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This small town set on a cape, is the perfect place to begin your sailing holiday, rent boats in Zadar, around the Dalmatian coast and its islands. Though Split may be the largest town in Dalmatia, the city’s rich history goes back 3,000 years, and a yacht charter vacation is the perfect way to appreciate it.

Don’t miss out on the chance to have a great yacht charter sailing holiday in Zadar and Croatia as you sail along the Croatian and Dalmatian coasts! Sail to idyllic, secluded islands every day in Dalmatia and in the Adriatic in one of our yachts or catamarans and also don’ forget to visit memorable locations in Croatia like; Kornati, Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Krka, Biograd and wherever you wish to moor your yacht during your yacht charter sailing holiday.


The main port is great and spacious and has a wide variety of services to provide during your yacht charter. A little further away is Biograd, about 30 kilometers away, it is one of the most impressive port cities of Croatia. When you rent your crewed or bareboat yacht you have the opportunity to meet and have fun sailing Croatia. Do not hesitate and choose your sailboat, yacht or catamaran favorite and cast into the sea.

What to do in Zadar

While you enjoy your vacation on your or yacht charter in Zadar, take the opportunity to rest and to visit the most charming coastal towns of Dalmatia such as Ugliano Island and Pasman. You can also sail to the island of Osljak, it was a concentration camp during World War II. You can also see the natural beauty of the 8 national parks in Croatia, such as Krka, which surprisingly has seven falls.

What to see in Zadar

Some of the main touristic points to visit are:

The Venetian Land Gate

A famous feature is the commemorative arch, built to demonstrate the importance of this town and fort during the republic of Venetia. The design embraces the town’s leading patron, Saint Chrysogonus, and the protective shield of Saint Mark, another Venetian benefactor.

The Forum

The large square in the centre, remnants of the Roman forum where in ancient times criminals were restrained.

Church of Saint Donat

For those who want to combine their yacht charter holiday with a bit of culture, it is a great thing to visit this 9th century church, built using stones from the forum. In the 18th century it ceased to be a church and currently hosts classical music shows during the summer.

The University

Dating back to 1396, it is one of the first European universities and the first one in Croatia.

The Singing Sea Organ

A piece of municipal architecture which creates unpredictably delightful music from the waves flowing through its tubes.

Greeting to the Sun

It is another public sculpture nearby. It consists of many crystal plates organised in a circle to illustrate the solar system, and reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever disco floor when illuminated at night time.

If you are fond of shopping, take some time out from your yacht charter in Croatia to visit the small lanes in Varos, and continue your trip to the numerous taverns, referred to as konobas, to have squid and taste Malvasia wine. Go back to your yacht, dive in the seafront and then relax on the enormous Dalmatian stones. For night time entertainment, a yacht charter is the perfect way to enjoy the “world’s most exquisite sunset”, as stated by the renowned movie director Alfred Hitchcock.

Beaches and coves

The local beaches are known for their boulders and turquoise waters. The post popular is Zaton beach, which is known for the dense forest that surrounds it. If you want to enjoy the sandy beaches of Croatia, you can visit Biograd and Nin. In the majority of the coves along the coast and the nearby islands such as Ugliano, you can snorkel and discover the sea fauna.

Natural Parks

The nature lovers have much to visit during your holiday in Zadar. While you take advantage of the opportunity to meet the Dalmatian coast by boat, you can also visit the Paklenica National Park and Telascica Nature Park, which are the lungs of Dalmatia and one of the most beautiful environments of the region.


During your trip on a chartered yacht in Zadar, you will taste some delicious food! As an appetizer, try a glass of the famous Maraschino, a sweet liqueur made from sour cherries. Then follow with the Pag cheese, the most appreciated Croatian cheese made from the milk of sheep on the island of Pag. Brudet is prepared in a thousand different ways, and it is a mix of some species of crabs and fish mixed with sometimes shells or even grilled fish seasoned with the salt of Pag and Nin.

Average temperatures vary from 7ºC in winter to 25ºC in summer with water temperatures reaching the same comfortable temperature in high season. The winds are gentle and very pleasant during the summer making for great sailing however for slightly more firm gusts and still very pleasant temperatures, the spring and autumn months could be a great option to avoid the crowds. Daily hours of sun range from 9 to 12 throughout the year making for long days on your yacht charter in Zadar.

Average temperatures

The average monthly temperatures in Zadar during the high season months are:

  • May - 19 ℃

  • June - 22 ℃

  • July - 25 ℃

  • August - 25 ℃

  • September - 22 ℃

  • October - 17 ℃

Sunshine hours

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Zadar are:

  • May - 12

  • June - 12

  • July - 13

  • August - 13

  • September - 10

  • October - 18

There are a variety of methods of transport with which you can get your boat charter holiday in Zadar off to a relaxing start.

By plane

There are plenty of local (Zagreb and Pula) and international flights (London, Paris, Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm, Bruxelles, Frankfurt, Dublin, Warsaw and Liverpool among others) that go from/to the airport of Zadar.
You can get to other destinations by changing planes in Zagreb, which, being the capital of Croatia, belongs to the international air traffic network and accommodates further flights. Even though this airport is quite small, at the same time it’s very modern and well-equipped. It is located about 8 km far from the city’s centre, in an area called Zemunik Donji, very close to the Zagreb-Split A1 highway connection (Zadar 2). Also, it is well- connected with the northern part of Dalmatia and Europe. Croatian Airlines provides further flights during summer due to the high demand, which can accommodate your arrival and start of your yacht charter holiday in Zadar. Mainly, these flights are to/from France, Austria, Germany and the UK.

By bus

International lines connect Zadar with other European countries such as Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time, Croatia is proud of its well developed national bus lines that reach even the smallest destinations on the coast.

By boat

Jadrolinija runs local ferries (trajektnelinije) and passenger boats (brodskelinije). It goes from/to Zadar to/from the surrounding islands. These places are definitely worth a visit and have absolutely affordable prices. Make sure to check the timetable beforehand because not all services operate on a regular basis. Some companies run only car ferries so it is crucial to check the boat type before buying a ticket. Catamarans don’t allow to take your car on board.

By car

Accessing Zadar by car is quite easy because of its perfect location and
infrastructure. It can be reached by car from the main Croatian cities such as Zagreb, Rijeka, Split or Osijek. A safe and easy drive are characteristic of a driving trip within the region. For instance, the new highway from Zagreb to Split (A1) makes it possible to cross half the country in less than 3 hours, and ensure a quick arrival to your yacht charter holiday in Zadar. The distance from Zadar to Split is around 158 km, Zadar-Zagreb 286 km, Zadar-Pula 395 km, Zadar-Trieste 361 km and Zadar-Dubrovnik 363 km.

To enter Croatia you must have a valid driving licence, registration card on a car and automobile insurance. To rent a vehicle, you must have an international driving license. Normally, there are many gas stations, especially on motorways and in large cities, some of which open 24h a day.

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