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Rent boats in Sardinia. The waters along the coast of Sardinia, also known as Costa Esmeralda, make a yacht charter in Sardinia an idyllic experience. The island is known for its spectacular scenery and landscape, large forests, parks, rocky cliffs and beaches that are far away from civilisation. Why not rent one of aBoatTime’s luxury boats or yachts like an Oceanis model and come sailing to Sardinia. Make sure you add certain stops on your itinerary, destinations like Portisco, Cannigione, Cala, Cervo, Maddalena, Olbia, Porto, Bonifacio, the nearby archipelago islands and many more Sardinian locations on the coast. Set sail to this picturesque costa on a yacht charter and make some great memories on your own yacht charter sailing holiday in Sardinia!

Rent a boat in Sardinia and sail in waters which are a tourist attraction in themselves, not only because of their blue colour, but for the rich ecosystem housed within them. For this reason, scuba diving and snorkelling are popular activities for tourists who choose to rent a yacht in Italy. There are also many well-equipped marines ready to provide you with all you need when chartering a yacht in Sardinia, and facilitate all type of water sport activities, including recreational sailing.


The French isle of Corsica is really close, but if you prefer to make a longer trip, you can sail to the Blue Coast visiting Nice or making a trip to Rome.

The Island, full of natural beauty, is waiting to be explored. The choice of a boat charter in Sardinia will give you complete freedom to sail to the most beautiful places around the island, at your own pace and on your own itinerary along the Emerald Coast. Don’t hesitate and discover the island when you rent a boat in Sardinia.

What to see in Sardinia

Popular attractions include the Maddalena Archipelago which consists of seven main islands and over 60 islets surrounded by stunning, untouched beaches. There is no better way to visit them than on a chartered yacht in Sardinia. Neptune's Grotto, a cave embedded in a cliff full of stalactites and stalagmites, is located near Cape Caccia. Access to this phenomenon is either by boat or down the naturally made set of stairs: 600 steps carved in a rock wall.

Another important place to visit when you rent a boat in Sardinia are the "nuraghes" which are stone towers built during the second century BC by Sardinian civilization in order to defend the territory from potential invaders. These ancient megalithic edifices have been preserved throughout history in perfect condition. Last but not least, two essential visits are the Grotto of Neptune and the Maddalena Archipelago. Choose to rent a boat in Sardinia and appreciate all of the attractions this area has to offer.

Additionally, there are many stunning locations along the coast of Sardinia (the Costa Esmeralda) that we strongly suggest you visit during your holiday yacht charter on one of our yachts. Go sailing along the coast and visit places like Portisco, Cannigione, Porto Cervo, Olbia, Cala and the islands of La Maddalena. Furthermore, when you are sailing you have to include in your itinerary a visit to the French island of Corsica where you should moor your yacht in the amazing area of Bonifacio.

Beaches and coves

Some of the most stunning beaches and coves you can visit during your boat rental in Sardinia are Alghero beach, Capriccioli, Liscia Ruja, Spiaggia del Principe, Porto Istana, Porto Taverna, Cala Brandinchi and La Cinta in the north of the island, and Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé in the southern part of the island.

San Giovanni is a centric beach of the city of Alghero, which counts with all the necessary services and a large white sand shoreline. It is comfortable and easily accessible, quite popular among the tourists, especially on the weekends.

The Luna cove, is one of the most spectacular coves, due to the clear blue color of the water and the Rocky Mountains that surround the coast. If you are a snorkel enthusiast the Luna cove will offer you the chance to discover its underwater caves and the diverse fauna during your dive.

Yacht charter in Sardinia is perfect for those looking to enjoy a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and moderate winters.

During autumn and spring, temperatures are warm with lots of sunshine and slight rainfall. The ideal time for yacht charter in Sardinia is in April, May, September or October, when there is great weather and some strong winds. On the north and west coasts, winds are stable.

The temperature range varies depending on the season. However, the weather for yacht charter in Sardinia is characterised by stable temperatures with small fluctuations. The highest temperature is in August, about 25°C, whereas the lowest occurs between January and March when the maximum is around 14 °C. September is a pleasant time for yacht charter in Sardinia due to a sea temperature of 23 °C and mild weather conditions.

A number of travel options help you choose the best start to your yacht charter in Sardinia.

By plane

Sardinia has four airports, Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia and Arbatax.

1) The nearest airport to the aBoatTime base for boat charter in Sardinia, Marina Portisco, is Olbia, just 20 kilometres away. It is a small airport which usually receives domestic flights from Italy during the winter season and wide range of seasonal international flights during the summer. Marina di Portisco can be accessed via the SP125 motorway, and then the SP73.

2) Alghero Fertilia Airport is located in the northwest of the island and receives daily flights from the major European cities. To get to Marina di Portisco from Alghero airport by car: take the SS597 motorway, change to the SS199, the SP125 and finally the SP73.

3) Sardinia’s biggest airport is the Cagliari Elmes Airport, which is the furthest one from our base for boat charter in Sardinia, Marina di Portisco. To get there from Cagliari airport choose the SS597 motorway and then the SS125 until you reach the junction with the SP73. Follow the SP73 until you reach the SP94 towards Località Portisco.

By bus

Bus lines 2 and 10 connect Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport to the city center of Olbia, and operate between 7:30 am and 8 pm. There are no buses directly to Marina Portisco, so the best option is to rent a car or go by taxi. Cheap buses, operated by the publicly-owned company ARST, run regularly between the main cities: Cagliari, Sassari, Alghero, Nuoro and others.

By boat

If you prefer to take a ferry to begin your boat charter in Sardinia, there are daily direct connections from Genoa, Livorno and Civitavecchia to Olbia. There are also ferry services to and from Cagliari (south coast), Porto Torres (north coast), and Arbatax (east coast). Daily ferries link Northern Sardinia with Bonifacio in Corsica from Santa Teresa di Gallura.

By car

You can transport your car to Sardinia on any of the numerous ferries that reach the island every day. Or, rent a car on the island. A car is the best option if you want to explore inland on your boat charter in Sardinia as public transport connections in some parts of Sardinia are quite limited.
Below you will find some information on how to get to the base for boat charter in Sardinia, Marina di Portisco, from the major Sardinian cities:

Olbia - Marina di Portisco.

Take the road SP125 and later - the SP73.

Alghero - Marina di Portisco.

Alghero is about 150 km away from the base in Marina di Portisco. To get there, take the SS291 and continue about 15 km until you reach the SS131. Once there take the SS597 and then the SS199 in the direction of Olbia. Finally, follow the provincial roads SP125 and SP73 which will take you to the port.

Cagliari - Marina di Portisco.

The city of Cagliari is located in the south of the island, about 280 km from Marina di Posrtisco. Travelling by car, choose the SS597 and then the SS125 until you reach the junction with the SP73. Follow the SP73 until you reach the SP94 in the direction of Località Portisco.

Arbatax - Portisco Navy.

To Marina di Portisco from Arbatax is a distance of 180 km following the roads SS125 and SS131 in the direction of Olbia and from there, the local roads SP125 and SP73.

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