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Gulets or schooners are two mast vessels, larger than most sailboats. Traditionally, gulets are made out of wood, although fiberglass is employed in the construction of some of the most modern boats. Gulets are very popular in Turkey, as they have been the standard design for Turkish private yachts throughout the past centuries. Nowadays most of the gulets are luxurious yachts designed to provide a comfortable private cruise for a small group of people. These mast floating paradises come with their own crew who will cook, operate the yacht and pour you drinks so that you can enjoy a wonderful time on your sailing vacation.

Alania Gullet

<p><strong>Alania Gullet</strong> is an excellent schooner with spacious forms and comfortable navigation. Originally built in 1989, Alania underwent a complete renovation in 2008 to make it a cruise schooner of the highest level and equipped with the latest technologies.</p>

Custom luxury gulet I

This sailing yacht will invite you in a story of unique design tailored to your comfort and your needs. Built with the ultimate technology and the internationally recognized safety standards, it connects you with the tradition of boat building with the most beautiful and durable exclusive materials. It is one of a kind luxury yacht, sailing mainly at the Mediterranean sea and inviting its guests aboard with style and comfort.

Formosa 41

The Formosa 41 is a 12 meters spectacular sailing boat, which allows you to enjoy the sea and adventure. Seating for 8 people, it is a vintage sailboat wood ended. You can enjoy both sailing and relaxing, visit magnificent beaches or, if you prefer, do snorkeling.

High-Spec custom gulet

A flagship of classical luxury yachts, she is pleasingly proportioned for a refined style of cruise. Serving the haute Turkish cuisine on board, she invites her guests to discover the pleasant turquoise waters of Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and to experience fine yachting with style and comfort.

Mauritius 44

The Mauritius 44 is the perfect gulet for you, your friends or family to spend some time out on the high seas whilst visiting some amazing pieces of coastline. This gulet offers all the services that you would expect on this type of boat, you’ll want for nothing. Enjoy some long journeys out at sea whilst being reassured by the great safety and stability that it offers during more adverse weather conditions. The upper deck has plenty of space for you and the other passengers to sunbathe and relax on too. The living room is large and offers ample space which is perfect for you to relax in with family.


The Pacha gulet is a fantastic boat that has a classic wooden design and décor that will be the vessel for you, your friends and family to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Explore gorgeous coastlines on this boat and spend your time, sunbathing, relaxing and swimming as you visit secluded beaches, coves and islands. This elegant gulet is very spacious, there is plenty of room for all the guests on board to relax and feel at home and cozy.

Queen of Karia

Queen of Karia is a luxurious motor-sailor built in the tradition of the Turkish gulet. At 35 metres long, it combines classic style and glamour with the latest in comfort and technology. A cruising speed of 12 knots and excellent seaworthiness ensure that even the longest passages can be enjoyed in absolute comfort. Discover the charm of the Turkish coast and the Greek Dodecanese islands by sailing in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of the world.

Turkish customed gulet

The Turkish Custom Gulet is a stunning gulet that stands out from the crowd with its unique design and look. The 900 HP engine can power you and up to 11 other people up, down and around some amazing pieces of coastline around the Spanish island of Ibiza. This gulet boats some quality finishes, the kitchen, living room and cabins are all fantastic and have all the amenities you could require. The deck is arguably the best part of this boat as it is simply huge. You’ll forget about all your worries whilst lying down with your loved ones under the warm, baking sun. The Turkish Custom Gulet combines the latest technology with comfort, elegance and the classic gulet style.

Why Not

Why Not is a classic gulet, and is a magnificent vessel both inside and out. Its enormous deck, almost completely usable space, features a spacious sun deck fit for 8 people, as well as a bench at the bow and dining area at the stern of the yacht. Its luxury and elegant interior features mahogany paneling throughout, with 2 double ensuite cabins, accommodating up to 8 passengers.

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