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When you rent boats in Turkey, you’ll be amazed at the country’s many amazing sights, including its magical mosques, its Ottoman era baths and its beautiful beaches. Experience all of this, in the comfort of your own yacht.

Turkey is a fascinating nation, straddling the border between Europe and Asia. Whilst Ankara is its capital, Istanbul is the country’s largest city and main tourist city, with many golden beaches and pleasant sailing conditions. Turkish culture and cuisine is famed throughout the world, including its exotic nature, its mosques, its spices and its tea.

Turkey is a parliamentary republic, with a 99% Muslim population. The local currency is the lira. The country has coastlines on the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas, allowing you to always be close to ideal sailing surroundings and splendid landscapes on your yacht charter. The climate is also very pleasant, with warm sunny summers.

Enjoy all that the Mediterranean has to offer on your yacht charter in Turkey. This country has many modern marinas equipped with everything you need, some of the main ones are Bodrum or Antalya amongst others. When you are on your sailing holidays in Turkey, you’ll have the chance to explore the coast, with its numerous historic monuments and pretty coves, just waiting for you to discover.

Turkey is the perfect mix; a sunny climate, clear blue sea and charming locals, making it the perfect place to spend some amazing sailing holidays.

The most popular sailing venues in Turkey include Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum. Whilst Antalya is famed for its green coastline and scenic bays, Bodrum are renowned for their excellent nautical facilities, making them two of the best places to start your sailing holidays in Turkey.

Sailing in Turkey is a real sailing paradise, and you will remember it as one of your more luxury holidays! The Mediterranean is on your doorstep and ready for you to sail on during your yacht charter holiday in Turkey! So set sail and visit some amazing places in Turkey like Orhaniye or Fethiye to name just a couple of less well known places for you to sail to on your bareboat or skippered yacht. Why not charter an Oceanis yacht for your sailing holidays in Turkey?


Bodrum is a charming coastal city located in the province of Muğla, where you can visit the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the castle of Saint Peter and the island of Kara Ada. The nearby ancient city of Didyma is well worth a visit, and has an Apollo’s temple and is set in pretty countryside.


One of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations and an important coastal town, and still attracts many tourists in winter. If you’re interested in booking yachting holidays in Turkey, why not visit Sedir Island or the town’s castle.


If you want to see more than just Turkey’s beaches, why not visit Turkey’s largest city. The Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia basilica, the city’s Ortaköy neighbourhood and the cisterns are some of the city’s most famous sights. The Grand Bazaar is also a great place to buy souvenirs from your trip. Be sure to try some of the local dishes, such as the spiced meat, yoghurt sauce, and of course the famous Kebab. Flavoured shisha is also very popular. Why not book your sailing holidays now, and stop off at this fantastic Mediterranean city.

Gocek and Kemer

Some other picturesque destinations which are worth visiting are Gocek and Kemer. The latter is a quaint city which was built relatively recently, due to the high demand for modern and sophisticated resorts. It wasn’t until 1960 that a motorway was created in order to connect the region to the rest of the Antalya peninsula; before this it was only possible to reach by boat. It is a unique and natural location, with friendly locals.

Turkish Boats

The majority of boats available for charter in Turkey are gulets, a traditional style comfortable yacht of wooden construction with crew included, which will give you a unique yacht charter holiday. However there are also other types of boat available, and on our website you’ll easily find a wide range of boats, from sail yachts and comfortable catamarans to luxury speed boats.

A bareboat or crewed yacht charter in Turkey has something for everyone, with its scenic bays and beaches, and the many quaint and pretty small village which line its coast. Turkey is the ideal place to spend your sailing holidays. Perhaps you could join a sailing flotilla and go yachting in a larger group of boats and sail around the local area. Remember, don’t forget to explore nearby holiday destinations in Turkey and the Mediterranean, locations such as: Gocek, Orhaniye, Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and many more coastal areas that you could sail to on one of aBoatTime’s catamarans like the Oceanis boat! Rent boats in Turkey now!

Turkey enjoys a long high season with average temperatures generally above 20ºC from May through to October with temperatures regularly reaching the high 30s on the south coast. Sea temperatures are warm pleasant all year round with the lowest point in February and March only dropping as low as 16ºC and peaking at 25ºC in the summer. The dry season is during the summer with May until September experiencing very little at all.

By plane

To set off on your sailing holidays, you can fly to the main airports: Istanbul Ataturk, Istanbul Sabiha, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and Dalaman. You should choose the airport depending on the city and the port where you are going to start your journey. For Marmaris and Gocek fly to Dalaman airport. For Bodrum and Didim you can fly directly to Bodrum-Milas airport, 35 km to Bodrum and 73 km to Didim. For Kusadasi, you have to fly into Izmir airport, 80 km away. Finally, for Kemer, the airport in Antalya is the closest at 42 km away.

By bus

There are bus services from the airports to the coastal regions although the journey is longer than by taxi or car. Some of the main Turkish bus companies, such as Ulusoy and Kâmikoç, offer national roues to make travelling around easier. To travel to Marmaris by bus it takes 3 hours from Fethiye (170 km), 3 hours from Bodrum (165 km) or 6 hours from Antalya (590 km). From Antalya airport you can travel to Kemer in approximately 3 hours. It’s possible to get to Gocek by bus from Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, Kas, Izmir y Antalya. The best situated destination for arriving by bus is Didim as it has direct routes from Soke station.

By car

If you wish to travel by car to port to start your boat charter holiday in Turkey, you can take the D-400, one of the main roads that goes to Marmaris, Gocek and Kemer and goes past Dalaman (where there is an airport), Golbasi and Fethiye. The D-330 road leads to Bodrum but if you want to get to Kusadasi you can also travel from Izmir or Soke.

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