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In the main part of the Boka Kotorska bay we can find the coastal town of Tivat. A yacht charter in Tivat is a great option for starting off your sailing holidays as it offers everything needed to enjoy a great sailing experience: a well-equipped marina with all the necessary facilities, beautiful beaches and plenty of attractions to see. Founded in the 19th century and with a total area of 46 km2, the town of Tivat is the centre of the Tivat municipality, which is the smallest in Montenegro.

A yacht charter in Tivat offers the opportunity to travel around Montenegro and enjoy its 290 km of unspoilt coastline, visit its stunning Natural Parks and discover the country’s culture and gastronomy. Tivat has become an important sailing tourism destination over the last few years due to such conditions as the perfect location, pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes and many charming towns which are a significant tourist attraction.

Set sail from Tivat aboard one of aBoatTime’s luxury crewed or bareboat yachts and go sailing along the coastline of Montenegro whilst visiting fantastic towns, nearby places like in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea and also a gorgeous marina every day like Porto Montenegro in Tivat. Go sailing in Tivat and experience a different Mediterranean yacht charter holiday, perhaps on board your own gulet? Explore the coast and the Adriatic and moor your yacht in destinations of your choice such as; Kotor, Budva, Dubrovnik, Herceg, Boka, Novi and many other places in both Montenegro and Croatia!

What to see in Tivat

Tivat is located in the south-east part of Montenegro, in the Gulf of Kotor, and is only 42 km away from Dubrovnik (Croatia). During your yacht charter in Tivat we recommend you visit some of the fascinating places around the area like the Renaissance Summer House Buca in the centre of the town, the popular Flowers’ Island, Sveti Marko Island, the natural port of Kalimanj and the botanic garden.

For those interested in culture and history there are plenty of sightseeing places and monuments to visit, as well as many white sandy shores and little islands where you can anchor your boat for those who want to enjoy the sea and the sun. Just tie up your boat and enjoy a peaceful walk by the sea while enjoying the amazing landscapes that merge the sea with the mountains or visit other places close by, such as Donja Lastva, a small picturesque village only 15 minutes away from Tivat, where you can spend the entire day admiring the town’s beauty and its special atmosphere. Don’t miss the town’s historic centre and the St. Roko church.

Tivat has a Mediterranean climate and is the sunniest town of Boka Kotroska. The annual average temperature is 15ºC, with 240 sunny days a year. High season for your yacht charter in Tivat extends from June to September with average temperatures ranging around 27ºC. During the hottest days, in June and August, the temperature can easily reach more than 30ºC.

You can also sail away from Tivat and enjoy other sailing areas and coastal towns. We recommend you visit these nearby towns and their corresponding shorelines during your sailing trip: Herceg Novi, Budva, Ulcinj and Bar.

Tivat’s Coast

The entire area of Tivat has 17 beaches with white sand, turquoise waters and the stunning Bay of Kotor, where swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing is a real pleasure. The sandy shore of Tivat is surrounded by wild and thick vegetation which makes these landscapes simply spectacular. You definitely go to these during your yacht charter in Tivat: Donja Lastva, Opatovo, Cape Seljanovo, Belane, Bonici, Zupa, Mulo Oko, Ostrvo Cvijeca, Kaladrovo, Sveti Marko, St. Ciglana, Krasici and Oblatno. The beach of Plavi Horizonti, with its 8.500m², is the largest beach in the area and has an International acknowledgement for its quality, being certified with the “Blue flag”.


Montenegro’s cuisine is quit rich in product variety and recipes, it has Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian tones. Some of the specialities are the lamb boiled in a salty milk sauce called Kajmak and the Skakavica, a dish of fish with olive oil, lemon juice and cabbage.

If you choose a yacht charter in Tivat you definitely will have a great vacation time while living a unique experience. Tivat has a lot to offer to its visitors: sailing along the amazing coast, peaceful walks in the town centre, which is full of history and traditions, enjoying the local gastronomy in small restaurants still unspoilt by tourist masses and wonderful weather, all come together to make the perfect sailing holiday. Opt for a yacht charter in Tivat and enjoy the beautiful coast of Montenegro!

Found right at the north west of the montenegrin coast Tivat enjoys a very warm mediterranean climate. With averaage air temperatures ranging from 7ºC in winter and highs of 27ºC in summer. The summer season in this part of the Mediterranean can be considered as May all the way through to October especially seeing as the sea temperatures are still above 20ºC by that point. Wind would be important for a yacht chart in Tivat so it's reassuring to know that whenever you go you are guaranteed similar, ample conditions of around 9 kph all year.

By plane:
There are three different airports to fly into: 1) Tivat Airport, located in Crna Gora, 2) Podgorica Airport (43 km away), 3) Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia (42 km away from Tivat). There are many international flights landing at these airports, therefore it is probably the most convenient option to get to Tivat.

By train:
The train lines and services in Montenegro are very new and fast. Two of the main routes are Bar and Podgorica, which are 51 km and 43 km away from Tivat respectivelly, and easy to reach by car or bus in in approximately 1h 30m.

By bus:
There are many regular intercity bus lines that stop in Tivat (service hours are usually from 9:30-17:00). The main bus station in Tivat is located very close to the city centre.

By boat:
Tivat has its own port but there are no direct ferry lines coming in. If you want to go by public boat/ship you will need to first go to the port of Bar (65 m away). After arriving in Bar, take a bus or rent a car to drive to Tivat.

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