Hanse 575

  • Sailing Boat - Hanse 575
  • The prestigious yacht maker Hanse Yachts has designed a large (17m long) but speedy yacht, which is also easy to manage, both for large and small crews, thanks to the “Easy Sailing Concept” system, which allows the vessel’s sails to be moved, rotated and curled all from the cockpit. The yacht stands out for its very spacious deck, which incorporates a self-tacking jib sail and a garage for storage of a dinghy with a hydraulic bathing platform. The hot tub’s table can also be used as a spacious sun deck. The vessel is designed by the well known and acclaimed team Judel / Vrolik, who have paid extremely careful attention to detail to this luxury, modern sailboat’s design. The core theme in the vessel’s design was “Functionality above design”, which shows, as in spite of the yacht’s large size, she has a versatile and durable hull which allows you to easily reach high speeds. The craft’s interior is spacious, reminiscent of a city loft, with avant-garde features such as the U-shaped sofa, making for a large seating area. All these high-end and well designed features make the Hanse 575 an ideal large cruising yacht for even the most demanding customer, with simple and easy to use navigation features, and and a versatile and durable design which is suitable for a variety of different sea and weather conditions.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Hanse 575
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 16.7
    Beam: 5.2
    Draft: 2.85
    Displacement: 19500
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 107
    Day by day capacity: 12

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