Hanse 505

  • Sailing Boat - Hanse 505
  • The Hanse 505 is one of our favorite boats and the perfect vessel for your special holiday. Designed to replace the previous Hanse 495 and at the same time, pursuing the wake of the success of his older brother, the Hanse 575, the 505 won again the hearts of all lovers of quality yachting. And in that delight the German shipyard is unbeatable in the production of fantastic boats. This time, the biggest surprises can be found on the deck, where lines have been renovated to emphasize comfort in the cockpit and aft platform and at the same time improve the livability inside due to the large number portholes and hatches, which give aesthetics, natural light and ventilation. Teak tables give the predominant light color on the spacious deck, fully exploitable and protected by stainless steel lifelines. At the stern, the innovative platform is built around a central table with hinged wings. The two steering wheels are the command center of the Hanse 505. Due to the Easy Sailing Concept, the whole navigation of this model can now be handled from the central of the cockpit, with four electric winches, greatly improving the functionality of the sailboat. Despite the remarkable innovations of the cover, the inside of the Hanse 505 has also won over its predecessor. As the Hanse shipyard is known to fulfill all the wishes of its selective customers, the possibilities in terms of layout and decoration for the interior rooms are almost endless, varying the number of cabins to a maximum number of 6 (offering accommodation for 11 passengers), thanks to the large size of the ship ( 15.4 meters long and 4.75 wide). In the middle section of the indoors is a big lounge area the meet with the crew. This large space is dedicated to the living room and the kitchen. The lounge, located on the starboard side, has an L-shaped sofa, a central bank and in the middle of the two, a central table; Also on this side, near the stern is the chart table of the sailboat. Moreover you will be impressed by the generous kitchen, which is equipped as standard with two gas burners, oven, fridge and a lot of practical furniture. Bow and stern are intended for two separate cabins, bow being the main, with personal bathroom and separate shower space and several wardrobes. The rest of the living quarters will vary between stowage spaces, bathrooms or cabins with bunk beds.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Hanse 505
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 15.4
    Beam: 4.75
    Draft: 2.38
    Displacement: 14000
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 75
    Day by day capacity: 10

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