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Yacht charter in Trogir

A yacht charter in Trogir, one of the sailing hotspots, is the only way to complete your sailing holiday Croatia. Surrounded by the sea, it is the perfect city to visit during your boat holiday in Croatia.

What to do in Trogir

With a yacht charter in Trogir you can appreciate this city which lies on the southern part of the Adriatic coast in the region of Split, and has one of the longest tourism traditions in Croatia due to its historical heritage and impressive natural beauty. As part of your yacht charter in Trogir, you will enjoy both sailing in the clear, blue water and anchoring your charter boat in one of the well-maintained ports to take a look at the city.

For those who want to combine a yacht charter in Trogir with some culture, you can appreciate the beautiful medieval city with its white buildings and cobbled streets. While sailing along the coast, you will have a great view of those white buildings from your charter yacht. The most popular tourist attractions in Trogir are the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the Church of St. Peter, the Duke’s Palace, and the St. Michael Bell-tower. The city’s Old Town has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural heritage register since 2007 as one of the world’s best preserved medieval centres, which makes it the perfect place to visit during your yacht charter holiday in Trogir.

Beaches and Coves

The main reason a yacht charter in Trogir is so popular is due to the city´s marvellous beaches, beautiful waters, and spectacular landscape.

Cubo beachs

A group of beaches oriented to families, there are many services, such as restaurants, changing rooms, tennis courts, etc. They are surrounded by pine trees and rock formations.


The Croatian cuisine is very influenced by Mediterranean cuisines, such as the Greek, the Italian or the Spanish. This influence is especially felt in the coastal region. However, it also has its own popular and traditional dishes.

Olive oil and the good table wine are the two ingredients that can’t be absent from a good Croatian table. Fish and shellfish cooked with rice, a good sausage from the Dalmatian region…One of the typical dishes Croatian dishes is the Kulen, which is a sort of dry spicy sausage. Another dish that you should try if you are interested in other culture’s cuisines, is the Brodest, which is a rice dish similar to the Spanish Paella.

It is a luxury to sail in Torgir, not only because of its crystal clear waters and all the beaches and coves that it has nearby, but also because of the culture of the country it is in. Croatia is a country with a long maritime tradition, and that is why sailing on a yacht charter in the Adriatic will help you to understand in the best way the local inhabitants and their traditions. One of the best ways to discover the secrets that Croatia has to offer is with a yacht charter in Torgir.

On the south of the croatian coast, Trogir enjoys temperatures ranging from 7ºC in the winter to 24ºC in late summer with the warmest months being July and August. Sea temperature reaches 25ºC at its warmest however remains high in September. Winds are ample for sailing throughout the year however if you are a more confident sailor or you would like to cover more distance on your yacht charter in Trogir then May could be a great time to travel. All in all, out of season could be a great option to avoid the summer crowds.

There are a variety of travel options to help you start off your yacht charter in Trogir in the most comfortable way possible.

By plane:
The closest airport to Trogir is Split Airport (SPU), which is approximately 5 km from the centre of Trogir. A direct bus (local line 37) leaving the airport every 20-30 minutes, as well as many shuttle buses, connect the airport to the Trogir Bus Station. The journey to the bus station takes 10 minutes. The proximity of the airport to Trogir makes going by a taxi another good option.

By bus:
Daily buses from major Croatian cities (Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik) run to Trogir several times a day, a convenient travel option to reach your yacht charter in Trogir. The nearest bus station with connections to international bus lines is in Split, located just 30 km east of Trogir.

By boat:
If you plan to arrive in Trogir by boat, the best option is to take a ferry to Split, which is well connected to the national and international ferry routes. Regular ferry service is available from Split to Trogir.

By car:
If you are coming by road, there are three options:
1. Dalmatina Highway A1 - Croatian A1 Highway Dalmatina
2. Adriatic coastal road - Jadranska Magistrala: Rijeka - Senj - Karlobag - Zadar - Sibenik - Primosten - Trogir.
3. Middle Croatian Highway D1: Karlovac - Plitvice (National Park) - Korenica - Gracac - Knin - Drnis - Trogir.

Trogir is situated 411 km from Zagreb and 358 km from Rijeka. The closest major city is Split at a distance of only 28 km. The drive from Split typically takes about 30 minutes, but during the summer months the main road is often occupied by heavy traffic, resulting in a longer travel time.

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