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Choose a yacht charter in Tučepi and enjoy this picturesque Croatian resort, 4000 years old and built over a roman rustic villa, and set 65 km and 5 km southeast of Split and Markask respectively. Sail in one of our yacht charters on your bareboat or crewed boat and fall in love with a sailing holiday in Croatia and visit destinations like Dubrovnik, Makarska and many more beaches, islands, marinas and even many Mediterranean Riviera along the coast. You could even make the most out of the rest of 2016 and rent a boat from us either bareboat or crewed with a skipper and set sail in one of the lesser well known sailing destinations that Europe has to offer whilst visiting great locals places like Makarska, Dubrovnik, Split and many more locations on the Riviera of Croatia, don’t miss out, come on one of the best holidays of your lifetime.

What to do in Tučepi

During your bareboat or crewed yacht charter vacation in Tučepi, make sure you do not miss St Jure, the uppermost point of the Biokovo mountain (1762 m in height) which is situated in a natural park only an hour's journey away by car. Take a moment to appreciate the unparalleled views of the hills, the neighboring isles, and the entire Riviera with its forests and shores.

From the deck of your yacht you will be able to fully appreciate the coastal inclines surrounded by antique villages developed with an old Mediterranean design and some evidence of early occupancy. For instance, you will find the tumuli that served as burial mounts for primitive communes. So come on a chartering holiday with aBoatTime on board a crewed or bareboat yacht and go sailing in Croatia whilst visiting different islands, mooring in berths in a multitude of different marinas and also taking one of our luxury boats to fabulous holiday destinations like Makarska, Dubrovnik and many more places along the Riviera in Croatia and the Adriatic.

What to see in Tučepi

You will love the great weather during your sailing holidays in Tučepi. You will come across stunning, pristine beaches with crystal clear waters and a 4 km long pebble shore accompanied by a promenade on which to enjoy the sights while you take a leisurely walk. The beach is bordered by olive groves and pine woods which contribute to the beautiful greenery of the countryside. To fulfil the active side of your yacht charter holiday in Tučepi, why not visit one of the several sport centers that can be found there and go water skiing, mountain biking, beach canoeing, play beach volleyball, or even go parasailing.

This advantageous location enables you to tour around the surrounding villages and coastlines whilst you enjoy your yacht charter in Tučepi. For instance, you could go to the isles of Brac and Hvar and to the towns of Dubrovnik or Split. Otherwise, pay a visit to the religious destination of Medugorje where the most recent manifestations of the Virgin Mary are said to have taken place.

As part of your yacht charter vacation in Tučepi, you can get to know the main religious centres and their interesting architectural styles. For instance, the churches of St George from 1311 in a Roman and Gothic style; Saint Anthony of Padua from 1801 in a Classical design; Nativity of Our Lady 1703 in a Dalmatian Provencal Baroque, and St Michael from 1735 and St Catherine from 1541, which are both Renaissance churches.


There are some ports in Makarska where you can moor your boat in order to enjoy the city. Some of the most important ports in Tučepi are:

  • Marina Tučepi
  • There are 50 berths for small boats in this marina with up to three meters draft and 13 meters long.

  • Marina Podgora
  • This marina is located near Makarska, and has 200 berths. It can accommodate ships with a maximum draft of 3 meters and a maximum length of 20.

Beaches and coves

Tučepi is a small place, but its coasts are idyllic. The most popular beach in this region is Tučepi Beach. But there are many more that you can visit on our yachts, the coast of Croatia offers some great beaches that you can sail to on your boat during your sailing holiday:

  • Tučepi Beach
  • Impressive stone beach of crystal clear waters, 4 km in length with a boardwalk from where you can enjoy vistas and long walks. It is the only beach in Tučepi and without a doubt is one of the most famous beaches in all of Croatia. Its length and the impressive turquoise waters are two features that make this beach the most popular of Croatia.

Natural Parks

The most important natural park in the region is the Natural Park Biokovo:

  • Natural Park Biokovo
  • Characterized by rocky landscapes, this park is characterized by house inside a large number of species of native fauna and flora.


During your yacht charter in Tučepi, you will find several cafes, taverns and restaurants offering local food and international cuisine, although the traditional dishes such as the Krostule and the Rafijoli and fritule pastas as well as the local wine should not to be missed. This peaceful destination presents distinct kinds of entertainment for all tastes.

During your yacht charter in Tučepi, you can take part in numerous entertainment programs throughout the summer for example, St Anthony’s festival on the 13th of June. The events range from sporting competitions to public festivals, from concerts to artistic exhibitions. Whatever your interests, a yacht charter in Tučepi will not disappoint you! Our charters give you the chance to sail in an aBoatTime luxury yacht either bareboat or crewed and experience the holiday of a lifetime!

On the south of the croatian coast, Tucepi enjoys temperatures ranging from 7ºC in the winter to 24ºC in late summer with the warmest months being July and August.
Sea temperature reaches 25ºC in the warmest months however remains high in September. Winds are ample for sailing throughout the year however if you are a more comfortable sailor or you would like to cover more distance on your yacht charter in Tucepi May could be a great time to travel. All in all out of season could be a great option.

Average temperatures

Tucepi Average monthly temperatures during the peak months are:

  • May - 15 ℃

  • June - 25 ℃

  • July - 27 ℃

  • August - 26 ℃

  • September - 20 ℃

  • October - 17 ℃

Sunshine hours

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Tucepi are:

  • May - 15

  • June - 16

  • July - 15

  • August - 13

  • September - 12

  • October - 10

There are a number of travel options from which to choose, helping you to get your yacht charter holiday in Tucepi off to the best start possible.

By plane

The nearest airport is located in Split (SPU) which is in the centre of Dalmatia and connected to many other European cities. The distance from there to Tucepi is around 94 km. The estimated time of transfer is slightly less than 2 hours. For an alternative choice, you can try Zadar’s airport (205 km), which you can get to in around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

By bus

There are two regular bus lines, the 37 (Split –Trogir; Trogir – Split) and the 38 (Airport – KastelStari – Split; Split – KastelStari – Airport).
The main bus station is in Makarska. The trip from Tucepi to Makarska is only 10 minutes and the ticket costs less than 2€ (12 Croatian Kunas). During the summer, all coaches in the direction of to Dubrovnik stop in Tucepi. The trip from Zagreb to Tucepi takes around 6 hours. However, the best method for shor journeys is by taxi.

By boat

The nearest ferry harbour is in Split connected by a direct line to Ancona. Additionally, fast boat lines are available and you can reach Split in approximately 6 hours. Alternatively, take a regular line to Split (about 10-12 hours).

By car

The Adriatic road (D8) as well as the A1 are at your disposal nearby, making them a convenient method of transport to begin your yacht charter in Tucepi. Make sure that the motorway you choose is free of charge as there are some toll roads in the Balkan region. The distance by car from Zagreb to Tucepi is about 462 km. Using the highway, you take the Sestanovac exit and then follow the state road until you reach Tucepi, only 40 km away from the above mentioned exit. The overall trip will take about 4.5 hours.

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