Leopard 44

  • Catamaran - Leopard 44
  • The Leopard 44 represents the latest innovative developments with modern features not yet seen on production catamarans, while maintaining the commitment to the tried and tested features that have made the Leopard line one of the favorite brands of catamarans in the whole world. This model shows its inimitable style. The model Leopard 44 is a perfect choice for spending the weekend or a whole week traveling in the sea. Catamaran is very maneuverable and easy in operation which serves a good advantage during choosing of the yacht. The Leopard 44 is a good choice for a perfect holiday aboard. This aesthetic model is almost 13 meters long and full of innovation brought by the hand of experienced designers, Morrelli & Melvin, resulting in a magnificent vessel, whose unique and practical design is destined to revolutionize the standards of beauty in the production of catamarans. Probably the most striking feature of this model of the South African company, Robertson & Cain, is the integrated bimini, which protects the cockpit of inclement weather, improving at the same time, visibility and ventilation while sailing. The dominant philosophy of the Leopard 44 is to use the full potencial and functionality of free spaces. A clear example is the aft cabin. Opposable equipped with a platform to enjoy the sea, this versatile recreation area with a large table can be used as a storage room, as a relaxing area and reading a book or enjoy a cookout or a barbeque. But if outside this catamaran everything is new, inside, however, everything will seem familiar to the navigator used to the Leopard range. Available with 3 or 4 cabins, practicality, comfort and elegance are the reasons for the existence and disposition of all the pieces of furniture: reading lights, shelves, fans, etc. will make your stay comfortable. Bathrooms, adjacent to the cabins, including sink, shower with adjustable height and marine bath. The master bedroom occupies the entire bow of the ship. This spacious cabin features a separate study room and a private bathroom. Flooded with light at any time of day, the lounge is the perfect place for spending unforgettable moments together. The L-shaped gallery, the thoughtful placement of furniture conveys a unique feeling of spaciousness, with enough room for eight people to sit around the table. In the same room you will find the kitchen,which is fully equipped with a stove, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. Backed by several awards, this boat is the perfect choice for a weekend or a sailing trip of a week or more.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Leopard 44
    Type: Catamaran
    Length: 12.75
    Beam: 7.25
    Draft: 1.27
    Displacement: 12615
    Motorboats: 2x Yanmar
    Horse Power: 29
    Day by day capacity: 10

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