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Boats rental in Málaga is a great opportunity to enjoy a fantastic holiday. If you choose to go on one of our boat charters in Málaga, part of the province Andalusia, you will visit the Costa del Sol which is renowned for its gorgeous beaches. The pleasant climate is perfect for enjoying a boat or yacht rental holiday in Málaga: breezes from the Mediterranean Sea keep summer temperatures lower and more comfortable than in other inland parts of Andalusia, while the mountains in Málaga form a barrier which protects the area from the colder weather during winter.

You could use your boat rental in order to visit neighbouring towns on one of your boat trips, such as Marbella, Nerja, Fuengirola, Torremolinas, Sotogrande and Estepona. Taking a catamaran to Marbella and mooring in its marina is a brilliant idea for one of our skippered charters as you could use our yacht hire as a party boat. A catamaran in Marbella would be ideal for both stag parties and also hen parties. During your time on one of aBoatTime’s skippered charters, you could visit the luxurious Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús is a beautiful marina for the rich and famous, where Rolls Royces are a common sight, but the area is beautiful and the port offers some of the best bars and restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

The calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea provide safe anchorages, so during your boat rental in Málaga you can dive headfirst into the exciting life on land without worrying about your boat rental. Due to its spectacular landscapes and charming little villages, yacht hire in Málaga is the perfect choice for an unforgettable sailing experience along the famous Costa del Sol. The stunning, sandy beaches and calm seas make Málaga one of the most popular and visited regions in the Mediterranean area for boat charters.

What to see in Málaga

Boat rental in Málaga allows you to enjoy plenty of cultural events and festivals hosted in the city and other towns nearby, throughout the year. Some of the most famous festivals you can witness when you are sailing include the religious processions at Easter, which have been declared a celebration of International Tourist Interest; May Crosses; the Night of San Juan, and the Málaga Festival of Spanish Cinema.

Beaches and coves

Costa del Sol is more than 160 km long which you can sail along during your boat rental in Málaga. Málaga has 14 coastal towns that you can visit whilst on one of your boat trips where it is possible to go to some of the most hidden enclaves. Here you can find some areas that are only accessible if you rent a boat and sail along the coast. These areas have been shielded from most tourists are have a sense of untouched beauty about them. Both the Eastern and the Western areas of the province have such spectacular shores that they have made Costa del Sol a popular destination all over the world.

El Pino Cove

In this small cove intimacy is guaranteed, since its access by land is very steep and slippery and tricky to get to on foot. Boat hire in Málaga allows you to visit these more secluded areas where you can find small paradises formed by rolled, rocky edges and dark sand because you have complete control of you charter on your holiday.

De la Mora Cove

The legend says that there is a ghost of a Moroccan woman of noble birth that is still searching for her Christian husband during the sunsets, hopefully you don’t meet her! You will be able to find this mystical cove on the coast of Benalmádena where there aren’t many other tourists either.


It has more than 2 km of beach where you walk if you get tired of being on the sea. In addition, it is very peaceful and has all the necessary services (showers, changing rooms and bars) for the comfort of its visitors.


It is quite peaceful throughout the entire summer and its waters are crystal clear. On top of that, it is quit shallow and therefore ideal for children to play in.


Málaga is not just sun and beach however, it is also a huge opportunity to lose yourself in a multitude of Mediterranean flavours. If you rent a boat in Málaga you will find a ridiculous array of gastronomic wonders. Fried anchovies and mullets or baked crayfish are just a few examples of what awaits your taste buds.

Whether you want to relax on the wonderful shores or to explore the rich culture of the region and visit nearby towns and ports like Formentera, Benalmádena, Sotogrande, Marbella, Nerja, Estepona or Fuengirola. So if you charter a boat in Málaga, we guarantee that you will enjoy the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

Situated on Spain's southerly Costa del Sol, Málaga enjoys a warm climate the year round with temperatures rarely dropping below 10ºC in spring and often rising above 30ºC during the summer months. However, with strong breezes all year it makes the temperature more bareable as well as providing fantastic sailing conditions for a boat charter in Málaga. Sea temperatures vary from 15ºC in the winter months and rise to 24ºC in the summer: allowing you to enjoy the water and fantastic beaches the region has to offer. Daylight hours vary from 7 in the winter to a very pleasant 14 during the summer.

A variety of travel options help you choose the most relaxing start to your boat charter in Málaga.

By plane

Málaga’s Costa del Sol Airport is located 8 km from the city, and is well connected by a bus service to the major coastal cities. It is the third largest airport in Spain, and many budget airlines operate flights to and from Málaga.

By bus

Málaga’s main bus terminal is the most important bus transfer point of the region, connecting the city with numerous international and domestic destinations. Visit the Málaga bus terminal website for information on routes and pricing, and perhaps combine a day visit to another city with your yacht charter in Málaga.

By train

Travelling by train to and from your boat charter holiday in Málaga is a fast and convenient option but is usually more expensive, particularly if you choose the high speed trains. The company that operates railway services is Renfe. Málaga has multiple high-speed daily train connections to Madrid, Cordoba, and Seville as well as a slower and more economical service throughout the region.

By boat

Málaga port offers ferry connections with Ceuta and Melilla, and is a popular port-of-call for cruise ships in the Mediterranean.

By car

The main roads leading to Malaga are the motorways A-45, connecting Málaga to Cordoba, and A-7 which runs along the coast from Gibraltar to Almeria.

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