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Split is the largest city on Croatia’s Adriatic Coast and the most important city in Dalmatia. It is a marvelous city to visit given its rich historical heritage and the wide variety of activities it offers. It can be the perfect starting point for any type of holiday if you decide upon yacht charter in Split, there are many itineraries that can be followed on board your boat of choice. It makes no difference if you sail towards the north or to the south, you will always have a great time since there are multiple famous sailing destinations in both directions.

A holiday with a yacht charter in Split and its surrounding area, allows for a wide variety of possibilities for visiting the main tourist attractions of central Dalmatia whilst sailing around split. The climate in Split is Mediterranean, meaning warm and dry weather in summer with annual maximums of 30ºC and lows of 12ºC, although the winter is not warm.

What to do in Split

For diving and nature enthusiasts, another possibility is to tour the neighboring Vis and Pakleni islands and enjoy the enchanting Croatian underwater life.

  • Vis Island
  • Located only 47 kilometres from Split, Vis is known for its strong winds that make it ideal for all types of watersports. This island is one of the most popular diving destinations in Croatia, since the marine life includes Lobsters, scorpion fish and octopi. Dive in the “Blue Grotto”, an underwater cave known for its beautiful lighting and the flora and fauna that youkan find in it. If you like exciting vacations where you get to explore amazing new places, this island is for you.

  • Pakleni Islands
  • If you want to find a fully untouched landscape that is completely natural while sailing in Croatia, close to Split there are a number of tiny islands stuck in time such as Pakleni. They are known for their deep clear waters that are inhabited by an overwhelming sea life. Forget returning to port one night and stay on one of these beautiful islands to escape reality.

What to see in Split

The city of Split has a beautiful old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its streets and buildings. Split grew around the house of the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the year 245 A.D. The whole city is testament to amazing historical change: the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the change to the kingdom of Yugoslavia, and of course, the Second World War. Don’t miss out on the views of the city from Maryan hill, Diocletian’s Palace, the cathedral and the National Theatre, even if it’s just to pass by them outside.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby islands of: Brac, Hvar and Vis. These islands are still only very slightly affected by the tourism in the area and each have small, calm bays and incredible fishing spots. If you want to moor up your boat and spend the night on any of the islands, there are many options to choose from.

As a sailing region, the central part of the Adriatic Sea is characterised by large islands, as well as by the large distances between them and it is therefore advisable to check the favourable winds and conditions before setting off.

Split’s boardwalk is another one of the must visits in the city. With the sea and the port to one side, and a trail of Renaissance style houses going up the hill on the other, the boardwalk in Split provides the most cosmopolitan social life in the city in its multitude of bars and restaurants from which you can enjoy fantastic views! This route is perfect for saying goodbye to the day and returning to the port.

Located in the city center, Split fruit market is a huge meeting place for the thousands of tourists that visit each day as well as the local farmers who come to sell their fresh produce. It offers a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and delicacies from the countryside such as honey, oranges, peaches and other such items from the Mediterranean diet.


Split is the busiest Marina in Dalmatia, with thousands of yachts and sailing boats that sail every day. For this reason, if you decide to spend your holidays here and choose a yacht charter in Split to start your journey, you will have all necessary commodities on board as well as in the port itself.

Beaches and Coves

Some of the most popular beaches in Split are:

  • Bacvice Beach
  • A very popular beach, especially among the Croatians. The local sport of Picigin is played here, so if you want to discover a new sport, this is the beach for you.

  • Stomarica
  • It is one of the famouse beaches of Barela, a fishing village and an important summer center in the coast of Makaraska, south of Split. It is a rocky beach and it has the blue banner certificate. It is good for some water sports activities. This beach, as the others on the Makarskan coast, has a magnificent natural landscape, formed on one side by the high mountain of Biokovo (natural park) and on the other side by the islands of Brac and Hvar.

  • Zlatni rat (The Golden Cape)
  • This famous thick sand beach, located on the south of the island of Brac, is one of the most famous images of the Croatian Adriatic. Its triangular shape submerging into the seas is spectacular. There is a very interesting natural phenomena occurring here: the tip of the beach changes of shape due to the winds and the waves. Right by the beach you can find a beautiful pine tree forest. This beach is nice for water sports, among them kitesurfing. The small fishing village of Bol offers a large selection of entertainment and excursions.

Natural Parks

If you want to enjoy the nature in Split, you can’t miss the Marjan Natural Park. It is made up of 340 hectares and rises 1.5 km. This forest park is the green area of Split, and one of the biggest in Croatia. You can get there walking from the centre of the city to relax away from the lively Split atmosphere.


Split is characterized by having a varied and healthy gastronomy. In the numerous restaurants there is no shortage of high quality sea products or the meat, always accompanied by fresh vegetables. You will also find a large selection of sausages and cheeses, all of which is accompanied with famous Croatian deserts and liquors. Having a glass of liquor is the way to start a meal; you know the saying, when in Rome…

Some of the typical dishes of the region are the Brodetto, a fish soup served with Polenta from northern Italy, grilled fish, roasted octopus, always served with some olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt. The deserts include the Krostule, typical Dalmatian pastries and the Makaran and the Kastel cakes.

Without a doubt, Split is an ideal place for a tourist that visits Croatia as it is the gateway into the Dalmatian way of life. With its millenary history, its marvelous waters and its healthy life full of music and culture, sailing along the coasts of Split will become the best option to ensure some amazing holidays, be it with friends or family. Choose a yacht charter in Split and you will not regret it!

A jewel in the south of the croatian coast, Split enjoys temperatures ranging from 7ºC in the winter to 24ºC in late summer, peaking in July and August. Sea temperatures can reach 25ºC at its warmest however they remain high in September.
Winds are ample for sailing throughout the year however if you are a more able sailor or you would like to cover more distance on your yacht charter in Split then April or May could be a great time to travel with wind speed moving up to 12-14 kph. All in all, out of season could be a great option to avoid the summer crowds.

Average temperatures

Split Average monthly temperatures during the peak months are:

  • May - 18 ℃

  • June - 21 ℃

  • July - 25 ℃

  • August - 24 ℃

  • September - 21 ℃

  • October - 17 ℃

Sunshine hours

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Split are:

  • May - 12

  • June - 12

  • July - 13

  • August - 13

  • September - 10

  • October - 8

A variety of travel options help you get your yacht charter in Split off to the best start.

By plane

Split Airport (SPU) is serviced by regularly scheduled flights from major European cities and charter flights from smaller airports.

By train

A scheduled train service runs between Split and Zagreb, and Split and Perkovic.

By bus

Buses run frequently between Split and Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, and Zadar. There are also scheduled international services from Trieste (Italy), Belgrade (Serbia), and the major cities of Germany and Austria, which means that you can start off your yacht charter in Split from a number of destinations.

By boat

Ferries run three times a week to Split from Ancona and Pescara (Italy). Several ferries a day also run to Brac, Hvar, Vis and Lastovo.

By car

From Zagreb: The easiest route to Split is the Zagreb-Split highway, known as E-65 on international road maps and as A-1 within Croatia. The length of the route is about 380 km, and will take approximately 3.5 to 4 hours.

From Slovenia:From the capital Ljubljana follow the highway E-70 to Zagreb, then take the A-1 to Split.

From Italy:Take the E-70 motorway to Trieste then follow the signs to Fiume and route number E-61 (local route 7). On the E-61 you will cross through Slovenia and enter Croatia at Pasjak. Continue on this route towards Rijeka. Exit at the E-65 (local route 6) to Bosiljevo and follow the signs to the A-1, which will take you to Split.


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