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If you plan on taking a sailing holiday along the west coast of Turkey, consider a yacht charter in Kusadasi. This district is part of the province of Aydin, bounded by Izmir to the north and the peninsula of Bodrum to the south. Although this is a modern region, it maintains a strong sense of the traditional. While on board a yacht charter in Kusadasi you will find that this idyllic destination offers a warm climate, delightful coastlines, friendly residents and a multitude of small towns to explore.

Sailing in Kusadasi is a great idea for a yacht charter, rent one of aBoatTime’s yachts or maybe a gulet and experience one of our favourite charters in Europe and the Mediterranean. The time you will have sailing along the coast of Turkey will be unforgettable as it gives you the chance to visit some amazing places in Turkey and even destinations on the Greek coasts and islands. For example, you can sail to some gorgeous marinas and towns such as; Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum. Pamukkale, Ephesus, Izmir and many more areas located along the coastlines of Turkey and Greece. A yacht charter getaway in Kusadasi will be an amazing break, so rent a yacht set sail now!

What to do in Kusadasi

Some popular activities to enjoy whilst on your yacht charter in Kusadasi include watching the beautiful sunset in Mavisehir, or visiting the ancient fortress and peaceful botanical gardens on Bird Island in the middle of Kusadasi. At the top of the mountains of Selcuk you will find the old Greek town. Choose a yacht charter in Kusadasi and take the opportunity to visit to Pamukkale which is recognized as a beautiful natural spot due to the amazing sight of its calcium pools.

A main attraction of the city centre is the marina which is used as a point of transport for the many tourists who visit the nearby village of Selcuk and the ancient town of Ephesus. Additionally, while on your yacht charter in Kusadasi make sure you do not miss the opportunity to visit the historical sites of Miletos and Priene in the town of Soke. Another popular tourist spot is the Temple of Apollo in the coastal resort of Didim. Here you will find one of the other hubs that aBoatTime has at your disposal in Turkey, ready to help you enjoy every second of your yacht charter in Kusadasi.

Take advantage of your yacht charter in Kusadasi to enjoy the many water sports on offer: jet-skiing, scuba diving and banana boats to name a mere few. For those looking for an adrenaline rush why not go paragliding in the Guzelcamli national park or join a jeep expedition over the mountains of Akbuk or Davutlar. Other popular pastimes for thrill seekers include mountain biking, safari on horseback and trekking.

Kusadasi’s Coast

Those looking for a vacation in the sun will be glad to combine their yacht charter in Kusadasi with a visit to the stretches of unspoiled beaches.

Women’s Beach

Located close to the city center, it is perfect for the water sport enthusiasts, and has a water sport center right on its shore. There are several cheap restaurants that offer a free drink with every dish. The sunsets here are quite spectacular and famous.


A huge sandy shore, very extensive and not very exploited. It is ideal for those who are looking for a quiet spot to sunbathe. It is also an attractive spot for the animal lovers, as it is possible to take a horseback ride along its sands. There is only one bar here.

Palm Tree Beach

One of the highly recommended pieces of coastline to tourists, among other reasons due to it being nice and peaceful, with excellent views. It is located in a peaceful area making it ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing day of lying on the sand and absorbing the sun rays. There are several bars here, so you won’t get thirsty!


A yacht charter in Kusadasi is the perfect sailing choice for food lovers: enjoy the gastronomic experience in a town which embraces both international and Turkish cuisine. Some of the food which comes recommended for tourists to the town includes sweet cherries from the town of Kirazli and Çop Şiş, a famous Soke kebab. At night, Aegean cuisine is the most preferred, mainly consisting of fish with a crispy salad and raki, the local beverage.

Kusadasi offers impressive coasts, a millenary culture and a very pleasant climate. It is a destination that can be better enjoyed if you sail through it, a yacht charter in Kusadasi is without a doubt, the best decision for those who want to get the most from their holidays.

So join aBoatTime on a sailing holiday on board a bareboat or crewed boat and fall in love with sailing a yacht charter along the coast of Turkey, the Turkish seas, the islands, beaches and the many destinations close to Kusadasi such as: Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Pamukkale, Didim, Ephesus and even Greece and places in the Aegean and on the Greek coast!

Kusadasi is Turkeys warmest holiday destination despite its more northerly situation compared to most. The high season, from May to September see, see daily average highs between 26ºC and 33ºC. The summer is very long and dry with June to August experiencing little to no rain. A great way to cool down on your yacht charter in Kusadasi is in the Mediterranean with temperatures ranging from 16ºC to 25ºC throughout the whole year. The months eather side of summer provide a near perfect climate for a yacht charter holiday in Kusadasi with the months of April and October providing average daily temperatures of 19ºC.

There are a variety of transport options available which allow you to choose the most convenient start to your yacht charter in Kusadasi.

By plane:
The closest international airport is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, about 80 km away, with over 214 connections in 34 countries.

By bus:
Many bus companies from major European and Turkish cities operate here, meaning that a daytrip to other cities such as Istanbul is a possibility as part of your yacht charter in Kusadasi.

By train:
There are many inter-rail networks to European destinations. The train journey which takes you the closest to Kusadasi is via Istanbul-Izmir and then Izmir-Selcuk, which is only then a 20km bus ride from Kusadasi. Further information is available from Turkish National Railways.

By boat:
The port in Kusadasi is one of the largest in Turkey and is popular amongst several companies such as the world’s largest transoceanic ‘Grand Princess’ and others that regularly navigate from Piraeus or Venice. Turkish Maritime Lines runs frequent services around Turkey.

By car:
Several roads from Cappadocia, Istanbul or Antalaya can be used to reach Kusadasi.

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