Yacht models

Fairline Targa 48

The model Fairline Targa 48 has enough free space on the roof, so that you can enjoy of taking sun bath there. Due to the large panoramic windows inside of the boat comes a lot of sunlight. This motor yacht impresses with its maneuverability and ease of navigation. This model is one of the best sport boats.

Feeling 44

Feeling 44 is an innovative sailboat by the reason that it has got a high-end elegance. The yacht was especially designed for the whole family that all could enjoy the voyage with a luxury comfort. The length of 13 metres and multifunctional yachts structure has a huge advantage in any situation.

Ferretti 53

Ferretti 53 has the ability to accommodate up to 6 individuals in 3 cabins and 12 individuals during the day. This yacht is ideal for cruising along the coast and for enjoying some vacation time. This is the perfect boat for those who want to experience the thrill of speed during a cruise while at the same time enjoying in the comfort. In terms of performance and engineering, Ferretti 53 sets new standards in the world of offshore sport yachts, combining a spectacular ability to handle this yacht, with all the style, elegance and quality of a luxury motoryacht. This boat is capable of traveling long distances and rotates rapidly in a wide variety of conditions.

Fiart 4seven

Fiart 47 is one of the flagship engines of the Fiart shipyard. It’s also one of the crown jewels of motorboats due to its technique and style. The boat is about 14 metres long, but gives you plenty of room to relax on due to the practicality and its pragmatic design. Its maneuverability and close control is the result of the hull which is made through the process of vacuum infusion. The luxurious and spacious interiors are designed efficiently thus maximising the space. There are 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms and a large living room for you to enjoy.

First 285

The First 285 is the perfect boat to enjoy sailing in the coastal area for day charters as well as several days voyages. The pleasure of sailing the boat through the tiller in the wheel makes the great sensitivity that you get from the blade in each heading really enjoyable. Its deck is very comfortable, and the lateral seating area, in teak, a small but very convenient bathing platform and a very safe prow area are its highlights. Its interior area is made with fine oak wood and has a very spacious saloon. A highly advisable option for small groups that start enjoying the experience of sailing.

First 31.7

The First 31.7 is a really fun boat to sail. It’s simple, fast and sensitive, up to some coastal cruising or local regattas. The interior is very well designed with two comfortable double cabins. If you want to rent a boat for a day charter or coastal cruising, this is it!

First 35

The First 35 is a boat of about 10 meters, which belongs to the Bénéteau range. Designed for family cruising, it is the perfect boat to get closer to wonderful beaches, as its depth is 1.8 m. This range of boats makes maneuvering appropriate for anyone, both in racing or in excursions.

First 36.7

The First 36.7 is true to the tradition of the line of Beneteau sailing boats: boats with a regatta spirit but also created to enjoy pleasant coastal cruising. Everything is designed so that manoeuvres can be made easily and comfortably. This is a sailing boat that is perfect for fun sailing and comfortable moments with friends or family.

First 40.7

The First 40.7 is a fantastic sailboat for sailing the Mediterranean sea. It belongs to the Bénéteau sailboats range, a regatta boat very pleasing on sailing. It is easy to handle, and with its large cockpit and great interior it allows you to have a great comfortable space.

First 47.7

The First 47.7 is the most modern yacht in its range. Its maneuver is forwarded and allows the crew to move easiest. The interior is spacious, which has a large table in the living room and a great kitchen. The First 47.7 is the perfect boat for family sailing and to enjoying the best holidays.

Flyer 575

The model Flyer 575 accommodates up to 8 people. If you want to spend a great day, wherever would you trip, this yacht is perfect choice for your travel.

Formosa 41

The Formosa 41 is a 12 meters spectacular sailing boat, which allows you to enjoy the sea and adventure. Seating for 8 people, it is a vintage sailboat wood ended. You can enjoy both sailing and relaxing, visit magnificent beaches or, if you prefer, do snorkeling.

Fountaine Pajot 40

The Fountaine Pajot 40 is a wonderful catamaran that is 11.73 metres long and gives you the chance to enjoy a great holiday. The fantastic sails make it one of the best catamarans to sail on due to its stability and control. All of the interior finishes are luxurious, elegant and highly sophisticated. The dining table can seat up to 8 people. Plus, the exterior is perfectly designed for sunbathing due to the large sundeck which has plenty of space. In addition, the Pajot 40 is perfectly designed for easy access to the sea where you can enjoy sunny days on board with your family or friends.

Four Winns 224 Funship

The Four Winns 224 Funship is a 6.38m long motor boat that is just waiting for you to rent it for a fantastic holiday! Its main compartment is very comfortable and optimizes the space on board that you can sit in and relax on. On the bow, the solarium is perfect for enjoying the sun during the day and the sunsets in the evenings. Also, this boat is ideal for swimming out in the open seas due to the easy access to the sea. It is the perfect boat for you to spend a short time together with friends or family. As the very name indicates, the "funship" is a boat where fun is guaranteed!

Four Winns 240 Horizon

The Four Winns 240 Horizon is the perfect boat for a day outing. Fast, agile, and sporty, it also has plenty of comfortable space in the bow and in the cockpit. The stern platform provides comfortable access to the water for swimming.

Four Winns 285 Vista

The model Four Winns 285 Vista is the perfect choice to arrange day trips. Quick, maneuver, this sport yacht has a lot of free space at the bow and at the stern, where you can enjoy of taking sun-baths.

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