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A yacht charter in Saint Martin is the perfect opportunity for discovering this unique Caribbean island. The island shares sovereignty between France and the Netherlands, and is the smallest landmass in the world divided between two nations. Despite the presence of both nations, the island has been shared peacefully for almost 200 years. “Saint. Martin” or “Sint Maarten” in Dutch, is located at the top of the Leeward island chain in the northeastern Caribbean and is widely esteemed as a “tropical paradise” for its beautiful beaches, scenic landscape, and crystalline waters which are a joy to sail on.

Saint Martin was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage to the America. It was at this time he claimed it for Spain. He named it for the day he landed, It was later fought over by the British, French and Dutch, before eventually coming to be in its present arrangement in 1816. Today French, Dutch and a number of local languages are spoken, however English is the universal language.

What to do in Saint Martin

For those interested in the local wildlife, Saint Martin is home to a diverse range of endemic wildlife, such as Pelicans, Egrets and a wide range of birdlife. Many of these can be found in La Reserve Naturelle, a wildlife reserve located on the island´s northeastern side. Another must see is the Butterfly farm, located on the Route du Gallon, where hundreds of butterfly species from all over the world are housed in a 900 metre square greenhouse, and features a calm atmosphere with relaxing music and a small waterfall. The island is also home to a number of lakes and lagoons, the most famous being Simpson Bay Lagoon, where a wide variety of marine life can be found. You can see this diverse natural ecosystem up close by taking advantage of one of the island’s many scuba diving locations, such as in Simpson Bay Lagoon and the Baie de Grand Case.

Due to the island’s favourable location in the Caribbean, it benefits from a year round sunny, warm climate, with average annual temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius, with little variation between summer and winter; thus allowing you to take advantage of its fantastic beaches and crystalline clean waters all year round. With such fantastic weather conditions, why not try one of the many watersports available in Saint Martin, such as windsurfing, water-skiing or deep sea fishing.

What to see in Saint Martin

On your Saint Martin yacht charter you’ll find all the amenities you need to enjoy your holiday. The northern French half of the island is famed for its luxury atmosphere, with its elegant colonial buildings and luxury boutiques located in Marigot, the capital of the French half of the island. The main shopping streets of Marigot boast a wide variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants and patisseries, whilst a modern designer shopping centre is located in the southern part of the town.

Owing to the island’s popularity among sailing enthusiasts, it has a number of marinas available. When you charter your yacht through aBoatTime, you’ll find your yacht moored in the capital of Marigot. This allows you the convenience of having access to all of the city’s amenities, whilst being able to set sail for another island at a moment’s notice. Nearby islands include St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Barthélemy, and Anguilla, all of which feature historical towns and beautiful volcanic landscapes. Each is different, as a result of their respective varying colonial heritage.

In addition to Saint Martin’s fantastic coastal facilities, there are many inland amenities, such as its famous casinos and lively nightlife. There are also many historical sites, such as the Hope Estate Archaeological Site, where remains of an Arawak (the original inhabitants of Saint Martin) were discovered. Another interesting historical site is the Loterie Farm, a former sugar plantation dating from 1773. Here you can travel back to colonial times, and take in its cool, fragrant atmosphere. The plantation also features a number of swimming pools, with waterfalls and stylish tropical cabins available for rental on a daily basis. Nearby, the coastal village of Grand-Case offers a wide range of gourmet restaurants, with a wide range of cuisine, including French, Spanish, Cajun and Caribbean.


Saint Martin has a wide variety of ports all over its coasts, in which it is possible to moor the boat. Some of them are:

  • Marina Fort Louis
  • This marina is located in Marigot, and has capacity to host 150 boats with a maximum draft of 3.5 meters. This marina is surrounded by a large number of shops and restaurants to pass the time.

  • Port la Royale Marina
  • This port is also located in Marigot, in Simpson Bay Lagoon. It has also a lot of shops, restaurants and it is a very safe place.

  • Anse Marcel Marina
  • This marina is located in the northern part of the island, and was created in 1986. It has 150 berths, as well as a dry dock. It also has a wide variety of services, such as internet or electricity for the boats.

  • Captain Oliver's Marina
  • Located in the eastern part of the island, it has 150 berths and capacity for boats with a maximum draft of 2.5 meters.

Beaches and Coves

  • Friars’ Bay Beach
  • It is one of St Martin’s liveliest beaches. During the day the beach is the perfect place for swimming and sunbathing. However in the evening, the beach promenade becomes St Martin’s premier night time destination, with plenty of bars and clubs. Among the myriad of parties that take place every day, we recommend visiting the Full Moon Party at Kali’s Beach Bar.

  • Baie Longue
  • The biggest beach in the island, it is located in its western part. This beach is partially surrounded by the hotel “La Samanna” and ends in the Pointe des Canonniers. This beach, one of the most quiet, looks like a postcard: blue sea, white sand, pelicans…

  • Maho Beach
  • This beach became famous because it is located in one of the sides of the landing strip in Princess Juliana International Airport. The landing of airplanes such as the 747 have become a tourist attraction in the area.

  • Baie de l´Embouchure
  • It is a long stretch of sand and mangrove under protection of the Natural Reserve. This place reunites all the conditions to become the perfect place to practice windsurf and kitesurf: It is protected from the waves by the small islands and the barrier reef.

Natural Parks

Saint Martin has a vibrant natural wealth, with a huge variety of exotic fauna and flora located underwater as well as above it. The most important natural park is the St. Martin National Nature Reserve, located in the eastern part of the island and full of different species of animals and plants. It occupies an area of 150 hectares that include the surrounding islands as well.

Like this park, the rest of the island is also a natural paradise with a rich heritage, so walking tours are organized in the mountains in order to discover the secrets that this place keep.


The official currency used in the French side is the Euro. However, in the Dutch side the currency is the Netherlands Antillean guilder.


Typical dishes that you’ll find on your Saint Martin yacht charter include rice and sauces made from tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya and avocado. Why not also try the seafood salads with citrus fruits and chilli.

Whether you prefer to take in the island’s culture and history, or spend your time enjoying the island’s fantastic coastal facilities and water sports, a yacht charter in Saint Martin offers a relaxing holiday, in an unbeatable location.

One of the main attractions of St. Martin is its year round Caribbean climate, with the average air temperatures fluctuating between 24ºC in January and 28ºC in February and August respectively. This makes a yacht charter in St. Martin possible whenever you please which can save money and allow you to beat the crowds of the summer.
The water temperatures are also remarkably consistent with minor variations between 26ºC in winter and an extremely pleasant 29ºC in the summer.
Although the island has two different sides to it, it is only very small and therefore both experience the same weather year round.

Average temperatures

We can find this average temperatures per month in Saint Martin during summer:

  • May – 30ºC

  • June – 30ºC

  • July – 30 ºC

  • August – 31 ºC

  • September – 31 ºC

  • October – 30 ºC

Hours of sunlight

It is important to know the daily hours of sunlight in order to sail. The average daily hours of sunlight of Saint Martin during peak season are:

  • May – 13

  • June – 13

  • July – 13

  • August – 13

  • September – 12

  • October – 12

You can arrive on the island and begin your yacht charter holiday in St. Martin either by plane or ferry.

By plane:The island’s two airports, Princess Juliana Airport on the Dutch side (Sint Marteen) and L’Espérance Airport on the French side (St. Martin), handle all air traffic to and from the island. Princess Juliana Airport is the largest and busiest of the two and receives flights from Toronto, Miami, New York, Amsterdam, Chicago and France. L’Espérance Airport operates flights from Guadeloupe, Martinique and the nearby island of St. Barthélemy.

By boat: Regular ferry lines leave the ports of Marigot, Oyster Pond, Philipsburg, and Simpson Bay heading to Anguilla, St-Barthélemy, and Saba. Additionally, many cruise ships arrive at the ports of Philipsburg and Marigot.

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