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Why not choose a yacht charter holiday in Pula? The largest city in Istria, located in the south of the peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and recognized as one of the top Eastern European destinations. The pleasant micro climate in Croatia turns it into a perfect beach resort which you can enjoy while on your bareboat or crewed yacht charter as you sail along the coast and visit many different destinations in the Adriatic such as Pula, Losinj, Zadar, Istria, Kornati, Cres, Dubrovnik and the multitude of islands in the sea.

Moreover, use Pula as a springboard for your yacht charter holiday. Rent one of our crewed or bareboat yachts and set sail to other locations in the Adriatic up and down the Croatian coast. For example, you should go sailing in your yacht charter to places such as; Losinj, Kornati, Dubrovnik, Istria, Zadar and Cres. However there are many more destinations you should visit, the coastline is particularly stunning and well worth your time during your yacht charter. We promise you, that a yacht charter holiday in Pula here will create one of your most memorable every holidays!


The most popular port is the ACI Marina. This port is small but has an excellent location. This marina also has 200 berths for boats with a maximum length of 25 meters. It also has the necessary services to meet the needs of every traveler. Sail to a different marina every day in Croatia and along the Adriatic coast, you’ll find plenty of berths to moor your boat in during your holidays.

What to see and do

While on your yacht charter holiday in Pula you will be able to participate in some exciting activities. We suggest diving in this city, due to the array of underwater tunnels, caves and fauna. In addition, in this diving location you will be amazed by the sunken ship Baron Gautsch. Other recommended sports are surfing, wind surfing, and biking through the many available bike trails.

As part of your yacht charter holiday, you can visit the well-preserved Roman amphitheatre, ´The Arena´, the most popular attraction of the city and one of the six largest worldwide, dating back to the 1st century AD. This three story construction used to accommodate over 23,000 spectators watching gladiators’ fights, while during the Middle Ages ´The Arena´ was host to Knighting tournaments.

Nowadays, you can experience many cultural events, festivals and concerts throughout the year, such as the city´s Film Festival, all of which make this an ideal stop off point in your yacht charter holiday. As part of your yacht charter holiday you can explore further archeological sites, fortresses, beautiful churches and striking religious sanctuaries including those in honor of St Francis and St Mary Formosa. Stop over while on your yacht charter at the Temple of Augustus that was built between the 2nd year BC and 14th year AD to commend and remember him. Next to this, you will see the remains of the Temple of Diana constructed in the same period. The shrine is set in the Forum which was formerly the main square over 2,000 years ago and is still now a busy place with many coffee shops.

A yacht charter allows you to appreciate Pula´s cathedral which has been developed and renovated over the centuries. For instance, the back wall is from the 4th century, the sanctuary from the 5th, the inner segment from the 15th and the bell turret from the 17th. In this spot you can also find an old monument from the 1st century BC, the ´Gate of Hercules´. Another important place not to be missed as part of your yacht charter getaway in Pula is the ´Triumphal Arch of the Sergi´, sometimes known as the ´Golden doors´, constructed in commemoration to the Sergi family who battled in Actium in support of Emperor Augustus. You will be interested to see how the western side of the arch is highly ornamented, whilst the eastern part is barely touched.


Throughout your sailing holiday on a chartered yacht in Pula, you will find out that the coastline is mostly rocky, here are some of our favourite shores in Croatia.

  • Havajsko
  • It is located in Verudela Point and is a small beach with dark rocks, clear waters and a dense vegetation surrounding the coast which will leave you breathless.

  • Valkane
  • It is one of the most crowded due to its length and the possibility of playing sports such as tennis, volleyball and football.

  • Valovine
  • It is one of the few sandy areas that you will find in the Istria region, it is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing throughout you trip.

Natural Parks

The national park located closest to the city is the Brijuni National Park. This wonderful park is composed by a group of 14 islands belonging to Croatia, and are a popular destination for travelers arriving to the country which are perfect for you to visit during your sailing charter on one of our luxury yachts.


Italian food lovers will be happy to discover that Istrian cuisine is based on Italian-style dishes that are available at several small but excellent restaurants and pizzerias. Make sure you accompany your meal with one of the delicious regional wines such as malvazijaorteran, before heading back to the boat to enjoy the dazzling views from your yacht charter.

From the city you can fully enjoy the rest of the Croatian coast. Start with the Brioni Islands, an archipelago of 14 islands that preserve a natural environment and an authentic biosphere. Use one of the paradisiac beaches to relax and visit its natural park.

Explore the Cres Islands and the coastal city of Zadar, an important port city with a vibrant local and commercial atmosphere. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience as you enjoy a yacht charter in Pula. It won’t disappoint you.

Situated to the north of Croatia's coast Pula experiences slightly cooler conditions than further south with average temperatures ranging from 5ºC in winter to 22ºC in the summer. This makes the summer months, with as many as 13 hours of sunshine a day in August and ample wind for sailing, a great option for a yacht charter in Pula. The sea temperatures in this area also averages between 23ºC and 25ºC in the summer meaning you can make the most of everything this fabulous coastline has to offer.

Average temperatures

Pula average monthly temperatures during the peak months are:

  • May - 15 ℃

  • June - 18 ℃

  • July - 20 ℃

  • August - 20 ℃

  • September - 15 ℃

  • October - 14 ℃

Sunshine hours

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Pula are:

  • May - 15

  • June - 16

  • July - 15

  • August - 13

  • September - 12

  • October - 10

There are a variety of travel options available to help you get your yacht charter holiday in Pula off to the best start.

By plane

There is an international airport in Pula, located in Liznjan, about 8 km northeast of the city. However, despite the fact that this airport is well-connected with several other European cities, like the UK and Germany, there are not many direct flights. Croatia Airlines is the only domestic carrier and all flights connect in Zagreb. In addition to taxis, there's a shuttle bus from the airport to Pula bus station. The estimated cost is around 4€, which is an affordable option to start off your yacht charter holiday in Pula.

By bus

If you are travelling to your yacht charter holiday in Pula from Italy, Trieste would be the most suitable starting point due to the frequent schedules. Normally, there are 4 buses per day, mainly used by residents who go to Trieste to work or for leisure activities. There is also a bus from Padua which makes some stops in Venice and Trieste before reaching Pula, the final destination. Unfortunately, online booking is not available.
Regular buses from Slovenia (Ljubljana and Koper) arrive in Pula and other Istrian destinations. Domestic buses go from Rovinj (around 40 minutes), Rijeka (2.5 hours), Split (10 hours) or even Dubrovnik (15 hours).

By train

To reach the start of your yacht charter vacation in Pula by train, the only direct railway connection with frequent and well equipped trains is from Slovenia. We recommend the daily train that connects Ljubljana and Pula which takes around 4 hours 30 minutes. It may be useful to purchase a train pass to help you minimise costs, and make visiting other countries an option whilst on your yacht charter holiday in Pula. Domestic trains to Pula from the capital, Zagreb, stop in Ljubljana first, and take about 8 hours. Most international trains arrive in Zagreb, for instance, Venice-Zagreb, Vienna-Zagreb, Vienna-Rijeka, Budapest-Zagreb and Belgrade-Zagreb.

By boat

The ferry harbour in Pula is very close to the historical centre. International ferries operate mainly during the high season (June-August). Pula is connected with Venice (Italy) via passenger ferries (catamarans), which take around 2:30-4 hours, depending on the type of ferry and on any additional stops.
Jadrolinija runs practically all ferries in Croatia.
If you are taking your yacht charter vacation in Pula in the summer, LNP runs passenger ferries a couple of times per week, from June to September, and links Pula with Mali Losinj and Zadar.
Buraline provides summer catamarans to Trogir, Slatine and Split. All international ferries to Croatia come from Italy, including ports such as: Ancona, Bari, Venice, Trieste (year-round) and some ports in the Emilia Romagna region (depending on the season). A trip to Italy could be considered as part of your yacht charter holiday in Pula.

By car

The distance between Pula and Trieste (Italy) is roughly 111 km and even less from Koper (Slovenia). Thus, if you take the E751 motorway, you will arrive in around an hour. Remember that during the summer season the road is busier for border-crossing.
From Ljubljana to Zagreb, 140 km away, you need to go via Bobovica. The distance from Ljubljana to Rijeka is even less, 124 km.
The A1 motorway, at 465.5 kilometers long, serves as a link between Zagreb and Split, the two largest cities in Croatia. The highway E71 will get you to Pula.

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