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The 19th century village is one of three that form the Coast of Pearls in the southeast of Corsica, along with Solaro in the north and Conca in the south. If you choose a yacht charter in Sari-Solenzara you will have the chance to explore the beautiful landscape made up of hills, small valleys and mountains, bordered by the golden sands and coves of the coastline. Sailing here will also give you the amazing sailing opportunity to make the most of your holiday by getting the most out of Sari Solenzara and the local area by sailing to places like Propriano, Corse, Vecchio, Ghisonaccia, Porto, Bonifacio, Bastia, Ajaccio, Bavella, Corsica and many more beaches on the Corsican coast. Make 2017 a year to remember by relaxing on your own rented boat, a secluded beach or a lively marina on your next holiday!

What to do

Your yacht charter sailing holiday will take you along the Coast of Pearls which is located in Corsica Natural Park. Here, if you are interested in nature you can discover a wide range of flora and fauna. The River Solenzara, waterfalls and natural pools with clear water combine in a beautiful, natural setting which lends its name to the commune. Additionally, a perfect place to visit whilst on your yacht charter holiday is Bavella, where you can admire the colour-changing mountain peaks and the extensive pine forests.

Of course, your yacht charter sailing holiday will provide you with unparalleled views of the marina; the soul of the village and source of its fame. The harbour offers visitors a variety of nautical services and water events, such as the French powerboat championship finals at the end of September. Besides water sports, some of the many leisure activities in which you can participate while on your yacht charter are horseback riding, canoeing, hiking and mountain biking.

Beaches and coves

The isle of Corsica has a coast line of 1000 kilometres, full of beaches and isolated coves. All of these are paradisiac, of white sand and turquoise blue waters, within a preserved natural environment. Some beaches are difficult to access by road, but all of them are easily accessible by boat, it’s the perfect excuse to sail on the Corsican coast.

Arone beach

Located in a wild natural environment. Is one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, with a large extension of fine sand and surrounded by an almost untouched vegetation.

Santa Giulia beach

This is a beautiful beach of fine sand and shallow waters, ideal for children. In addition, it has a good infrastructure, restaurants and a small supermarket. However, during the summer it is very crowded.

Canella beach

The crystal clear waters of this beach make it ideal for snorkelling.

Fautea beaches

These two beaches are separated by a piece of land with a well restored Genoese tower that you can explore. These beaches are characterised by its fine sand, its crystal clear and shallow waters and the restaurants that can be found in close proximity.


This rustic territory presents a fascinating historic legacy. The town's architecture, numerous churches and icons reflect the true Corsican identity, and there is no shortage of beautiful buildings to explore while you enjoy your yacht charter holiday in Corsica. At the centre of the town stands Saint Paul´s church, while other popular religious buildings to visit are the Chapel de Sainte Marie Assunta in Quenza (21 km) and Eglise San Giovanni Battista in Carbini (26 km). Don´t miss a visit to Trou de la Bombe, Le Refuge de Paliri, the Monastere de L’Assunta Gloriosa, as well as the tour of San Giovanni.


The Corsicans’ unique identity and fieriness certainly comes across in their food, which includes local cold cuts such as salami, pancetta, figatellu and smoked ham, and local cheeses such as Brocciu. Vineyards are a major economic staple of the island, with red and rosé wine, such as Cru and Ajaccio wines, and are made from the sciaccarellu and niellucciu grapes, respectively. As Astérix discovered on his adventures, Corsica is the island of “strong cheese, wild pigs, chestnuts and wine”.

Choose a yacht charter in Sari-Solenzara, sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning views that only such a unique location can provide. Make 2017 a year to remember and come on a sailing holiday with aBoatTime where you can spend your time relaxing on a beach or in a marina in some gorgeous destinations like Moriani, Figari, Sardinia, Cala, Vecchio, Corse, Ghisonaccia, Bonifacio, Bavella, Propriano, Corsica and many more locations along the coast.

Average high temperatures during the summer months in Sari-Solenzara are around 26ºC to 28ºC with conditions often rising above 30ºC. Out of the high season, a yacht charter in Sari-Solenzara could be enjoyed as early as May or as late as October with warm temperatures around 20ºC.

Sea temperatures in Sari-Solenzara are extremely pleasant just like the rest of the mediterranean, with temperatures varying between 19ºC and 27ºC in the mid to high season. The warmest of these months are July and August and they it drops to around 11ºC in early spring. These temperatures would allow for you to enjoy the beautiful waters as much as possible on your yacht charter holiday in Sari-Solenzara.

Choose the ideal start to your yacht charter in Sari-Solenzara from the number of transport options available.

By plane:
If you prefer to begin your yacht charter holiday in Sari-Solenzara by plane, the closest airport is Figari Sud-Corse, 70 km south. There are flights to London and Brussels as well as within France. Another airport nearby is Bastia Poretta, 96 km to the north. Although farther away, this airport has flights to 35 destinations in Europe in the countries of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Turkey.

By bus:
Transports Tiberi operates routes from Bastia to Solenzara and includes stops in other Corsican destinations. If you would like to combine a yacht charter in Sari-Solenzara with travel around inland Corsica:
1) Eurocorse operates the route Ajaccio-Propriano-Sartene-Scopetto-Porto Vecchio - Bonifacio which lasts around 3h30m.
2) Ceccaldi buses stop in towns including Ajaccio, Tiuccia, Cargése, Porto, Calcatoggio, Calvi, Serriera, Col de la Croix.
3) Corsica buses operate routes to towns in Corsica such as Bastia, Ota, Marignana, Bastelica.

By boat:
The nearest large ports are Bastia and Porto-Vecchio.
To Porto Vecchio (12h30m-13h) SNCM ferries operate a route from Marseille.
The port of Bastia receives ferries from France and Italy - Corsica ferries operate services to/from Toulon (overnight 10h), Nice (5h20m), Savona (6h), Livorno (4h).
- SNCM ferries operate services to /from Toulon (10h) and Marseille (12h30m-13h).
- Moby lines operate ferries to/from Genoa (6h30m daytime, 10h nighttime) and Livorno(4h).
- La Meridionale provides ferries to/from Marseille (12h) every 2 days.

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