Mahe 36

  • Catamaran - Mahe 36
  • The Mahe 36 catamaran is from the French ship maker Fountaine Pajot. With a length of 11 meters and a large deck, it offers plenty of space during your stay on board. At the rear there is a comfortable area, which can be used for sitting or sunbathing and to observe the surroundings. At the bow there is an area typical of catamarans where you can sunbathe. The interiors are impressive with a modern design and the cabins are spacious and comfortable. This boat can have two possible interior formats: three cabins which can sleep up to six people, while the format is with two cabins which sleeps only four people, but there is one more bathroom. The interiors and the deck have been designed to provide maximum space for the crew and guests to enjoy during the trip. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the cockpit of this catamaran is the 360-degree, panoramic view. This is beneficial due to improved safety because you can see all of your environment. Moreover, you can find compartments to store your personal items and a refrigerator for food and drinks. The living area is very light, and is ideal for communal activities such as eating, games or relaxing. The interior is practical, functional and can be adapted thanks to a modular design according to your wishes and needs. In addition, this catamaran has the latest technical equipment. Sailing aboard the Mahe 36 is very safe and its design is impressive: It was designed by Joubert / Nivelt and Olivier Flahaut, so you can enjoy a perfect stay on board and enjoy your holiday on the high seas! When navigating, this catamaran offers very comfortable, innovative technology, which allows sailing to be much easier. If you want, you do not have to manually move the rudder. Most modern nautical accessories improve the maneuverability and handling, making this catamaran very stable and safe for you to sail on during your chartered holiday. If you are interested in fishing, this boat is the perfect choice for you, as you sit down with your fishing on the seats and relax. It is the perfect boat for a few relaxing days to spend at sea and will allow you to enjoy an amazing holiday that you will never forget!

    Technical specifications

    Model: Mahe 36
    Type: Catamaran
    Length: 11
    Beam: 5.9
    Draft: 1.5
    Displacement: 5000
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 60
    Day by day capacity: 12

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