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For a relaxing sailing holiday in the sun, a yacht charter in Propriano, Corsica, is the perfect fit. You will find the small harbor located at the narrowest part of the Gulf of Valinco, 57 km southeast from Ajaccio. So take one of our bareboat or crewed yacht charters and visit this less well known area of the Mediterranean on board one of aBoatTime’s luxury yachts and sail from island to port to marina along the coast on an exciting, interesting and romantic yacht charter sailing holiday. And don’t forget, visit the amazing places near Propriano like Sardinia, Ajaccio, Vecchio, Valinco, Porto, Bonifacio, Calvi, Bastia, Rousse any many more destinations that you can sail to in Corsica and the Mediterranean.

The history of the town is just one of the appeals of a Corsican yacht charter holiday. The picturesque port was invaded by Carthaginians, ancient Greeks and Romans, before becoming the main target in the 16th century for Saracen pirate attacks which greatly damaged the natural harbor. In the 1900s it was renovated to generate the prospering marina that today will provide all the facilities you need as part of a yacht charter in Corsica, and is magnetising.

Set sail in this town on your yacht charter sailing holiday and experience all the Mediterranean has to offer by visiting beaches, a new island every day and a different port or marina of your choice! Furthermore, take one of aBoatTime’s yachts and sail along Corsica’s coast and visit some great places like Rousse, Vecchio, Calvi, Porto, Bastia, Bonifacio, Ajaccio, Valinco and even the Italian island of Sardinia. So go sailing in Corsica and relax on or in any beach or marina you like, you are in control on your yacht charter holiday!

What to do

As part of your yacht charter, make sure you enjoy a pleasant stroll along the main street on the seafront, Avenue Napoleón, before taking a stroll around the numerous boutiques, restaurants and cafes. If you are a thrill seeker, there are several water sports such as wind-surfing, water-skiing, sailing, scuba-diving and snorkeling, as well as other activities on land such as horse-riding, pony trekking, mountain biking and hiking.

A popular stopover to incorporate into a yacht charter in Corsica is in Baracci Natura, between Propriano and Olmeto, where you will find the Adventure Park, the Canyon, with jumps, rope bridges, water slides and a swimming area, or the Via Ferrata, where you can try your hand at aerial rope slides, bars, ladders, rope bridges, climbing and rappelling.


The coast offers an extensive line of fine sand beaches and rocky coves where you can snorkel and enjoy the amazing views.

De Lido

Just 1 km to the West, right past the Port de Commerce, it has golden sand and a long and soft shore, where spending the day is highly recommended.

De Propriano

It’s peaceful and less well known, where one can relax from the daily hustle. If you are passionate about water sports, you will find your favorite spot in this beach.

De Portigliolo

Is located next to the urban center and has the unique combination of a golden sand and a leafy forest landscape. It’s ideal for hiking one of the marked trails and then refreshing yourself in the Mediterranean Sea.


The gastronomy is very rich and it uses locally produced products. Among the most typical you can find the Figatelli, dark U shaped pork sausages, the Venaco, a slightly spicy cheese, the chestnuts, which are the basic product of the local cuisine, the chestnut sweets, and of course the beers, vines and liquors elaborated on the island. The cuisine is a delight for the senses thanks to the supreme quality of its products and the long living traditions.

Sailing in your chartered yacht will help you to understand better the culture of the island and will allow you to enjoy in the best and most unforgettable way everything that the fourth biggest island of the Mediterranean has to offer. Don’t overthink it, Propriano is your destination!

Average temperatures during the summer months in Propriano are around 27ºC to 29ºC with large periods of July and August above 30ºC. Out of the high season, a yacht charter in Propriano could be enjoyed as early as May or as late as October with warm temperatures around 20ºC.

Sea temperatures in Propriano are typical of the mediterranean, with temperatures varying between 19ºC and 27ºC in the mid to high season. The warmest of these months are July and August and they it drops to around 11ºC at the lowest in early spring. These temperatures would allow for you to enjoy the beautiful waters as much as possible on your yacht charter holiday in Propriano.

Choose the most relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Propriano from the number of options available.

By plane: Arrive at Ajaccio´s airport Campo dell’Oro (65 km), which provides 134 routes to 38 international destinations. Another nearby airport, with fewer routes, is Figari Sud-Corse Airport (56 km). Apart from flights within France, it goes to London and Brussels.

By bus: To travel around Corsica while on your yacht charter in Propriano there are a number of possibilities:
1) Eurocorse buses operate the route Ajaccio-Propriano-Sartene-Scopetto-Porto Vecchio- Bonifacio which lasts around 3h30m.
2) Ceccaldi buses operate routes with stops that include Ajaccio, Tiuccia, Cargése, Porto, Calcatoggio, Calvi, Serriera, Col de la Croix and others.
3) Corsica bus provides stops in cities such as Bastia, Ota, Marignana and Bastelica.

By boat: SNCM ferries run from/to Marseille (9h30m-10h), Porto Torres (3h15m), Toulon (7h30m) La Meridionale provides ferries to /from Marseille (12h).

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