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Choose the sophistication of a yacht charter holiday in France, the Côte d'Azur, in the famed French Riviera. This region runs from the west of Toulon in Bandol up to Menton and Italy's border on the east. In the 1920s, the discovery of the Riviera set off the powerful tourist industry here and today you will admire the beautiful landscapes and yacht-filled bays ready to meet your every need whilst on a yacht charter in the South of France.

The perfect conditions for a sailing holiday are found in this region where you will be blessed with a gentle Mediterranean climate: mild winters and hot summers. Of course, the weather will depend on the time of year that you choose. It is usually hot and dry apart from spring, when you could experience heavy rainfall, or November which is likely to be windy, wet and cold.

This popular area of the Mediterranean gives you the chance to explore and sail around the local area during your time on your yacht charter sailing holiday. Sail around the northern Mediterranean aboard one of our crewed or bareboat luxury yachts or boats and visit gorgeous destination after destination like Antibes, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Porquerolles, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Monaco, Marseille, Toulon and many other locations along the French Riviera and the Cote d’Azur. Explore France, the French coastline, the interesting and beautiful towns and ports that are dotted along the coast and also the many islands that are well worth a visit when you charter a yacht for your next sailing holiday!

What to do

A yacht charter in the South of France will give you a true feel for the stylish, bohemian flair of the area, which over the years writers and artists have attempted to include in their work. Artists ranging from Van Gogh to Peter Mayle persistently infused an idealized image France in their colourful masterpieces of promenades and sailing boats, as well as the allure of frail, attractive socialites. Choose to charter a yacht and experience for yourself the atmosphere which has inspired so many.

There is no shortage of entertainment with a yacht charter in this area of the Mediterranean. You will be kept entertained during your yacht charter holiday with the array of year-round festivals such as the Grand Prix of Monaco and the International Fireworks Festivals in Cannes and Monte-Carlo. Alternatively, take some time out from your yacht charter in the South of France to explore the beauty of the coastal towns, go for a hike in the mountainous surroundings or perhaps party in the celebrity-frequented venues and large casinos.

Beaches and Coves

This area is ideal for the sun and beach tourism. In addition, there are a number of islands within a short sailing distance. A yacht charter is affordable and a comfortable option to discover all the secrets of the landscapes of the Côte d'Azur.

Paloma Beach

Located in the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula has been for a long time a very popular holiday destination among the millionaires and the celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It is very likely that you will encounter a celebrity on this beach, as half of the beach is private (rented out by jet-set), while the other half is public.

Borely Beach

Located right next to Borely park. On top of being a beautiful beach to swim and sunbathe, it also has a large range of infrastructure including areas to play volleyball, restrooms, lockers, and a park for skateboard enthusiasts and a lifeguard post. Borely beach is part of a series of shorelines near the city of Marseille, collectively known as ‘The Meadows’. They are very popular with the windsurfers.


Is a small island that has some of the purest blue waters of the entire Mediterranean and is surrounded by incredible beaches and coves accessing to which is much more comfortable from your chartered yacht.


A yacht charter in the South of France would not be complete without a taste of the characteristic cuisine. Don´t miss some of the destination´s famous local dishes: try ratatouille, a dish made from aubergine, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers, taste bouillabaisse, a seafood soup from Marseille served with a rich garlic sauce, or sample socca, an olive oil and chickpea pancake.

Whether you are attracted by the local delicacies, the beautiful scenery or the idyllic weather conditions, a yacht charter in the South of France will be your perfect sailing holiday choice. So come on one of aBoatTime’s luxury yacht charters either crewed or bareboat and enjoy sailing in the South of France along the stunning French Riviera that is a holiday destination filled with stunning islands, beaches and fantastic marinas and towns for you to visit like Porquerolles, Cannes, Antibes, St Tropez, Ferrat, Monaco, Toulon and even more places on the Cote d’Azur and the French coast. Don’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime!

The South of France enjoys high average daily temperatures with the hottest months of July and August at 24ºC however averages of 18ºC can be seen as early as May and as late as October giving the chance to avoid the summer crowds. July receives the most sunlight hours with 12 however expect as many as 6 in May or October.

There is relatively low rainfall all year round for the mediterranean however the driest months are June and July. Sea temperatures are at their coldest in February at 13ºC and at the warmest in August at 22ºC. The temperature of the water stays around the 20ºC mark until October, also making this a great time to enjoy a Yacht charter in the South of France.

By Plane:
Travelling to the south of France by plane you can fly to various airports situated in the Provence and Côte d’Azur regions. We recommend looking for flights to the following destinations: Montpellier, Nimes-Arles, Toulon, Marseille and Nice.
1)Montpellier Airport is situated in Mauguio, 7 km from the city.
2)Nimes-Arles Airport serves the whole Provence region and is in the Garons region.
3)Toulon airport is directly on the coast, 23 km from the city and 53 km from Saint Tropez.
4)Marseille Airport is found 27 km from the centre of the city and contains 3 separate terminals.
5)Nice Airport on the other side of the bay, 7 km from the centre and contains 2 terminals and bus routes for further travel.

By Bus:
There are various urban and intercity bus companies to travel with in the south of France: from the Côte d’Azur to the coastal Provence. The rates are very affordable and you can enjoy the coastal landscape en route to your chosen port where you will begin your yacht rental in the south of France. You can consult the services and bus routes for the Côte d’Azur on: Lignes d’Azur. To consult the routes for the Provence go to: Anglo Info Provence.

By Train:
The south of France has an outstanding rail system, uniting practically all of the major cities with the coastal towns whilst the journeys are both economical and fast. You can consult the services of the main stations on the official web page: SNCF. The main stations on the south coast, closest to the ports, are: Nice, Marseille and Toulon.

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