High-Spec custom gulet

  • A flagship of classical luxury yachts, she is pleasingly proportioned for a refined style of cruise. Serving the haute Turkish cuisine on board, she invites her guests to discover the pleasant turquoise waters of Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and to experience fine yachting with style and comfort.

    Technical specifications

    Model: High-Spec custom gulet
    Length: 30.4
    Beam: 7.3
    Draft: 2.2
    Displacement: 60000
    Motorboats: 2X365 HP
    Horse Power: 365
    Day by day capacity: 8

Destinations where you can hire a High-Spec custom gulet

  • Yacht charter in Bodrum
  • <p>Looking for a <strong>yacht charter in Bodrum</strong>? Bodrum is in the south of the Mediterranean, located on the Turkish Aegean coast, the perfect place for a holiday. Domestic and international tourists flock to the region each year, to admire the city’s beauty, its beaches and vivid blue sea and of course to enjoy a yacht charter in Bodrum. Why not take one of aBoatTime’s gulets or yachts either bareboat or with a skipper and experience this less well-known area of Turkey and a quieter area of the Aegean Sea and Turkish coast. </p> <p>Bodrum is situated on Turkey’s western coast, near Greece and to the south of Marmaris. Its long coastline features many of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful coves, and underwater caves, with diverse flora and fauna. Bodrum is also an extremely old city with an important cultural heritage, and has a number of ancient ruins, such as the Tomb of Mausolus, built in 353 BC, which is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. The ruins are very interesting and will meet the demands of any history buff! If you wish to travel round Turkey by yacht, Bodrum is an ideal destination. </p> <h2>What to do in Bodrum</h2> <p>In the last few decades, Bodrum has gone from being a traditional fishing village to a fully featured resort city. The city’s scenic beaches and mild average annual temperature of 18ºC have made it one of Turkey’s top yacht charter destinations. </p> <p>Bodrum peninsula is a paradise for lovers of diving, thanks to the fantastic marine fauna such as anemones and coral formations. One of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean is also located near Bodrum; The Aladdin’s Cave, a 23 metre deep underwater cave located on the neighbouring island of Fethiye, where you can swim surrounded by abundant marine life. </p> <p>A similar diving site is Rambo Cavern, a 14 metre deep underwater cave, where you can see a huge range of marine life, and observe the curious stalactites and other interesting rock formations. If you also like other water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, there are a number of nearby schools where you can learn via practical classes and get all the equipment you need. </p> <p>Bodrum is popular for tourists due to its rich cultural heritage. Its prime location in the Mediterranean, between Greece, Eastern Europe, and Northern Asia has caused it to be a frequent stop for the many civilisations that crossed the Mediterranean. Its most famous monument is the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, a Greek tomb dating back to 353 BC, and is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World. </p> <p>Another historic location in Bodrum is its castle, built in 1402. It was built by the Byzantines and is situated on a hill overlooking the coast, and was often the first landmark sailors saw when they travelled towards Bodrum’s coast; now you can follow in their footsteps and sail into the main harbour on your yacht charter in Bodrum. </p> <p>Furthermore, if you decide to charter a bareboat or yacht with a skipper, then you have to explore the local area. Take your boat and tour the local Turkish are, Turkey boasts some fascinating and beautiful areas like; Yalikavak, Marmaris and Fethiye. So come sailing in Bodrum, Turkey on board one of our yachts and have a great holiday in one of Europe’s lesser well known destinations! </p> <h2>Beaches </h2> <p>Bodrum’s coast is renowned for its rugged terrain and its scenic coastline, but if you’re more interested in sunbathing, there are long sandy beaches situated near the city centre. </p> <h4>Gumbet</h4> <p> Located 3 kilometres from the centre, it is very popular with the British tourists, many of them choose to spend their day at the beach and when the sun goes down, head to Bodrum. This long sandy beach is full of hotels that attract many young water sports enthusiasts, with its great windsurfing and diving schools. </p> <h4>Bitez </h4> <p>7 kilometres away from Bodrum, it is well cared for, at the beginning of each season new sand is added to make it more attractive to tourists. The added sand is fine grained and dark in color, which makes this beach different from many others. The views here are spectacular and the sunsets are a must see. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>Bodrum’s cuisine is the product of the blending of cultures, the main ingredients being Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, such as aubergines, tomatoes and courgettes, along with creamy cheese, yoghurt and sweet sauces, typical of Arabic cuisine. One of Bodrum’s specialities is Meze, a collection of aperitifs served before the meal. A typical drink is Ouzo, a strong Greek spirit which is taken with the main course. </p> <p>On your yacht charter in Bodrum, you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s fantastic nightlife. Bodrum’s natives are sure that their bars offer more evening entertainment than anywhere else in Turkey. Bodrum’s bars and clubs play the latest music and often feature superb live performances of the “zurna”, a type of flute, and “saz”, a type of guitar, and the parties can often last into the early hours of the morning. </p> <p>In the small seafront cafés you could spend hours admiring the impressive panoramic views of the sea. These locations are perfect for capping off an exciting evening, after a day aboard your chartered yacht. </p> <h2>Sailing from Bodrum</h2><p>From Bodrum you can visit the nearby Greek city of Rhodes, or go sailing along Turkey’s western coast to cities such as Didim and Kuşadası in the north and Marmaris in the south. If you’re looking for an authentic Turkish sailing experience, why not charter one of our classic Turkish gulets, and be immersed in Turkey’s culture? Isn’t it aBoatTime you enjoyed a yacht charter in Bodrum.</p>

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