Hanse 342

  • Sailing Boat - Hanse 342
  • The Hanse 342 sailing yacht is the perfect vessel for cruising along the waves. Its well-designed interiors include a large galley kitchen and a spacious lounge – perfect for long stays aboard. The sailing performance of the Hanse is exceptional, allowing significant control over the yacht. Furthermore, it is equipped with all the necessary tools to sit back, relax and enjoy your sailing holiday. The Hanse 342 is a vessel with a centre line length of 10.45 metres and a beam width of 3.4 metres. This boat performs incredibly due to its innovative design in Germany. This has resulted in the Hanse 342 with being nominated as Boat of the Year in many countries. Why? It has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest. For example, the hull and deck are very resistant because they are coated in isophthalic resin to protect against osmosis and the resulting blistering. Additionally, this boat is well equipped thanks to resources like the tacking jib and genoa furling which helps the crew to sail the Hanse 342. There are two available interiors with both being very spacious and elegant with teak flooring and a general refined style. There is room for two cabins: one at the bow of the ship with a wardrobe to the portside and another for stowage on the starboard side. The other cabin is at the ‘aft’ of the ship with a closet for clothes and a double bed. The kitchen is L-shaped and has two hobs, an oven, a refrigerator and a sink with two entrances and completely stocked with kitchen utensils. In the middle of the vessel is the living room that has a corner sofa and two separate seats with a table that can be used for dining, games and navigation. Space is optimized in the vessel with an efficient bathroom space with a toilet, faucet and shower inside. The Hanse 342 has a simple yet elegant design, and was created innovatively and comes with sophisticated equipment that allows you to be comfortable and feel safe in the ship whilst sailing. Furthermore, with a 21 horse power diesel engine and a total sail area of 56.45m, the Hanse 342 is powerful and strong whilst sailing. The Hanse 342 is the perfect combination of maneuverability and design, making it the perfect choice for your next yachting holiday. Enjoy every corner of the boat, as it’s ergonomic design allows you to relax, dine and have a fantastic holiday - spend a few days aboard the dream-like Hanse 342 and create unforgettable memories, you will not regret it!

    Technical specifications

    Model: Hanse 342
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 10.35
    Beam: 3.4
    Draft: 1.85
    Displacement: 5100
    Motorboats: Yanmar
    Horse Power: 21
    Day by day capacity: 6

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