Yacht charter in Lavrion

Yacht charter in Lavrion

A yacht charter in Lavrion will be an unforgettable for you. Visit this beautiful coastal town located on the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula. In ancient times this town was a major mining area and though the mines are closed now, there are aspects of the area which remind the visitors of times gone by. Nowadays, the busy port is one of the most important in Athens, and serves as the perfect starting point for your yacht charter in Lavrion after spending a couple of days sightseeing in Athens. So set sail on your next holiday and visit Greece with a yacht charter around the Cyclades, the Aegean Sea and amazing cities like Athens.

Besides the old mining areas, the town is home to the country's largest amphitheatre, and the cruising waters that surround Lavrion are among some of the most spectacular surroundings in Greece. Additionally, there are many beautiful bays and stunning beaches to visit while on your yacht charter holiday.

This city acts as the perfect starting point to explore Greece and the islands in the Aegean Sea. For example. It gives you’re the opportunity to sail to stunning and gorgeous places like Paros, Mykonos, the Sporades, the Saronics, Ionian and Dodecanese Islands as well as many Greek cities and ports like Athens that are found along Greece’s coast and the local gulf. Moor your bareboat or crewed boat in any town, island, port or beach you wish during your sailing holiday, your yacht charter in Lavrion offers you unparalleled flexibility when compared with more traditional holidays. Just think about it, you are in complete control and can decide which Greek beaches and islands you want to sail to and relax on that day!

Beaches and coves

Kaki Thalassa

It is a beautiful beach with a free access located in Keratea, the eastern area of Atica. Recently remodeled, this beach has very modern infrastructure, excellent taverns and cafes, an open air cinema and a basketball court for the sport enthusiasts. Kaki is the perfect option for the entire family.


One of the biggest beaches of Atica. This beach has a free access and has several organized areas where umbrellas and chairs are available. Windsurfers claim this beach as their favourite.


Is a small beach located just 4 km from Porto Rafti, it offers easy access a peaceful atmosphere and a special area available to nudists.


During your yacht charter in Lavrion, you’ll get to taste some delicious food. Given the geography and the history of Greece, the style of the Greek cuisine is typical Mediterranean, sharing characteristics with the Italian, Middle Eastern and Balkan gastronomies. The main and most sacred ingredient is the olive oil, which has a presence in almost every dish.

The most famous dish of the Greek cuisine is formed by a combination of appetizers served with a typical liquor, the Ouzo. Several sauces are used in combination with the pita bread. Another recognized dish is the Musaka, similar to the Italian lasagne, with the difference being that eggplant is used instead of pasta to separate the multiple layers of the dish.

Lavrion is well known for its rapid development; so much so that the port is changing faster than any other town in the country. New taverns, cafes, and other yachting facilities are opening constantly, offering more and more opportunities for tourists who choose a yacht charter here for their sailing holiday in Greece. You can enjoy numerous water sport activities such as snorkelling, swimming and fishing. A variety of restaurants ensure that culinary enthusiasts will not be disappointed.

As a starting point to your sailing holiday, a yacht charter offers a great number of opportunities. You will enjoy sailing through the scenic ocean of the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea and visiting famous Greek islands such as the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, or Ionian isles. Opt for a yacht charter holiday in Lavrion and you will find much more than you were looking for.

Even though Lavrio is found just to the south of Athens, it doesn't experience the same sweltering heat that is found in the capital due to fresh sea breezes and less city smog. In the summer months of June to September, average temperatures range from 23ºC to 28ºC with highs going over up to 35ºC at times. May, as well as October can be a great time for a yacht charter in Lavrio due to the sea remaining pleasantly warm, still at 20ºC by early November however the rainnfall rises to an average of 6 days during these months as well as the average daylight hours falling to around 5.

A number of travel options ensure a relaxing start to your yacht charter in Lavrion.

By plane:
The town of Lavrion is located in the suburbs of Athens and is served by Athens International Airport. From the airport, you can get to Lavrion either by bus or taxi. There are frequent suburban buses operated by KTEL which leave the airport every hour. Thebuses travel to Lavrion via Markopoulo, a town mid-way between Athens Airport and the town of Lavrion, where you’ll need to change buses. The trip takes about 30 minutes and will cost you about €4. An alternative is to take a taxi from the airport, but this can cost up to €50, and even more if you are travelling at night.

By bus:
Athens is well connected to other Greek cities by regular bus lines, so daytrips to other Greek cities can easily be combined with your yacht charter in Lavrion. To get to Lavrion from Athens city centre, there are KTEL buses leaving from Pedion Areos every hour. The trip can take up to 90 minutes, depending on the traffic.

By boat:
The port of Lavrion is connected by a frequent ferry service to the nearby island of Kea, as well as to Kythnos, Syros, Tinos, and Andros. Other islands, like Amorgos, Kavala, Milos, Mykonos, Anafi, Ios, and Naxos can also be reached from Lavrion though these connections are less frequent.

By car:
Travelling from Athens, follow the Attiki Odos (Attica's highway), heading to Markopoulo. Use Lavrio Avenue to get to Lavrion. To get to the port, turn right just before the entrance to the city. If you travel to Lavrion via Sounio, take the coast road and you will reach the port of Lavrion.

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