Yacht charter in Naples 1

Yacht charter in Naples

It was Machiavelli who made the phrase "the end justifies the means" famous. Well, if you want to create some amazing memories on the Italian coast in Gulf of Naples at the foot of the imposing Mount Vesuvius, then you should rent a boat in Naples.

Naples is the capital of Campania and there is a ridiculous amount of attractions to visit. The privileged position allows you to travel to amazing places like Pompeii, Sorrento and the island of Capri, where a multitude of fascinating historical and ancient archaeological remains and architecture can be found. Naples is not just a great city for tourists, but also a unique city with its own character when compared with the rest of Italy.

What to see and do in Naples

With over 2,500 years of history, Naples, founded by the Greeks and called Neápolis has been controlled by some of the major historical European powers: the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Spanish and French for example. These civilizations have left a strong imprint on architecture, brimming with a miscellany of trends in every corner of the old city, which has led to many parts of the city being declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

But Naples, unlike its neighbors, is free, and suspicious of preset rules and regulations. The best way to see the city is to lose yourself in the city’s streets, its slopes and provocative corners: run into a hidden Spanish church, visit the Castel Nuovo on the coast or Castel Sant'Elmo in Vomero. There you will find a Renaissance palace, an open air market in the cheerful bustle of Mezzocannone, and more.

However, Naples is just one of the many destinations offered by the Gulf of Naples. Renting a boat will allow you to move from one place to another more quickly, avoiding the masses of tourists who crowd the ferries, trains and roads throughout the year. You'll optimize your time, which is essential if you do not have many days and do not want to miss out on anything.

You simply have to visit the Roman city of Pompeii. There are few places comparable to the archaeological site of this ancient prosperous city, full of palaces that were tragically buried under the ashes of Vesuvius after the eruption in 79 AD. The ruins of Pompeii, near the neighboring town of Herculaneum - can be easily reached by renting a boat and have been declared a World Heritage Site, and constitute a unique opportunity to learn firsthand about the Romans.

Following the coastline to the east, is the Sorrentine peninsula which overlooks the Gulf of Naples. Known for its buildings that cling onto the side of the cliffs and the being the origin of limoncello liqueur. There are many celebrities who have been spotted on the streets of this beautiful town, one of the most popular and glamorous destinations throughout Italy.

If you rent a boat wanting to enjoy the sea, beaches and unwind during your vacation, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. Capri has been around since time immemorial and is a favorite retirement place for poets and writers. From its crystal clear waters up to their colorful villas you can see why Capri is a fantastic location to sit and enjoy the traditional culture and cuisine. Ischia is the largest island of the three and the most visited. It has an eclectic landscape, the result of the combination of unspoiled nature and man-made buildings. Some essential visits are: the Aragonese Castle, thermal springs and the fishing village of Sant Angelo. Procida, the smallest island is a mosaic of colourful buildings, volcanic sand beaches, fishing ports with nostalgic aromas and stately palaces of another century.

Beaches and coves

Beach Marina Piccola

There is a gorgeous range of colours on the island of Capri: greenery in the cliffs , turquoise blue water and a fascinating rainbow in the stones that shine from the bottom of the sea. One of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, which you can access just renting a boat.

Spiaggia di Cartaromana

Overlooking the Aragonese Castle, this beach not only offers one of the most attractive views of the island, but is also famous for hot springs that flow on the shore, guaranteeing an ideal temperature for swimming and bathing throughout the year.


If we had to highlight the most typical food of Naples, the answer is easy: the pizza. Naples is the birthplace of pizza; it was invented here and here originates some of the most traditional recipes, such as margherita, made with tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil, or marinara, containing tomato, garlic, oregano and oil.

However, the Neapolitan cuisine is much more varied and rich as it is the result of the fusion of Greek, Spanish and French cuisine, to which must be added the traditional dishes of Italian food, like pasta. The proximity of the sea has had a major influence, making fish and seafood the two pillars of the Neapolitan diet.

Moreover, what should also be noted are the Neapolitan pastries and sweets, always accompanied by the famous Neapolitan coffee which is usually drunk as a strong, sweet espresso. Finally, as we mentioned above, one cannot visit to Naples without having tasted the limoncello, the refreshing liqueur made from lemons in the region.

Naples has a Mediterranean climate, with average temperatures of 8°C in winter and 25°C in the summer. During the winter, Naples has a rainy climate but tempered ranging from 4.3°C to 12.7°C, while in summer, the weather gets pretty dry and hot, but the marine winds from the Gulf of Naples can reach from 17.3ºC to 28.3ºC.


Capodichino International Airport, is about 8 km northwest of downtown Naples. It is the second busiest airport in southern Italy, behind Catania, Sicily. It has two terminals, and has many connections to the vast majority of Italian cities and several European cities.


Virtually all trains coming from northern Italy stop in Naples. From here, the roads continue to the south of the country. If you come from Rome, there are more than 30 daily trains connecting the two cities.


It is very easy to get to the city from all parts of Italy. The A1 connects Naples to the north; A3 connects to the south, and the Salerno and Calabria regions; the A16 connects to the interior, while the A14 and A16 connect to Bari.

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