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Murter yacht charter

A yacht charter holiday in Murter is the perfect way to explore this island, a nautical centre in Central Dalmatia. Only 6 metres away, it is connected to the mainland by a draw bridge, making it very easy to reach. A yacht charter in Murter will allow you to enjoy the island´s sandy beaches and many small bays, hidden from the crowds who flock to the larger beaches. It´s strategical position - at the gate of the archipelago of Kornati – makes it an attractive destination for sailing enthusiasts.

What to do in Murter

Murter is the main town of the homonymous island, which belongs to the archipelago of Kornati, consisting of over 160 islands, islets and rocks. The authentic stone arched alleyways, popular and simple houses, stone walls covered with vines in the historic center of Murter, protect from oblivion the story of how it was one day: a settlement of the High Roman Empire with rich summer houses. Currently, they are witnesses of the growing number of archeological sites on the island and in the sea.

What to see in Murter

Murter is exceptionally attractive to sailors for its marina and its proximity to the archipelago of Kornati. If you're not a professional sailor, surely the beautiful sandy beaches (Slanica) and temperate and clean sea will call your attention.


There are some ports on the island where you can moor the boat. Some of them are:

  • Hramina Marina
  • This port is located on the island and has a capacity of 400 boats. It can also accommodate ships with a maximum draft of 3 meters and a maximum length of 30.

  • Betina Marina
  • Located northeast of the island, this marina has 240 berths. Boats must have a maximum length of 30 meters and a depth of 5.

  • Jezera ACI Marina
  • This port has 225 berths with a capacity of 5 meters deep and 25 long.

Beaches and coves

One of the "must do" things whilst on your yacht charter in Murter is to take a trip to the neighboring Kornati archipelago which consists of 140 islands of various sizes, 89 of which are included in the Korneti National Park thanks to the beauty of their numerous coves and clear blue waters. These bays provide tourists with endless options to anchor their boats and appreciate the spectacular scenery.

Most of the islands are inhabited and the majority of the area belongs to the residents of Murter Island who go there to tend olive fields and vineyards. With your rental yacht, you can take daily trips to the Kornati islands, and enjoy a number of sports, such as tennis or a wide selection of water sports. Some of the main beaches in Murter are:

  • Podvrske beach
  • A small nudist beach where one can find areas of sand, rocks and gravel. It is possible to fish and enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, beach volleyball and water polo. The beach has a dock for small craft, a place from where one can jump into the water as well as a nice bar.

  • Slanica beach
  • Slanica beach is one of the most beautiful and most popular of the Murter island. This beach is appropriate for families and young people. There are several bars in the bay area attracting a large number of young people who spend the day sunbathing. There are many coves in close proximity to this beach.


The Croatian gastronomy is varied and known as a region based cuisine, since each region of Croatia has its own culinary traditions. The modern roots are based on older periods and on the differences between traditional culinary customs of the inhabitants of the interior and those of the coast. In the coastal regions there is a heavy influence of the Greek, Italian and French cuisins.

Some of the typical Croatian dishes are: the Janjetina, which is lamb decorated with Mediterranean herbs; the Ćevapćići, a roasted meat in the form of a sausage that is served with onions, pita bread and mustard with potatoes; black rice and the sea spider salad.


Apart from beautiful beaches, during your visit to Murter you will have the opportunity to appreciate historical architecture and island’s long history beginning with a Roman settlement. You will also find plenty of beautiful landscapes, and large fields of olive and fig trees, which are the traditional crops grown by the locals.

Due to the wonderfully clean seas, the Mediterranean climate, amazing landscapes and friendly locals, a yacht charter in Murter makes a great Croatian holiday. Exploring natural and cultural beauty on board a beautiful sailing or motor yacht is a truly fascinating experience.

Murter, like so many other places in the mediterranean enjoys a long warm summer with June through September providing average temperatures ranging between 21ºC and 25ºC making yacht charter in Murter during these months a great option as the winter months can drop as low as 5ºC and are also the rainiest.

The wind levels during the spring and autumn months are ideal for cruising and enjoying the scenery on your yacht charter in Murter and this would also mean avoiding those summer crowds. Also, sunlight hours range from 9 to 12 a day depending on the season meaning plenty of time for activities.

Average temperatures

Murter Average monthly temperatures during the peak months are:

  • May - 18 ℃

  • June - 22 ℃

  • July - 25 ℃

  • August - 25 ℃

  • September - 21 ℃

  • October - 16 ℃

Sunshine hours

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Murter are:

  • May - 15

  • June - 16

  • July - 15

  • August - 13

  • September - 12

  • October - 10

There are a number of travel options from which you can choose the best one to help you start your yacht charter holiday in Murter.

By plane
The nearest airport is located in Zadar (ZAD) and from here the estimated distance to Murter is about 80 km. The island is served by the country’s biggest airport, Pleso Airport in Zagreb, Croatia. There, you can find cheap direct flights from main European cities. Currently, 29 airlines operate in Pleso Airport to 31 cities. The alternative option is Split airport (SPU) located around 90 km from the island, which is the second busiest airport in Croatia. Although this airport is a bit smaller, there are several flight options. The airports of Zadar and Split provide frequent transfers to/from the capital and other parts of the island.

By bus
Croatia has great bus services, and this should be considered when you book your yacht charter holiday in Murter. Every town has a local network, and there are also intercity buses which provide regular services between all the main cities in the country as well as some connections with other key European cities. These services are operated by several companies. To get to your yacht charter in Murter from Zadar you need to choose any of the frequent buses headed to south in the direction of Sibenik or Vodice. Not all services stop in Vodice, which means you need to carry on to Sibenik where all services stop at the main bus station.

By train
If travelling to a yacht charter holiday in Murter from Europe, take into account that trains from all over Europe have Zagreb as their final destination. There, you can go to Zadar or Sibenik, although the latter has quite a slow service. There are no train services to Dubrovnik and no train connections down the coast from the north of Rijeka, thus train travelling is limited in Croatia.

By boat
There are no ferries that go to Murter or nearby. The nearest ferry ports are in Zadar (about 80 km to the North) and Split (around 120 km to the South). Here, ferries come from Italy. There is an additional service that connects Pula and Zadar, which is useful for people coming from Istria, but when booking your yacht charter holiday in Murter take into account that this service only operates from June to September. The ferries are operated by Jadrolinija.

By car
Murter is connected with the mainland of Croatia by a drawbridge at Tisno. Thus, all you need is to cross that bridge. Usually, this bridge opens for 30 minutes each morning and late afternoons. All four towns on the island have a great road access.


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