First 40

  • Sailing Boat - First 40
  • The First 40 is a 12-meter boat and is made by Beneteau. It is ideally suited to take part in regattas and has excellent sailing controls and easy handling. It has a unique design for the Cruiser-Racer series, and the proof is the amount of awards that this model has achieved over time. It is characterised by good control, but also for its spaciousness, its handling and its comfort. This boat has a hull length of 12.24 meters and a width of 3.89 meters. The fuel tanks have a capacity of 130 liters, allowing you to travel and sail long distances with the 40-horsepower engine, before they have to stop somewhere in order to be refueled. It also has a tank with 200 liters of fresh water for the kitchen and showers, allowing you to partake in long trips at sea. This boat is perfect for a group holiday and will take you to a utopia that will let you leave the rest of the world back at home for a few days. The exterior design of the vessel was designed with attention to each and every detail. The First 40 looks elegant with sharp, black lines on a gray hull, giving a sleek, gentle and yet sporty look for the boat. The deck is very well laid out and spacious, whilst the cockpit area is designed to allow safe and good vision for the driver of the boat. This fabulous boat offers a maximum capacity of up to 8 people, thanks to two large cabins with double beds, a captain's cabin in the bow with its own bathroom and also you have the opportunity to have two single beds in the cabins. The interior of the boat has a charming, homely character, because in all cabins there is pleasant lighting and the room wide and comfortable. In the dining area you can change the location of the dining table after you wish to make room for more or fewer guests, so you are prepared for every situation perfectly. The kitchen is built L-shaped and can be locked thanks to an innovative system for your safety while driving. The decor and furnishings of the interiors is matched quality and harmony with the needs of its passengers. Rent the First 40 now for your sailing trip and opt for a holiday with comfort, relaxation and plenty of unforgettable memories with your friends and your family.

    Technical specifications

    Model: First 40
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 12.58
    Beam: 3.89
    Draft: 2.45
    Displacement: 7900
    Motorboats: Sail drive
    Horse Power: 40
    Day by day capacity: 1

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