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Sweden is the fifth largest European country, surrounded by the Baltic Sea to the East and the North Sea from the West. This Scandinavian country is defined by its rivers, lakes and more than 24,000 islands that provide a great many destinations and entertainment to sailing enthusiasts. Sandhamn, Grinda, Utö and Finnham are just some of the most well-known isles where should you decide to visit, you will find bars, great restaurants as well as adventurous activities in these unspoiled natural jewels. This all adds up to a fantastic holiday when you join aBoatTime on a yacht charter in Sweden.

The Swedish climate can vary greatly some parts of the country are very cold, while the southern part is temperate. Winters last 7 months in the north and only 2 months in the south, with average winter temperatures being -16ºC and -1 ºC, while the summer average temperatures settle at around 12.8 ºC and 17 ºC respectively. This weather conditions make the summer the best season to visit this Scandinavian country, unless snow and ice are what you are looking for. Therefore, by enjoying a yacht charter holiday in Sweden, whether bareboat or crewed, you will see a different side to Sweden and the Swedish and Baltic coasts. Why not sail to Stockholm and the nearby Swedish islands and archipelago on board a yacht like one of the Jeanneau boats?

So come yachting with aBoatTime on your own yacht charter in Sweden! Visit some amazing destinations in Sweden such as Stockholm, Sandhamm and many more places like islands, ports and towns that are scattered around the Baltic Sea and along the Swedish coast. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to set sail in this less well known sailing destination! Sail by yourself in one of our bareboat or crewed yachts with a skipper, or join a flotilla and sail with other yachts and boats too!

What to see in Sweden

There is so much to see on your yacht charter in Sweden! Sweden is famous for its rather unique touristic experiences. These include; the Aurora Borealis as they are formally known; dog sleighing; skiing; snowboarding; ice fishing; visiting the Sami people (native tribe) and getting to know their culture; and staying or even celebrating a wedding at the world famous ice hotel situated in the town of Jukkasjärvi.

A sailing holiday in Sweden can be a highly cultural experience. Set sail to the island of Gotland and discover the medieval city of Visby, it is perfect for history enthusiasts as its historic core stands intact. If you are interested in Viking history, then the island of Öland is the perfect sailing destination for you. With its many Viking sites, this is undoubtedly the perfect place to experience Swedish island life.


Although the entirety of Sweden enjoys a great gastronomy, its western coast is renowned for its outstanding cuisine. This part of the Scandinavian country is famous for its excellent seafood including shellfish, langoustines, oysters and prawns. If looking to have a gourmet experience, you should drop anchor in Gothenburg, which is well known for its award-winning Michelin Star restaurants. Some of the famous Swedish dishes include; boiled crayfish served with boiled potatoes; Swedish meatballs, served with a local gravy and accompanied the knäckebröd, which is a type of crisp bread; and of course the lingonberry jam, which in Sweden is used with everything, from meatballs and pancakes to porridge, however despite its sweetness it is rarely used on bread. Ever since the middle ages Pickled herring has always been present on the Swedish menu, nowadays it comes in a variety of flavours such as mustard, onion and garlic with din to name a few. You’ll definitely taste some delicious food on your yacht charter in Sweden!

If you are passionate about seafood, enjoy the climate of Sweden, the possibility to sail to thousands of close destinations rich in natural and cultural beauty while enjoying the proximity of this EU country, then this Viking land is an ideal destination for your next sailing holidays. Isn’t it aBoatTime you joined us on a yacht charter in Sweden?

The climate is Sweden can vary greatly; the north of the country is very cold and the south is temperate. Winters in the north can last seven months, whilst in the south winter only lasts two months, with summer lasting up to four months. The average winter temperature is around -0.2ºC in the southwest, -2.8ºC in the east and a chilly -16ºC in the north. On the other hand, in summer average temperatures are 16.8ºC, 17.2ºC and 12.8ºC, respectively.

The south of the country is wetter, (1000-1200mm of annual rainfall) than the north, (500-800mm of annual rainfall), with the months of July and August being the wettest.

By plane

Enjoying sailing holidays in Sweden is easy when you choose travel by plane. Stockholm Malmö, and Copenhagen, are Sweden’s main aiports (Copenhagen, although located in Denmark, is very close to the border), and operate regular international flights from many different countries.

By car or bus

Öresund bridge connects Copenhagen with Malmö, making your trip by land to Sweden even easier. The bridge toll depends on what kind of vehicle you’re taking; motorcycles have the lowest toll, whilst buses over 9 metres long are charged the most.

By train

Öresund bridge is also a train bridge. Trains run every 20 minutes, and there are both Danish and Swedish train companies operating services between Copenhagen and Malmö.

By boat

Stockholm has sea connections with large cities including Helsinki, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Saint Petersburg, and is also very well easy to reach from the northern coast of Germany and Denmark. You can also travel to Sweden by ferry, by one of the lines operating from nearby countries such as Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

These ferries are another way to travel to Sweden by car, as vehicles are also permitted onboard. There are many ports in Germany and Denmark which have ferry routes to Sweden.

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