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Charter a yacht in Pirogovo and discover a new way of getting to know Russian culture from within, with all comforts and relaxation you’d expect on a holiday that you will never forget.

Pirogovo lies near in a district, or Oblasy, just outside of Moscow. More specifically, the area is located in the Klyazminskoye Vodokharnilishche area which is found on the Bukhta Radosti bay.

Pirogovo is about 25 kilometers from the capital, Moscow, so you can enjoy both your time sailing, as well as getting the chance to visit this interesting and exciting city. Make sure you take your other sailors to all of the well-known and famous monuments that are found all over Moscow which will let you explore the Russian culture and get to know more about the history of Russia.

In addition, Pirogovo is located next to the river Kliazma, a river channel that also contains a lake. On this river, you can enjoy all the services that you need and expect to have during your time on board one of our luxury boats. Remember, you’ll sail in complete comfort and be able to sit back, relax and forget any worries you may have.


In Pirogovo there is a port where you can moor your boat without any problem, and there are other ports near Moscow you can also visit, such as the Avrora Yacht club. This port has more than 60 moorings for all types of boats where you can recoup and refresh after a long day’s sailing.

If we decide to moor your boat at the Pirogovo yacht club, you will enjoy the tranquility and spectacular views of its lake, as well as being able to fully experience the Kliazma River and take advantage of all the activities there.

What to do in Pirogovo

With a rented boat in Pirogovo you will have the opportunity to enjoy a different kind of holiday. It will be filled with moments of tranquility and relaxation on board your boat. Plus, you have the chance to visit Moscow, where you can soak up its culture and history.

Close to the Kliazma River, is the Pirogovo golf club, where you can practice golf and enjoy a different activity during your sailing holiday. There are also plenty of natural areas around the area with pretty, thick forests which are perfect to visit for some time during your sailing holiday on a rented boat in Pirogovo.

There are many sailing regattas held throughout the sailing season which you could get to watch. Moreover, there are also different activities of all kinds such as organised poker tournaments and archery championships. Plus, you could spend some time on cooking and theater workshops or dance competitions. There will not be a single moment of boredom during your sailing holiday in Pirogovo!

In addition, by renting a yacht in Pirogovo, you will be only half an hour away by car from Moscow, so you can take advantage of this and spend a day there and visit important places such as the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum or the State Museum of History.


If you decide to rent a boat in Pirogovo you can visit the two restaurants located in the resort. The most popular dishes of Russian gastronomy are Stroganoff, a meat stew with cream sauce, the Olivié salad, the Known here as Russian salad or pelmeni and ravioli accompanied by Smetana sauce. In addition, you should try the local desserts, such as blinis which are alwaus accompanied by a typical tea.

For all these reasons, if you are looking for fun and excitement but also peace and quiet during your boat holiday, charter a boat in Pirogovo, a place where you will enjoy some unforgettable days with those you love.


During the summer months, Pirogovo experiences pleasant weather and can often be hot and humid, making the feeling of sailing with the wind in your hair feel even better.

Average Temperatures.

During the high season, the average monthly temperaturas are as follows:

June – 22ºC

July – 23ºC

August – 21ºC

Hours of Sun.

Pirogovo has an average of 15 hours of sunshine during the summer months. The sun rises at 6 a.m. and sets around 9 p.m.

How to get there

Getting to Pirogovo is easy because it is easy to get to Moscow. All main airlines fly to the Russian capital daily from all over the world.


Different international companies fly to Moscow, so the best way to get to Pirogovo is to catch a plane to the capital and then reach this area by bus or road, as it is only half a 10 km Moscow, on the Ostashkovskoe highway.

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