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Rent boats in Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary Islands and fourth largest, is a great idea for a holiday where you will create some amazing memories on one of the aBoatTime yachts with a skipper. The island has a relatively modest resident population of 135,000 people and is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The island is home to a large volcanic national park, which features wild volcanic landscapes reminiscent of prehistoric times. It has an average annual temperature of 21ºC, with pleasant weather throughout the year.


Malaga has several ports to choose from, which you can visit whilst on your sailing holiday, some of the more important ones are:

Benalmádena Port

This port was awarded the prize for “best navy in the world " and is known for its attractive looking architecture.

Puerto Banus

The most famous of the ports, as it is visited by various personalities and millions of tourists every year. It has capacity for 915 moorings.

Fuengirola Marian

This port is in one of the best locations on the Costa del Sol: the promenade of Fuengirola. It has a wide variety of services for its customers.

Marbella Marina

With the capacity for 377 moorings, this port is perfect to stop and rest in with all of the services you require.

Our charters let you experience the island’s pleasant year-round climate, making it an even more ideal destination for your yacht charter. When you charter your yacht in Lanzarote, you’ll have the opportunity to see the island’s beautiful scenery, such as its secluded coves, its volcano and visit its many attractions, including its many traditional white villages and its capital, Arrecife.

What to see in Lanzarote


The island’s capital, Arrecife, located on the island’s eastern coast, is a charming city of around 60,000 inhabitants and where many of the island’s attractions are located. Despite being a relatively small city, there are a large number of independent restaurants and bars for you to enjoy on your yacht charter in Lanzarote along with the city’s beach, Playa de El Reducto, located just a few minutes walk from the city centre. All this within easy reach of Puerto Calero, the marina where you’ll find your chartered yacht in Lanzarote, located about 20km to the east of the city. Why not visit the city’s markets, held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and browse the hand-crafted goods.


Teguise, the island’s old capital is a quaint Canarian village located in the centre of Lanzarote, with many cobbled streets and white and green painted houses, typical of villages in Lanzarote’s interior. Here you can enjoy a traditional Canarian atmosphere, escape the tourist crowds and enjoy the village’s typical tapas bars and restaurants. Some other places of interest are the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, a fort dating from the 16th century, and the village church, Iglesia Matriz de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, a typical Canarian building.

Northern Lanzarote

The northern side of the island is far more rural than the south, and is home to many gorgeous and quiet beaches, such as the Playa de Famara, ideal for fans of water sports and a quieter part of the island to sail to in one of our yachts. Another great place to visit is the fishing village of Arrieta, where you can visit one of the many restaurants and enjoy freshly caught seafood. A unique attraction, located just outside the village of Guatiza, is the Jardín de Cactus de Lanzarote, an old volcanic sand quarry. The old quarry has been turned into a cactus garden which was designed by the famous Lanzarote architect, César Manrique, best known for fiercely opposing the construction of high rises on the island.

Timanfaya National Park

One of the island’s main attractions, Timanfaya National Park, comprises of numerous small volcanoes, with the largest being the eponymous Timanfaya, which is still active. The park has an untouched landscape, and is well worth visiting to fully experience its calm atmosphere. It may surprise you to think that the last eruption was in 1736, as the area has an almost prehistoric air, almost reminiscent of another planet.

Beaches and coves

Papagayo Beach

Probably Lanzarote’s most famous beach or playa in Spanish, Playa de Papagayo is a gorgeous cove located on Lanzarote’s southernmost point, and is famed for its white sand and clear blue waters, which lead some to say it is the island’s Caribbean beach. One of the beach’s biggest advantages is the anchoring zone for boats, which allows you to avoid the €3 car parking charge, and have the convenience of having the privacy of your own boat whilst enjoying the beach’s beauty.


The island features cuisine typical of the Canary islands, such as seafood-derived dishes, including fried fish, shellfish and the famous papas arrugadas, or Canarian potatoes, which are served with a pepper sauce called “mojo”. We recommend visiting restaurants located away from the tourist areas to try the most authentic island cuisine.

We’re sure that on your yacht charter in Lanzarote you’ll find a variety of things to see and do, both in summer and winter, thanks to the island’s fantastic climate. Despite being a small island, it offers a wide range of landscapes; from the wild volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park, to the calm and tranquil Papagayo Beach. Why not take one of our sailing yachts with a skipper on holiday to the Canary Islands and enjoy Lanzarote, Puerto Calero, the beaches, a ride on a powerboat or even some fishing! We’re sure whatever you choose to do when you book your yacht charter in Lanzarote, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday of your dreams.

Given the tropical climate where Lanzarote is located they enjoy a year long yacht charter season. With temperatures rarely dipping below 14ºC in the winter and peaking at over 30ºC in summer, a yacht charter in Lanzarote is a pleasure no matter what time of year. Sea temperatures are considered warm all year round, with them rarely dropping below 20ºC even in the winter months and then rising to 24ºC in September. On average, the islands receive 9.4 hours of sunshine throughout the year and a mere 22 days of rain, predominantly in the winter. All in all, a yacht charter in Lanzarote is a safe bet for good weather, whatever time of year you decide to go.

A number of travel options help you choose the most relaxing start to your boat charter holiday in Lanzarote.

By plane

Arrecife airport is to the east of the island, just 6 miles from the main port to pick up your charter boat. It is an internationally connected airport with services going from all over Europe.

By bus

Although Lanzarote cannot be reached by bus, once at the airport it is possible to find connecting services to take you to Puerto del Carmen so you can get on with your sailing holiday. The service is cheap and a very economical way of travelling the island when you aren’t aboard your boat.

By boat

The main port of Lanzarote is Arrecife, which is linked to the capitals of other islands of the archipelago. There are frequent ferries to the other Canary Islands, Gran Canaria and La Gomera. The other main port is Puerto del Carmen and is found to the south of the island.

By car

To make the most of a yacht charter in Lanzarote, renting a car is a great way to get around. This is the only way to see all the island has to offer outside of the organised excursions. Local company Cabrera Medina have a wide selection of vehicles on hand. Taxis to the port from the airport are cheap and will cost around €20.

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