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Charter a yacht in Mar Menor and experience this beautiful hidden corner of the Spanish coast known as the Costa Calida that is steeped in history, beauty and fun. Mar Menor is a coastal lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea that can be found in the southeast of Spain in the province of Murcia where you can enjoy sailing in one of our charter yachts as you sail along the Costa Calida. Visit beaches and enjoy many water activities like scuba diving too when you make 2016 a year to remember by taking a yacht rental holiday! There’s so many activities to do you may even become adicta (addicted in Spanish) – make some memories in 2016 and take one of our yacht rentals sailing in Mar Menor, Spain and the Mediterranean!

Mar Menor contains a small sea that is a beautiful turquoise colour, very calm and boasts a coast of 73 km where sailing is a great experience due to the good weather, the large beaches and the coves. There is a wide array flora and fauna and a few protected natural parks. Furthermore, the nearby province of Alicante is well worth a visit on your boat. So make your 2016 special and rent a boat or yacht with us and explore the lagoon, the Mediterranean, the gorgeous towns like Cartagena, Torrevieja, Alcazares (or Alcázares in Spain!), La Manga and the province of Alicante all on your one charter trip!

During the Muslim era, it was known as “the little Sea” and in the nineteenth century it started to develop an important fishing and agriculture industry due to the large portions of land and marinas. Nowadays, it is an important destination for tourists that want to spend their vacation in Spain or try a yacht charter in Mar Menor while enjoying the beach, good weather, the cuisine and having fun.

The annual average sea temperature in Murcia is around 17ºC-30ºC. During the year, you can enjoy an average annual temperature of 18ºC with an average maximum of 25ºC and a minimum of 13ºC. Snorkelling and other water sports are common activities in Mar Menor, because of the calm and clear waters and the good climate. Adicta water sports centre in the south of Mar Menor is a place where you can do all kinds of water sports! A yachting holiday is always a good choice to spend your spring break, summer and winter holidays with the entire family, friends or with your significant other. If you don’t fancy a week or longer at sea, why not rent one of the villas in the area and charter one of our yachts in Mar Menor for a smaller amount of time – it’s up to you!


  • Club de Regatas Mar Menor
  • This port has electricity and water for the boats, along with a wide range of services. It accommodates medium size boats.

  • Club Nautico Dos Mares
  • Also prepared for medium size boats, this port has several amenities for its customers. It also gives you great access to the Mediterranean and also the opportunity to sail to nearby holiday and sailing destinations such as Alicante, Cartegena, Faro Cabo de Palos and many more marina up and down the coast of Spain.

  • Marina Mar de Cristal
  • This port has the basic services, as well as Wi-Fi for customers. It has a total of 222 moorings.


There is 70 km of coast peppered with several sandy beaches and rocky coves. The most famous are:

  • Mar de Cristal
  • It is a very recognized urban beach, during the summer it is densely populated, but it offers several public services including restrooms, showers and hammock rentals. In addition, it is located at the entry of the boat club.

  • The Red Cove, or the Cala de Escalera
  • This place is located in Cape Palos and is one of the most beautiful natural enclaves of the region and a paradise, recognized for its native underwater fauna.

What to see and do

If you choose to charter a yacht in Mar Menor for your next holiday, you will be able to visit the five small islands in this territory: Perdiguera, Deer Island, Mayor Island, Round and the island of Subject. These islands are very small and have a volcanic origin but it is a great plan to spend a great day with your family and friends. You have to visit Cabo de Palos and its famous lighthouse surrounded by rocky cliffs and turquoise waters.

The most popular port of Mar Menor in Murcia is definitely La Manga. This coast town is about 70 km away from the main city of Murcia and is an excellent area for boat rental in Murcia due to the climate, tourist facilities and calm beaches but at the same time a great choice for nightlife. We recommend you to visit the city of Murcia for the day. You can enjoy a short route through the historic city centre and visit the baroque Cathedral of Murcia. It is also a good opportunity if you want to do some shopping, visit a museum or enjoy a gastronomic tour around the bars and terraces. La Manga also offers you some amazing villas, chartering a yacht in Mar Menor gives you the chance to stay in one of La Manga‘s villas and sail on one of our rentals for just a short getaway on the Mediterranean water!

The city of Cartagena is another part of Murcia you should not miss. The coast here is perfect for enjoying the beach and the sea and at the same time, also visit its popular Roman amphitheatre which dates back to the 5th century BC. Another iconic monument of Mar Menor is the amazing Faro Cabo de Palos which has stood guard over the town, the beaches and the boats and yachts out in the Mediterranean.

National Parks

There is a large diversity of animals and plants. Some of the most important natural reserves are:

  • Regional Park of Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar
  • It is 800 hectares in size and has an enormous wealth of animal and plant species and numerous ecosystems.

  • Monte Carmolí
  • It is a volcano (111 meters tall) where it is possible to see rock formations and features, as well as a very peculiar vegetation and stunning views.


The cuisine is famous worldwide for its “tapas”, potato omelets, and delicious rice dishes with vegetables, cold meats, seafood and drinks that are going to be a plus during your time on your yacht. Murcia offers tasty dishes and a lot of restaurants and terraces where eating is a pleasure. We recommend you to try some rice dishes, fish, seafood, fried vegetables, and the following desserts that are typical from the region: fried milk, bread of Calatrava with caramel, fruit with honey, Paparajote (a mass of egg, flour and milk with lemon leaf) and “sweet yellow pudding” made of egg yolks and sugar, called tocinillo de cielo”. So during your yacht charter sailing holiday in Mar Menor, don’t worry about going hungry – there will be enough delicious Spanish tapas to go around in the local bars and restaurants!

In la Manga you will be able to find several ports where to moor your yacht and Torrevieja and Dénia marinas are also nearby. Therefore a yacht charter in Mar Menor is the easiest and most enjoyable way to spend your holidays in 2016.

The annual average sea temperature in Mar Menor varies between 14ºC and 26ºC. During the year, you can enjoy an average annual temperature of 18ºC with an average maximum of 25ºC and a minimum of 13ºC. Scuba diving and other water sports are common activities in the area of the Mar Menor area, because of the calm and crystalline waters as well as the good climate. A Yacht Charter in Mar Menor is always a good choice of place to spend your spring break, summer and winter holidays with the entire family, friends or with your partner.

Average temperatures

Average temperatures in the Mar Menor during the peak months are:

  • Mayo - 18ºC

  • June - 22ºC

  • July - 24ºC

  • August - 25

  • September - 22ºC

  • October - 19ºC

Daily hours of sunshine

The hours of sunshine per day during the peak months are:

  • May - 8

  • June - 10

  • July - 8

  • August - 6

  • September - 6

  • October - 4

By plane
The most practical way to get to La Manga del Mar Menor is by plane. You can fly to the airport of Murcia (Airport of San Javier) which is located in the town of Santiago de Ribera in the north of the Mar Menor. It is possible to rent a car at the airport to reach the area of the Manga in just 50 km. There are also several intercity bus lines and taxi service.

By bus
The bus station of Murcia is located in the city centre, in the district of San Andrés, so it is about 70 km away from the coastal area.
The bus station in La Manga is located at Avenida Gran Vía 1 in Cartagena, directly on the promenade.

By train
You can start your Yacht Charter in La Manga, arriving by train to the main station, located in a main square called “Plaza de la Industria”. Opening hours of the station are from 5:30-24:00 from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays and holidays from 6:30-24:00. At the station you will find an official taxi stop and three bus lines 9, 39, 44. The airport of Murcia is 39 km away from this train station.

By car
If you rent a car at the airport of Murcia, it is very easy to drive to La Manga del Mar Menor: take the AP-7 south and drive 50.5 km by highway from La Manga/RM-12. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive to the coast.
If you decide to travel to Murcia with your own car, you will have to drive to the south of Spain, taking the highway of Andalucía direction Murcia-A 92 until you can get off the AP-7 to La Manga del Mar Menor to start your sailing vacation.


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