Why Not

  • Why Not is a classic gulet, and is a magnificent vessel both inside and out. Its enormous deck, almost completely usable space, features a spacious sun deck fit for 8 people, as well as a bench at the bow and dining area at the stern of the yacht. Its luxury and elegant interior features mahogany paneling throughout, with 2 double ensuite cabins, accommodating up to 8 passengers.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Why Not
    Length: 23.9
    Beam: 6.2
    Draft: 2.71
    Displacement: 16372
    Motorboats: Iveco
    Horse Power: 420
    Day by day capacity: 12

Destinations where you can hire a Why Not

  • Yacht charter in Ibiza
  • <p><strong>Rent a boat in Ibiza</strong> and explore Spain, the surrounding islands, the tourist attractions and also its hidden areas of natural beauty. Being only 40 kilometres in length, Ibiza could be considered a small island however it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and the small size allows you to take one of our yachts and visit Ibiza town and even the other islands including Formentera or Menorca in luxury. By taking one of our yacht charters in Ibiza you can explore these towns and locations at your own pace onboard your own catamaran such as the Sunseeker or another sailboat of your choice. Each year more than 1.5 million people choose the Balearic Island as a holiday destination, among which are many sailing boat fans who like to rent boats in Ibiza too. </p> <h2>Ports</h2> <h3>Club Nàutic Sant Antoni Abad:<h3> <p>In the western part of the island, it is a huge port with 579 moorings, which can accommodate ships with a maximum draft of 4.5 meters and a maximum length of 30 meters. </p> <h3>Puerto Deportivo Santa Eulalia:<h3> <p>14 kilometers away from the city of Ibiza, it is a marina with 755 moorings with capacity for boats with a maximum depth of 4 meters and 22 meters of length. </p> <h3>Puerto Deportivo Marina Botafoch:<h3> <p>This port located in the north of the island has 428 moorings, and capacity for boats with 4 meters maximum draft and a maximum length of 30 meters</p> <h3>Marina Ibiza:<h3> <p>It is located in the center of Ibiza and 11 miles away from Formentera. </p> <h2>What to do in Ibiza</h2> <p>A boat hire holiday and the charter of a yacht in Ibiza offers the possibility of enjoying the marvelous world of the Balearic Islands and spending an incredible holiday full of yachting, beauty and adventure. With your head to the wind, enjoy incredible beaches and turquoise waters, enjoy fascinating landscapes, weigh anchor in a tranquil bay to rest wherever and whenever you so please when you rent a boat in Ibiza. </p> <p>During your holiday in Ibiza you could visit the world famous Ibizan clubs and party – there is no chance of getting bored on the white isle! You could even take one of our sailing boats as your boat rental for a hen party and enjoy everything the nightlife has to offer. We suggest that hen parties check out the club Pachá, it is one of the best nights out in Ibiza. The parties are the stuff of legend here and Pachá is a legendary club. The majority of the places to go are located in two areas: the city of Ibiza on the east side of the island and San Antonio on the west. The exciting atmosphere of Ibiza simply has to be seen to be believed. </p> <p>On the other hand, the experience of renting a yacht in Ibiza isn’t complete without trying some of the incredible seafood at one of the many high quality restaurants. The majority of which are found on beautiful beaches; some only being accessible by boat. Ibiza is a gorgeous place, perfect for a sailing, sunbathing and relaxing on a fully kitted out boat. A rental boat holiday in Ibiza will allow you to forget your daily life and completely relax. </p> <h2>What to see in Ibiza</h2> <p>Most popular places to go out at night are concentrated in two areas: Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio. Both places have vibrant nightclubs, restaurants and bars for all tastes where you can taste the delicious cuisine of the Balearic Islands, and some luxury cocktails. The historic center of Ibiza town, on the other hand, is an ideal place to get to know what Ibiza´s actual culture is like, enjoy traditional restaurants, and shopping at dozens of shops around the Cathedral Virgen de las Nieves in Ibiza. Some of the places to visit in Ibiza are: </p> <h3>San José<h3> <p>San José is a Spanish municipality located in the southeast of the island of Ibiza, where there is a large presence of beach tourism. </p> <h3>Cubells<h3> <p>This is a village and parish in the municipality of San José. It is located in the southern part of the island. A tourist attraction of this place is the church of Our Lady of Cubells. </p> <h4>Our Lady of Jesus<h4> <p>It is a village formed from a fifteenth century church built on the site, which later was expanded. </p> <h4>Sant Llorenc de Balàfia<h4> <p>This is a village in the municipality of San Juan Bautista, on the northeastern side of the island. This place has a great archaeological heritage. </p> <h2>Beaches and coves</h2> <p>If what you search for is freedom then we can’t stress enough the beauty of sailing by yourself (or with a crewed boat, but with your own route) between the best coves that Ibiza has to offer. Here are our 5 favourites to visit when you rent a boat in Ibiza: </p> <h3>Cala Salada</h3> <p>This cove, 4 kilometres from San Antoni de Portmany, is one of the most visited and valued on Ibiza. The beaches are often rather full of tourists: something that you can avoid with rental in Ibiza if you go yachting in one of our Ibizan yacht charters and find yourself some more elusive coves and beaches. </p> <h3>Cala de San Vicente</h3> <p>This cove, situated in San Juan Bautista, to the north of Ibiza is a beautiful beach, sheltered from the wind by the vegetation covered mountains. It is made up of a large, sandy beach where the sea is calm and blue which is perfect for practicing all manner of watersports such as windsurfing or hopping on a banana boat for a really fun time! </p> <h3>Cala Conta</h3> <p>This cove, joint with Racó d’en Xic is in San Antonio and has two openings opposite two small islands. It’s found on the western side of the island and its turquoise sea is crystal clear. One of the main spectacles of this cove are the sunsets, which you can enjoy from whichever point in the sea you choose on a hired boat or yacht charter in Ibiza. </p> <h3>Cala Gracioneta</h3> <p>This beach is located close to San Antonio, and is characterised by its small size and stunning views. It is rectangular in shape, with fine white sand and surrounded by pine forest and the typical traditional buildings of Ibiza. Its location means it’s sheltered from the wind providing calm waters; perfect for diving. The advantage of this cove is the lack of tourists making it ideal as a relaxing destination for a break whilst you are on one of our sailing boat charters, perhaps you could rent the stunning Sunseeker. </p> <h3>Cala Vadella<h3> <p>This cove on the south-western part of the island is very popular with yacht charter tourists, especially for those looking for a romantic sunset from the deck of their boat. Nevertheless, this isn’t its only draw. Its position, surrounded by pine trees makes it look like a natural swimming pool, which also lends itself to water sports such as diving. </p> <p>These are only some examples but, in general, choose whichever cove you wish, a boat rental in Ibiza will not disappoint you either way. It is a genuine paradise where you can enjoy your boat to the fullest, relaxing, watching sunsets or enjoying water sports. </p> <h2>Currency and language<h2> <p>The currency used in Ibiza, as in the rest of Spain, is the Euro (€). In Ibiza there are two official languages, Spanish and Catalan. </p> <h2>Natural Parks</h2> <h4>Ses Salines Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera<h4> <p>It is located between the two Pityuses natural parks and 75% of its surface is under the sea. It is possible to find an underwater meadow of Posidonia Oceanica, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. </p> <h3>The Natural Reserve of Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell and the islands of Poniente:<h3> <p>This reserve is located in the western and southwestern part of Ibiza, and it has a great diversity in the landscape, its islands, its fauna and flora. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>Because Ibiza is an island, its gastronomy is local and has its own style and take on typical Mediterranean food. Among the most outstanding dishes are the Pancuit, a local garlic soup, with tomatoes and eggs; the stingray in sauce with almonds; or the Flao, a cheesecake with a light touch of peppermint. </p> <p>Just as its neighboring islands, Ibiza offers an unlimited number of opportunities to enjoy your sailing holiday to the fullest. Sailing through its waters is a great idea to enjoy some wonderful locations like Menorca or Formentera and experience the culture of Spain. The white island is not just about parties, it is beautiful too, which is why it is a fantastic idea to hire a luxury boat or charter a yacht in Ibiza. Isn’t it aBoatTime you rent a boat in Ibiza?</p>

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  • Yacht charter in Bodrum
  • <p>Looking for a <strong>yacht charter in Bodrum</strong>? Bodrum is in the south of the Mediterranean, located on the Turkish Aegean coast, the perfect place for a holiday. Domestic and international tourists flock to the region each year, to admire the city’s beauty, its beaches and vivid blue sea and of course to enjoy a yacht charter in Bodrum. Why not take one of aBoatTime’s gulets or yachts either bareboat or with a skipper and experience this less well-known area of Turkey and a quieter area of the Aegean Sea and Turkish coast. </p> <p>Bodrum is situated on Turkey’s western coast, near Greece and to the south of Marmaris. Its long coastline features many of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful coves, and underwater caves, with diverse flora and fauna. Bodrum is also an extremely old city with an important cultural heritage, and has a number of ancient ruins, such as the Tomb of Mausolus, built in 353 BC, which is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. The ruins are very interesting and will meet the demands of any history buff! If you wish to travel round Turkey by yacht, Bodrum is an ideal destination. </p> <h2>What to do in Bodrum</h2> <p>In the last few decades, Bodrum has gone from being a traditional fishing village to a fully featured resort city. The city’s scenic beaches and mild average annual temperature of 18ºC have made it one of Turkey’s top yacht charter destinations. </p> <p>Bodrum peninsula is a paradise for lovers of diving, thanks to the fantastic marine fauna such as anemones and coral formations. One of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean is also located near Bodrum; The Aladdin’s Cave, a 23 metre deep underwater cave located on the neighbouring island of Fethiye, where you can swim surrounded by abundant marine life. </p> <p>A similar diving site is Rambo Cavern, a 14 metre deep underwater cave, where you can see a huge range of marine life, and observe the curious stalactites and other interesting rock formations. If you also like other water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, there are a number of nearby schools where you can learn via practical classes and get all the equipment you need. </p> <p>Bodrum is popular for tourists due to its rich cultural heritage. Its prime location in the Mediterranean, between Greece, Eastern Europe, and Northern Asia has caused it to be a frequent stop for the many civilisations that crossed the Mediterranean. Its most famous monument is the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, a Greek tomb dating back to 353 BC, and is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World. </p> <p>Another historic location in Bodrum is its castle, built in 1402. It was built by the Byzantines and is situated on a hill overlooking the coast, and was often the first landmark sailors saw when they travelled towards Bodrum’s coast; now you can follow in their footsteps and sail into the main harbour on your yacht charter in Bodrum. </p> <p>Furthermore, if you decide to charter a bareboat or yacht with a skipper, then you have to explore the local area. Take your boat and tour the local Turkish are, Turkey boasts some fascinating and beautiful areas like; Yalikavak, Marmaris and Fethiye. So come sailing in Bodrum, Turkey on board one of our yachts and have a great holiday in one of Europe’s lesser well known destinations! </p> <h2>Beaches </h2> <p>Bodrum’s coast is renowned for its rugged terrain and its scenic coastline, but if you’re more interested in sunbathing, there are long sandy beaches situated near the city centre. </p> <h4>Gumbet</h4> <p> Located 3 kilometres from the centre, it is very popular with the British tourists, many of them choose to spend their day at the beach and when the sun goes down, head to Bodrum. This long sandy beach is full of hotels that attract many young water sports enthusiasts, with its great windsurfing and diving schools. </p> <h4>Bitez </h4> <p>7 kilometres away from Bodrum, it is well cared for, at the beginning of each season new sand is added to make it more attractive to tourists. The added sand is fine grained and dark in color, which makes this beach different from many others. The views here are spectacular and the sunsets are a must see. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>Bodrum’s cuisine is the product of the blending of cultures, the main ingredients being Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, such as aubergines, tomatoes and courgettes, along with creamy cheese, yoghurt and sweet sauces, typical of Arabic cuisine. One of Bodrum’s specialities is Meze, a collection of aperitifs served before the meal. A typical drink is Ouzo, a strong Greek spirit which is taken with the main course. </p> <p>On your yacht charter in Bodrum, you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s fantastic nightlife. Bodrum’s natives are sure that their bars offer more evening entertainment than anywhere else in Turkey. Bodrum’s bars and clubs play the latest music and often feature superb live performances of the “zurna”, a type of flute, and “saz”, a type of guitar, and the parties can often last into the early hours of the morning. </p> <p>In the small seafront cafés you could spend hours admiring the impressive panoramic views of the sea. These locations are perfect for capping off an exciting evening, after a day aboard your chartered yacht. </p> <h2>Sailing from Bodrum</h2><p>From Bodrum you can visit the nearby Greek city of Rhodes, or go sailing along Turkey’s western coast to cities such as Didim and Kuşadası in the north and Marmaris in the south. If you’re looking for an authentic Turkish sailing experience, why not charter one of our classic Turkish gulets, and be immersed in Turkey’s culture? Isn’t it aBoatTime you enjoyed a yacht charter in Bodrum.</p>

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