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Don’t have any plans for your holidays? Why not spend your next vacation in Spain and opt for choosing to rent boats in Murcia and make some great memories in 2017?

Mercia, or Murcia as it is known in Spain, is located southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Coast close to the Segura River and also the Mar Menor. The city has Roman origins and was developed as a major urban town during the Middle Age. The ancient Kingdom of Murcia was also part of the Crown of Castile and because of this offers an important historical and cultural heritage. The name of the city has an Arab origin, meaning "place of myrtle”. If you have never been here before, we recommend you to choose one of our yachts and spend your holiday in the Med, why not soak in the sun onboard the stunning Sunseeker yacht and visit the nearby island of Ibiza.

The entire area of Murcia is famous in Spain for its vegetable gardens, large fields and the coastal area of the Mar Menor. Yacht charter in Murcia is definitely a good idea to enjoy the Spanish culture and sail across a very quiet area of turquoise waters and white sandy shores. Moreover, the region has gorgeous towns dotted around it like Alcázares, San Javier, Pinatar and La Manga which are well worth a visit. You can even take your boat along the Spanish coast and visit the nearby city of Alicante on one of your boat hire trips!


There are several ports in Murcia to moor our boat. Some of the most recommended ports are:

Club de Regatas Mar Menor

Medium-capacity port with multiple berths, which fit boats with a maximum length of 15 m and a maximum draft of 2.

Club de Regatas Mazarrón

It has 200 berths for boats and yachts up to 20 metres in length. It also has several services for its customers.

Club Náutico de Águilas

182 berths in this port are able to accommodate vessels up to 12 meters long and 3m draft.

What to do in Murcia

One of the advantages of renting a boat in Murcia is definitely the good weather during the entire year. Murcia has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild winters with an annual temperature of between 19-20ºC. Spring and Autumn are also perfect for a yacht charter in Murcia. During the hotter months, temperatures are around 34ºC-40ºC but during the milder months, temperatures vary from 23ºC-19ºC.

What to see in Murcia

Before starting your yacht charter in Murcia, we recommend that you visit this main city and get the most out of your vacation. The city of Murcia hosts a wide variety of choices in restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife. You can also do some interesting sightseeing in this region: visit the Cathedral of Murcia which is baroque, the city centre and the Roman Theatre in Cartagena.

For archaeology enthusiasts there are also several interesting places to spend the day during your yacht charter in Murcia besides relaxing. You can visit several museums in the city of Murcia: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of the Cathedral and the City Museum. If you like nature and sport, Murcia is the place to be. Just tie your boat up for the day and do some routes or hiking activities in the Valley of Ricote, in the mountain range of España or around the vineyards northeast of the area.

Beaches and coves

The typical beaches in Murcia are long and golden, of soft and fine grain sand that invites you to lie down and rest soaking in the sun.

Cristal Sea

Golden and sandy, it is one of the most popular places to relax in the area.


Ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts as it has an amazing seafloor for you to explore.


Located in the San Javier township, it is a beach with spectacular vistas on to its dunes. It is very peaceful and normally lightly visited.


It is located next to the port and is one of the most visited and crowded due to its closeness to the middle of the city and the wide variety of services that it offers. If you are an enthusiast of water sports, this is your beach, here you will be able to do windsurf, snorkel and sail.

De la Llana

Separates the Mar Menor from the sea, and because of this it offers some amazing views.


Gastronomy in Spain is famous worldwide for its traditional dishes, cold meats, rice dishes, wines and desserts. Murcia boasts tasty dishes and a lot of restaurants and terraces where eating is a pleasure. We recommend you to try rice dishes, fish, seafood, fried vegetables, and the following desserts that are typical of the area: fried milk, bread of Calatrava with caramel, fruit with honey, Paparajote (a mass of egg, flour and milk with lemon leaf) and “yellow pudding” made of egg yolks and sugar, called “tocinillo de cielo”.

During your yacht charter in Murcia you can discover several coast areas and swim in coves while enjoying water sports like snorkelling, which are by the way, very popular due to the calm and turquoise waters. It is easy to find a diving school if you wish to try this activity out for the first time. You can start your trip in La Manga of the Mar Menor which is located North of Murcia and then visit Litoral de Lorca, the beautiful bays and the towns of Alcázares and Pinatar. Spain and the region of Murcia offer everything you need to enjoy your next holiday while sailing and having fun during the day and night on your holiday in the Mediterranean Sea.

”Murcia, how beautiful you are!”, is a popular phrase that is voiced by people who visit this Spanish province. Rent boats in Murcia and find out for yourself.

In the region of Murcia the sailing season is long, with average temperatures ranging from 20ºC to 31ºC between the months of March and November. Daylight hours range from 9 during the winter and 15 during the summer allowing you to get the most possible out of a yacht charter in Murcia. The wind is also very accomodating of sailing holidays due to the speeds peaking around July and generally being higher throughout the summer months. Murcia is loacted in land from the coast however the water in the Mar Menor, located just to the south, ranges from 14ºC to 26ºC throughout the year with the peak coming in August.

Average temperatures

Average temperatures in Murcia during the peak months are:

  • May - 20

  • June - 24ºC

  • July - 27ºC

  • August - 26ºC

  • September - 24ºC

  • October - 19ºC

Daily hours of sunshine

The hours of sunshine per day during the peak months are:

  • May - 8

  • June - 10

  • July - 8

  • August - 6

  • September - 6

  • October - 4

By plane

The most practical way to get to Murcia is by plane. You can fly to the airport of Murcia (Airport of San Javier) which is located in the town of Santiago de Ribera in the north of the Mar Menor. It is possible to rent a car at the airport to reach the area of the Manga in just 50 km. There are also several intercity bus lines and taxi service.

By bus

The bus station of Murcia is located in the city centre, in the district of San Andrés, so it is about 70 km away from the coastal area.

By train

You can start your Yacht Charter in Murcia, arriving by train at the main station, located in a main square called “Plaza de la Industria”. Opening hours of the station are from 5:30-24:00 from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays and holidays from 6:30-24:00. At the station you will find an official taxi stop and three bus lines 9, 39, 44. The airport of Murcia is 39 km away from the train station.

By car

If you rent a car at the airport of Murcia, it is very easy to drive to the coast: take the AP-7 south and drive 50.5 km by highway from La Manga/RM-12. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the coast. If you decide to travel to Murcia with your own car, you will have to drive to the south of Spain, taking the Andalucía highway in the direction of Murcia-A 92.

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