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The sailing holiday of a lifetime is waiting for you on a yacht charter in Paros, the second biggest isle of the Cyclades, the main group of isles in the Aegean Sea. The Cyclades archipelago earned their name from the word, ciclo, which means ring and because of their shape as they encircle the rocky island Delos, the archaic religious, commercial and political hub of the world. This collection of islands is thought to be typical of Greece with their enchanting windmills and whitewashed houses, spectacular sights and bright coastlines, antique remnants and of course the petite taverns with excellent food and wine. On board a yacht charter in Paros you will appreciate that this island that has few comparisons.

Yacht charter in Paros provides tourists with some of the most amazing sights of the Aegean Sea, whilst on the land behind the harbour you will get a glimpse of Marpissa, the white hill below the mount of Kefalos. The mountains Agii Pantes incline towards the secluded, stony, white-sand inlets, while further inland you will find stunning green scenery which surpasses that of the other Cyclades, and makes a yacht charter in Paros the perfect sailing holiday choice.

Moreover, Paros is in an ideal location for you to visit other destinations in Greece, including Greek islands, beaches and any places you wish to moor your yacht during your yacht charter in Paros. So take your boat or yacht, whether it be bareboat or crewed, and sail to a port, town or beach of your choice such as; Lavrion, Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Paros, Naoussa, Antipalos, Kefalos or Delos to name but a few. The Cyclades make up most of the Greek Islands and will guarantee you a holiday that is filled with stunning locations, beautiful scenery and the perfect destination to relax in.

What to do in Paros

Paros is often known as the gem of the Aegean Sea and regarded by many artists as the cultural centre of the Cyclades, and a yacht charter in Paros will provide the base for you to learn about the history of the island.

Parikiá is the capital and will be the first town that you see when you arrive by boat. The modern bars and clubs around this area are very famous, and are complemented by the sophisticated cafes and picturesque taverns which surround them. Opposite the pubs you will encounter the oldest church in Greece, Ekatontapyliani.

The ancient city is a charming and an ideal place to go shopping while on a yacht charter holiday in Paros as you will find numerous shops selling handmade crafts, jewellery, perfumes, and souvenirs perfect for those back home. Don’t forget to sample the local produce on the island: fields of olives, figs, oranges, melons, lemons, wheat and barley prevail in the southeast region of the isle, while the red grape of Mantilaria and the white from Monemvastika enable the production of around 2.5 million litres of wine on an annual basis.

If you are looking for something romantic, visit the old mill, converted into a café, from where you will enjoy one of the best views of the Aegean Sea.

The old port of Paros constituted throughout many centuries and important centre for maritime trade during the golden age of the Classic period of Greece and it allowed the island to develop thanks to the exotic products that were brought from Asia and Western Europe. Although the port did not make it to our days intact, recent excavations have found marble and stone walls under the surface of the sea. During your stay on the island, you will have the opportunity to visit the ruins and to imagine the busy activity of wooden ships unloading and loading cargo in the important port of Paros.

In the back part of the port you will be able to see Marpissa, the white hill under mount Kefalos. This city, considered the most gorgeous of all of Greece, holds a complicated path that leads to the floral precipice of Lefkes, one of the most impressive natural marvels of the island.

A yacht charter in Paros would be incomplete without a visit to Naoussa, a famous tourist resort. From here, you could sail to Kolibithres, the most amazing beach on the islands. The resorts are popular for kiteboarding and windsurfing and host several championships on the Golden Beach in the east.

The isle of Antiparos, just 1 nautical mile from Paros, is an isle covered in turquoise beaches and secluded coves. Although there are several beautiful beaches on Paros, you can’t miss a visit to this paradise like island in your yacht charter through the Greek Islands.

Beaches and coves

Chryssi Akiti

This is the longest and arguably most picturesque of the island, with almost 700 meters in length, it is a sand paradise. Famous among windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, the beach holds the Windsurf World Cup in August.


Is a beautiful beach of emerald waters which has access to two taverns where you will be able to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.


A unique beach of golden sand and crystal clear water in which you will be able to apply natural clay over your body to nurture your skin with all the minerals and nutrients that this clay contains.


The typical dishes of Paros present their own variation of the delicious Greek gastronomy. You will be able to find Mizithra, a goat cheese of the region and snails in sauce. You prefer something less exotic, don’t worry, in Paros you will be able to find a large variety of shellfish and fresh fish that is prepared with salads and light sauces.

Choose yacht charter in Paros and experience an idyllic sailing holiday full of opportunities.

As usual, July and August receive the warmest and busiest atmospheres on a yacht charter in Paros. However, with average temperatures of 23ºC to 25ºC between June and September, the high season goes on a little longer than that. Water temperatures reach 25ºC in the summer months and don't drop below 15ºC all year. The driest months are June through to September with the winter providing heavily increased rainfall. October enjoys average temperatures of 19ºC with highs of up to 25ºC however the risk of showers is greatly increased.

A number of travel options help ensure the most relaxing start to your yacht charter in Paros.

By plane:
There are frequent flights from Athens to Paros which take around 30 minutes. Thessaloniki is the other main destination throughout the year. Charter flights from abroad start in the summer time.

By boat:
The 3 main lines with ferry services in the port of Paros are Hellenic Seaways (3 hours) and Blue Star Ferries (4 hours) which go to/from El Pireo, and Sea Jets which operates to/from Rafina (3 hours).

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