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Yacht charter Mallorca

The island of Majorca is the biggest of the Balearic Archipelago and has Palma de Majorca as its capital. It’s the Mecca for everyone interested in sailing or yacht charter.

Known in times gone by as the island of calm, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain for its beaches, landscape and fun during the day or night. A Yacht charter in Majorca is the easiest, and most luxurious, way to see the Balearic Islands and enjoy the sun, sea and journey, to the full with your loved ones.

It is very common for people interested in sailing to choose a yacht charter in Majorca as their holiday destination. When talking about high quality options in the boat rental world, Majorca doesn’t really have any rivals as it offers all the same benefits, and more, as its competitors. The crystal blue water, its bright sun and the fresh breeze make yacht charter in Majorca the perfect escape for that getaway you’ve been looking for.

What to do in Majorca

As well as plenty of activities available to be enjoyed whilst sailing, Majorca offers plenty of activities on land too: you can take a bike trip on one of the many trails, or emulate the great Rafael Nadal and play tennis on his home island.

The local night life is also very famous so it matters not if it is night or day. Choose yacht charter in Majorca and you will have the whole island at your fingertips, on land and at sea.

The coast line of Majorca is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes, on the east side of the island you can admire bays and beaches with charming tones of blue; the north offers safe anchor points in a selection of ports where you can moor your boat without a problem. The east coast will surprise you with its sheer cliffs and incredible views. Explore the whole island on your yacht and enjoy all that the island has to offer you. All you have to do is choose your boat model and the dates. Enjoy the great sensation that sailing provides in one of Spain’s favourite sailing destinations.

What to see in Palma

Palma’s boardwalk is over 5km in length and it is ideal for nice walks at sunset, or enjoying a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants located on it. The Majorcan nightlife is very vibrant and you will find great bars, pubs and clubs throughout the city.

To get to know the culture of this island a little better, it is recommended that you visit Majorca's old town, accessed by the two railway lines and many enchanting bohemian streets. The Santa Maria de Palma Cathedral is without doubt the symbol of Majorca but we shouldn’t forget other monuments of architectural value such as Bellver castle, Lluc Monastery or Bendinat castle.


Due to the popularity of Majorca as a nautical destination, the island has 33 commercial ports and marinas, with up to 20 thousand mooring points. Our boats are based in the following ports:

  • Palma de Mallorca Port
  • It is the biggest port on the Balearic Islands and has space for 162 boats. Its location is perfect to discover the southern and the southeastern part of the island, with its innumerable beaches and coves. This port does not only harbor yachts and sailboats, but big cruise liners as well.

  • Olimpic Calanova Port
  • This marina is located in the Palma bay and Major cove, it has modern amenities, a sailing school and numerous restaurants.

  • Public port of Polenza
  • This port is located in the northern part of the island and is perfect to discover the natural beauty and the coves of the northern coast. Its location in the bay of Polenza offers it great protection from the weather.

  • Adriano Port
  • This port is one of the most modern in Majorca and it counts with docking spaces designed for large yachts. It was designed by Philippe Starck and has a great offer of high profile stores and restaurants. Several regattas and other seasonal activities are organized in this marina through out the year.

Beaches and Coves

  • Cala de Formentor
  • This cove, located close to the Port de Pollença, is one of the most famous internationally for the quantity of famous people that have visited over the years including Winston Churchill and John Wayne. This kilometer long stretch of sand is an isolated, startling space, perfect for relaxing on you sailing holiday.

  • Cala Varcas
  • This cove, situated to the south east of the island, is one of the most untouched of them all. Its main attraction is the wide variety of activities you can take part in there: underwater caves and reefs admired by marine life experts as well as plenty of water activities such as diving or deep water soloing. Its great beauty can only be appreciated from the sea and so therefore the best way to visit is by boat.

  • Cala Llombards
  • Situated to the south of the island, is one of the most beautiful coves on Majorca, and removing the distance, it looks extremely like the Nordic Fjords (only properly appreciable from the water, and therefore, on a boat). It has fine white sand, and turquoise waters that would look more at home in the Caribbean. From this mix of Nordic and Caribbean influence you can also visit the smaller island of Es Pontás. If you are looking for a beach to make you feel fantastic then this is the one.

  • Cala Mondragó
  • Also one of the most popular spots in Majorca, situated in the region of Santanyi. It has one of the largest entrances to any cove in Majorca making it perfect for boat access, with fine white sand and surrounded by pine trees. Its natural beauty is so extraordinary that it was declared a National Park in 1992.

  • Es Trenc
  • Another untouched part of Majorca is Es Tranc, a vast expanse of sand located to the south of the island which looks authentically Caribbean. It mainly stands out as being the only non-commercialised beach in Majorca, which makes it into a unique space. The beach is usually overwhelmed with tourists which makes it much more appealing to moor up your boat and enjoy the privacy that it provides.

Natural parks

Majorca has a large a variety and quantity of natural spaces, considering the dimension of the island. Discover its forests, cliffs, coves, bays and islets a short sail away.

  • Sierra Tramuntana
  • With its highest point being in the Puig Mayor at a height of 1,445 meters, you can’t miss the gorgeous views of the island that it offers.

  • Cabrera Archipelago
  • In the coastal area you can find the maritime archipelago of Cabrera, perfect to be discovered from the sea. The areas surrounding the island guarantee an exceptional diving experience.

  • Dragonera Island
  • The rich flora and fauna of Dragonera Island, whose name comes from the local lizards, will not leave you indifferent. It is only accessible by boat and it is full of hiking trails that will allow you to discover the island after you drop your anchor.

  • S'Albufera natural park
  • Every year the marshes and the swamps of S’Albufera becomes home to numerous migratory bird species. Several hiking trails go through the park, allowing you to enjoy nature and admire the numerous animal species that make this park their home.

  • Mondrago park
  • Located in the eastern part of Majorca, the natural park of Mondrago counts with spectacular sandy beaches and dunes. Mondrago cove is known by sailing enthusiasts, who every year drop anchor in its turquoise waters.


The Majorcan gastronomy is famous for its sweets, its rice dishes and its fresh fish and shellfish. Its dishes are one of the good reasons to visit this island.

Majorca is an electrifying destination offering the best beach tourism and an undoubtedly interesting culture in its interior. Don’t miss an opportunity to hire a yacht in Majorca to discover all what this island has to offer, you will not be disappointed.

The island enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and cool wet winters, ideal for enjoying a yacht charter in Mallorca. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 7 ºC, and August is the warmest with maximum temperatures of 32 ºC and minimum of 18 ºC. Water temperatures fluctuate around 13 ºC during winter, finding a minimum in February. They increase to 26 °C during August which is the perfect weather to enjoy your yacht charter in Mallorca. This part of the mediterranean also enjoys strong breezes throughout the year making sailing holidays in Mallorca are a delight.

Average temperatures

In the peak season, we find the following average temperatures in the island of Mallorca:

  • Mayo - 18,8 ° C

  • June - 22.7 ° C

  • July - 25,7 ° C

  • August - 26,2 ° C

  • September - 23.5 ° C

  • October - 20,2 ° C

Sunshine hours

When sailing, it is very important to consider daylight hours available in order to plan our routes. In the summer months this is the following average hours of sunlight per day:

  • May - 13

  • June - 13

  • July - 13

  • August - 12

  • September - 10

  • October - 8

There are a number of travel options to help you reach your yacht charter in Mallorca.

By plane
Arrival by air is the best option for travelling to the island, as the Palma de Mallorca Airport welcomes daily flights from major national and international destinations.

By bus: The island of Mallorca is not accessible by bus. However, the Mallorca Transport Consortium provides local bus transportation on the island.

By train
Mallorca is not accessible by train, but there are two convenient train lines available for getting around on the island. One of the lines serves as a link between the tourist port of Soller and the capital, while the other makes a route through the villages in the center of the island like Inca, Manacor, Sincu, and Petra.

By boat
Another good option for getting to Mallorca is by boat. The Port of Palma is the largest port of the Balearic Islands, and receives many ferries and boats each day from the major cities of the Levante coast, Barcelona, Ceuta, Melilla and the other islands that make up the Balearic archipelago.

By car
Ferry transport services allow you to bring your vehicle to the island, which gives you the opportunity to discover some of the hidden corners and wonders of Mallorca.


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