Yacht charter destinations

aBoatTime offers a wide range of sailboats, motorboats and catamarans all around the world.
Our yacht charter destinations include various places in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, each of them offering a unique sailing holiday experience.

Yacht charter in Croatia

Rent boats in Croatia, is an ideal holiday choice with the opportunity to visit thousands of islands, and enjoy calm winds and clear blue waters, which are thriving, and teeming with marine life, unlike some other parts of the Mediterranean sea. The varied nature of the country’s coast also offers many different experiences when you hire a boat you can choose between experiencing the exciting and lively nightlife or simply relaxing on one of the region’s many idyllic beaches. All this can be yours when you book a Croatia sailing holiday.

Yacht charter destinations in Croatia

Yacht charter in Spain

Spain is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its excellent geographical position, perfect climate, huge cultural heritage and spectacular beaches that attract millions of tourists every year. The Mediterranean coast and islands of Spain offer enticing yachting facilities. Perfectly set nautical infrastructure with wide variety of ports and harbours is ideal for yacht charter trips, ensuring that you will always be just few hours’ sail from the next marina.

Yacht charter destinations in Spain

Yacht charter in Turkey

One of the best places in the Mediterranean for booking a yacht is Turkey and it is a popular choice for travellers who love sailing holidays. Boats charter in Turkey offers a great chance to explore the scenic Turkish coastline, full with historic monuments and peaceful coves.

Yacht charter destinations in Turkey

Yacht charter in Greece

Greece is unlike any other Mediterranean yacht charter destination. The birthplace of European civilization, yacht charter Greece offers a unique journey through history. The Greek coast, together with its many islands and islets, has an endless number of places to visit, including ancient ruins and spectacular sandy beaches. Some islands to visit include the Cyclades islands, the Ionian Islands, the Sporades Islands, and Crete; these are just a few of the destinations you can visit when you rent a boat in Greece.

Yacht charter destinations in Greece

Yacht charter in Italy

Italy is located on the boot-shaped peninsula just in the middle of the Mediterranean basin. As a home to the biggest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy is definitely one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Many cities are significant Mediterranean yacht charter centers because of the magnificent coastline, impressive scenery, nice weather and friendly people that Italy can offer.

Yacht charter destinations in Italy

Yacht charter in Caribbean

The Caribbean is rightly referred to as a sailing paradise. No other destination in the world offers so many picturesque islands combined with perfect sailing conditions throughout the year, endless water sport options to choose from and gorgeous sights all around. Unsurprisingly they keep bringing people back over and over again, because once experienced, Caribbean sailing is hard to forget.

Yacht charter destinations in Caribbean

Yacht charter in France

The fact that this destination has tourist sites for every taste may be why it ranks as the world’s top tourist destination. It has over 80 million visitors on an annual basis. Choose a yacht charter in France and enjoy all the sights that the country has to offer

Yacht charter destinations in France

Yacht charter in Malta

With a strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea you will find Malta, a place with a long history and astonishing diversity, and a perfect yacht charter destination.

Yacht charter in Portugal

Portugal is located on the western area of the Iberian Peninsula and boasts many beautiful cities, fascinating coastlines facing the Atlantic Ocean and a very rich culture.

Yacht charter destinations in Portugal

Yacht charter in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in southeast Europe, on the Adriatic Sea, that became independent in 2006. It borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

Yacht charter destinations in Montenegro

Yacht charter in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s most exotic countries. It has a hot, tropical climate, making it the perfect place for a relaxing sailing holiday. Enjoy the sunny weather, and explore the country’s rich culture, including its ancient temples and delicious Thai cuisine. Thailand boat hire is the best way to experience all this Asian country has to offer, and to discover its many tropical islands whilst sailing around the country’s Indian Ocean coastline.

Yacht charter destinations in Thailand

Yacht charter in Sweden

The most populated country in Scandinavia, Sweden has a variety of different locations to visit, makes boat hire in Sweden a less conventional and much more exciting type of holiday. See the country’s beautiful coastline, and sail from either Stockholm or Gothenburg and visit each city’s respective archipelagos, both of which have thousands of islands and islets, just waiting to be discovered.

Yacht charter destinations in Sweden

Yacht charter in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a yacht charter holiday in Europe. This country has a large fishing tradition because of its direct connection to the Adriatic Sea. You'll have everything you desire on your trip, lovers of navigation and the maritime world will want for nothing. The vegetation and ecology that is found in this country is impressive, with lush forests and natural parks. The country also houses part of the Julian Alps so has incredible glacial lakes, which makes it ideal for those looking to perform many activities. You can not miss its capital, Ljubljana, and soak in all of its culture.

Yacht charter destinations in Slovenia

Yacht charter in The Maldives

The Maldives are a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean. On these islands you’ll find paradise, especially for fans of water sports and sun lovers. There are 26 atolls and its capital is the most populated city, Malé. The country is made up of 1,200 islands, of which 203 are inhabited, so a boat rental holiday in the Maldives is a great opportunity to get a first-hand look at the variety and cultural richness that every island offers.

Yacht charter in Russia

The boat rental in Russia is the ideal way to get to know and explore the largest country in the world. With the great variety of natural environments that you can experience, Russia will impress anyone who holidays there.

Yacht charter destinations in Russia

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