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Yacht charter in Sukosan lets you visit the small city located in the western part of Croatia, on the Dalmatian coast. Lying in between Zadar and Biograd, it is a very popular tourist destination, specially known for its nautical tourism. Its lengthy coast is full of gorgeous coves and crystal clear waters. Its economy is strongly linked to tourism; companies and businesses in this sector are some of the most important in the region.

Rent one of aBoatTime’s yachts or catamarans either bareboat or crewed with a skipper and go sailing in Sukosan which will allow you to have an adventure in the Adriatic Sea along the beautiful coast of Croatia! Go sailing in Sukosan, Croatia and the Adriatic and visit nearby sailing destinations that are very entertaining, places such as; Kornati, Dalmacija, Zadar, Sibenik, Biograd and also the hundreds of islands that are dotted along Croatia’s Adriatic coast that you can sail to if you want to – you’re in control of your yacht charter sailing holiday!

What to do in Sukosan

Open air and nautical activities are very popular in this region, as some of the most famous tourist attractions are its spectacular coasts, from the stony beaches to its beautiful cliffs.

You can participate in guided visits and activities such as hiking through the numerous natural parks of the region. Another option is the practice of watersports, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, which will get you acquainted with the vibrant underwater life of this region.

What to see in Sukosan

There are many attractions that the city of Sukosan has to offer, the majority of which are from its religious heritage. Some of the most important are:

  • Church of Our Lady of Mercy:
  • This church is located in the center of old town. It was built in 1650 as gratitude to the virgin for protecting the city from the plague that the country has suffered.

  • San Casiano church:
  • This church has roman and baroque characteristics, is also located in old town.

  • St. Martin church:
  • This church has been a witness to the long history of this region. It has been destroyed on several occasions; until it was restored by the San Martin brotherhood restored it in 1753.

  • Gates in the fortified area:
  • They were used to come in and out of the fortified city and now they are open for visits.


Sukosan is home to one of the largest ports in Croatia, the Dalmacija marina. This port has 1,200 docking spaces and the capacity to host vessels with a length of up to 25 meters. It has the best services and the biggest luxuries, and it is designed for the maximum comfort of its guests.

Beaches and coves

Croatia’s shores are some of its most important attractions and Sukosan has a large number crystal clear waters. Some of them are:

  • DjeČji Raj:
  • A beautiful beach of sand and stone, perfect to visit with children. It offers services such as bars, restrooms, showers and changing rooms.

  • Zlatna Luka:
  • located by the entrance to Sukosan and is covered with stones. This beach is surrounded by trees that provide shade during the hot summer months. It counts with showers, changing rooms and restrooms.

  • Makarska:
  • this beach is very close to volleyball and basketball courts and it also has showers, restrooms and changing rooms.

Natural Parks

Sukosan is a region with a rich natural heritage, it is surrounded by several natural parks that are perfect to spend several days relaxing and enjoying nature. There are 5 national parks and 2 natural parks in the vicinity. Some of the most important are:

  • Kornati national park:
  • declared national park in 1980 for its natural beauty, it has turquoise waters and a large animal biodiversity above and underwater. This archipelago has 144 islands covered in vegetation, creating a spectacular landscape.

  • TelaŠČica natural park:
  • this natural bay surrounded by little islands is located 9 nautical miles from Sukosan. It is 10 km in length and it was declared a natural park in 1988. It has peaceful a shoreline on one side and rocky cliffs on the other. Its spectacular marine diversity makes it an ideal place for scuba diving.

  • Vrana lake natural park:
  • located 25 km away from Sibenik, it’s a natural park where freshwater mixes with seawater in a lake that is 14 km in length, 4 km in width and 4 meters in depth. In this park you will be able to observe several types of birds. It is an ideal place for fishing and watersports.

  • Krka national park:
  • an unbeatable natural landscape located by the Lrka river, it was declared a national park for its beauty in 1985.


  • Currency: Kuna (1kn=100 lipas// 1€=7.5 kn approx.)

  • Places for exchange: banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels and camping sites.

  • Accepted credit cards: Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Dinners.


The Croatian gastronomy is characterized by the large variety of different types of food that can be found in its restaurants and cafes. Sukosan’s specialties are based on fish and shellfish with olive oil and fresh vegetables typical of the region.

Sibenik is a city with a soft climate, cold winters, where one can find average temperatures between 6.5ºC in January and 24ºC in July.

Average temperature

During sailing season, we can find the following average temperatures:

  • May: 18ºC

  • June: 22ºC

  • July: 25ºC

  • August: 25ºC

  • September: 24ºC

  • October: 20ºC

Sunlight hours

When sailing, it is important to keep in mind the number of sunlight that you have available during each day, so that you can plan your routes. The sunlight hours during sailing season are as follows:

  • May: 13

  • June: 14

  • July: 12

  • August: 13

  • September: 10

  • October: 8

By plane

The closest airport to Sukosan is the one in Zadar, 11 km away. Zadar airport has both national and international flights to several destinations in Europe, including Barcelona, Paris, London and Berlin.

By bus

There are several bus companies such as Eurolines that have routs into Croatia and local bus companies such as Bus Croatia that have routs between Sukosan and the main Croatian cities.


The train connects Sukosan with every major city in Croatia.

By boat

There are no ferry ports in Sukosan. However, in the city of Zadar there is a ferry port that connects it with the Italian municipality of Ancona.

By car

A good option to move around is a car. Be it a rental or your own, to get to Sukosan you have to go through the A1 highway, that allows you to cross Croatia from North to South.

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