of your yacht charter in Krvavica.

By car

Krvavica and Zagreb are 450 km apart, Krvavica and Dubrovnik 165 km and Krvavica and Rijeka 400 km. To enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful coastline before you begin your yacht charter in Krvavica, take Croatia’s coastal road E65. The road starts inland at the border with Montenegro and is very useful if you are travelling north towards Dubrovnik. This road is a good option for those with a car. Once in Zagreb, choose the E71 highway which will get you to your final destination, the start of your yacht charter holiday in Krvavica, in about 4.5 hours. At the same time, this road connects Krvavica with Rijeka, a journey of 4 hours. Take route D8 from Dubrovnik to Krvavica, which extends along the wonderful coast, with a journey time of around 2h30m.

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