Dehler 38

  • Sailing Boat - Dehler 38
  • Dehler 38 is a high-performance yacht and is the perfect choice for a family holiday as well as a fast boat for sport sailing. It won several renowned awards as “European Yacht of the Year 2014” and “Boat of the Year 2014” in the United States. It is the only boat model which can call both of this titles its own. This model has a modern design and an unique and high-grade decor. Its interior is spacious and comfortable with 3 double cabins which offers enough room for up to 6 people. From the beginning on, the Dehler 38 stands out for its speed and handling. The hull and the deck bear the signature of Judel Vrolijk a famous designer for sport sailing boats. With a clear symmetry with double helm, port and starboard, aft in the cockpit, the exterior of the sailboat is agile and dynamic, due to the sharp profile of the hull the boat offers stability while sailing. The large cockpit, protected on the sides by two banks has an opposable platform for bath, perfect for fishing, jumping into the water or reading while your feet are touching the water. Moreover, the interior shows the magnificent work of the German shipyard. At first glance the indoors surprise by the efficient use of space. The idea of an open living room is more than successfully implemented. The mahogany finish and curved lines of the ergonomic furniture give it a friendly and elegant appearance. The two comfortable armchairs, one L-shaped sofa and a central table with hinged wings are perfect to adapt the room to the number of crew. The kitchen is equipped with two gas burners, a double sink, an oven and a refrigerator and is integrated into the living room. The Dehler 38 is available with two or three cabins. The bow has been dedicated to the master bedroom which is more spacious and equipped with a comfortable double bed. In the stern are the other cabins and the bathroom, which can be accessed from the gallery leading. The Dehler 38 has not been randomly awarded with many prizes. See for yourself the beauty and athleticism of this vessel. A trip with this outstanding yacht is a must for any sailing fan. Don’t miss this adventure!

    Technical specifications

    Model: Dehler 38
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 11.3
    Beam: 3.75
    Draft: 2.2
    Displacement: 6500
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 30
    Day by day capacity: 6

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