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Opt for a yacht charter in Marsala, in the province of Trapani in Sicily. This region of Sicily has experienced multiple invaders who over the years have left behind a fascinating mix of cultural influences which come together to present us this unique city, creating an interesting and unique atmosphere that is perfect for one of our bareboat or crewed yacht charters. The name of this port city originates from the Arab term “Marsa Allah” which means “Port of God”, given to highlight its maritime significance and massive size. Culture and traditions are important values, and the port maintains its old and picturesque appeal, making it a beautiful point of interest on your yacht charter in Marsala.

Rent a boat in Sicily, enjoy our charters and sail around this amazing island and this fantastic city. Take one of our yachts, either bareboat or crewed, possibly a spacious catamaran, and enjoy sailing around the Mediterranean, Sicily, Italy and an array of small islands and towns near Sicily. For example, some destinations that you have to sail to are Favignana, Egadi, Trapani and you can even sail to some ports and islands in the south of Croatia if you really want to! If you wish to, you can sail to a new and exciting marina every day of your voyage, another reason why a yacht charter holiday is a fantastic idea.

What to do in Marsala

The main marina is strategically located in the centre of the town which enables a wide variety of sailing holiday options to suit every taste. Combine your yacht charter with the chance to relax whilst exploring the charming bars and cafes of the city, as well as the shopping centers and restaurants. The town is known as the wine country of Sicily due to the worldwide popularity of its wines, so a yacht charter will not be complete without a taste of the locally-made wine or a dish of chicken cooked in these wines. Additionally, take the opportunity whilst on your yacht charter in Marsala to wander around the beautiful vineyards nearby.

For those tourists interested in combining their yacht charter in Marsala with the rich cultural experience of Italy, popular attractions that the city has to offer include the Convento del Carmine, an art gallery which was formerly a monastery, or the Piazza della Republica where you can find the Cathedral and the main market. The Roman influence is clear through the architectural style of the city as well as the remnants of the ancient City of Lilybaeum that stood here hundreds of years ago.

Beaches and Coves

The 1,500 km of coast give Sicily wonderful areas that can satisfy every taste. So set sail on one of our boat charters and go sailing in a catamaran or sailboat and sail to a multitude of destinations along the coast of Italy such as Egadi, Favignana, Sicily, Trapani and even Croatia, plus many more locations, like islands, beaches and a marina in the Mediterranean.

Scala Dei Turchi

Located on the western part of the island, it is a white fine sand beach that has a set of natural terraces that have been sculpted by the wind and the waves.


With the aid of its docks and cathedral, it has become one of the most recognizable post card pictures of Sicily. It is a fine sand beach where you can rent chairs and umbrellas and enjoy a day under the sun while sipping on a drink from the bar. It might be the beach where the feeling of mass tourism can be felt the most.


The city is also well known as Sicily’s wine country, due to the worldwide popularity of its wines. You have to try the local cuisine, be it the local chicken delicacies or its wines.

Sicilian gastronomy is tightly linked with the history and the culture of this island, in addition to its religious and spiritual life. It’s a complex gastronomic culture that clearly reflects the traits of all the cultures that ever had a presence on the island throughout the millennia.

Visitors planning to extend their yacht charter in Sicily often make the most of the city´s excellent location and take the opportunity to visit other famous destinations in the area such as the Egadi Islands 25 miles away, the island of Pantelleria with a volcanic origin, or the rocky island of Lampedusa famous for its underwater fishing. Choose a yacht charter in Marsala and enjoy an unforgettable Sicilian experience!

Found at Italy's most souhterly tip on Sicily's west coast, Marsala enjoys almost year round mediterranean weather. Average high temperatures of 26ºC during July and August make it a slightly cooler alternative to a lot of mediterranean yacht charter destinations however average highs of 19ºC as early as May and 21ºC as late as October the season for yacht charter in Marsala extends much further than just summer.

Water temperatures reach 27ºC in the summer and never drop below 14ºC all year and the driest months are during the summer, with the wettest being November and December.

A number of travel options facilitate the possibility of a yacht charter holiday in Marsala.

By plane:
The nearest airport is Trapani-Birgi (23km) connected to over 44 destinations in 14 countries including France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, facilitating the start of a yacht charter in Marsala wherever you are flying from. Palermo airport (105km) is an option which although further away has a greater number of connections with over 297 cities in 58 countries such as Austria, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Croatia.

By bus:
Autoservizi Salemi offers regional routes to Marsala from Palermo, Milan, Roma and Trapani’s Birgi airport. AST (Azienda Siciliana Transporti Spa) is a great option if you want to combine a yacht charter in Marsala with an exploration of inland Sicily, as it provides transport to destinations such as Palermo, Messina, Catania, Siracusa, Modica. The bus line Salvatore Lumia has services between Marsala, Agrigento, Menfi, Montallegro, Porto Empedocle, Realmonte, Ribera, Sciacca and Siculiana.

By train:
Regular trains with the company Train Italia run to Palermo and Trapani which are the closest stations.

By boat:
From Favignana or Marettimo travel with Ustica Lines which provide a daily service and arrive in Marsala within less than an hour. The closest ferry port connected to other destinations is in Trapani. Here, once a week, Grimaldi Lines offer services to/from Tunes (8h30m) and to/from Civitavecchia (13h30m). In addition, Tirrenia´s ferries go to/from Cagliari (10h) on a weekly basis.

By car:
From Palermo take the highway A 29 towards Trapani in direction to Mazara del Vallo.

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