Yacht models

Lomac Adrenalina 7.5

The Lomac Adrenalina 7.5 is a semi-rigid 8 metre long motorboat that can carry up to 12 people during the day! It has a powerful 220 horse power engine that will delight passengers who have a need for speed, plus, the powerful engine allows you to sail further and explore more of the coastline as you can visit more places in a short trip! The Adrenalina 7.5 is sporty, comfortable and perfect for day charters, either in the company of friends or in the family. Don’t miss out, isn’t it aBoatTime?


<p>When it comes to comfort, quality and low cost, the MacGregor 26X is the boat for you.</p> <p>It is a boat designed with the passengers in mind. It’s easy to sail and has a reduced level of fuel consumption, and of course, a high speed that allows you to speed across waters that are out of the reach of a conventional sailboat.</p> <p>Its Yamaha 50hp engine adapts to the needs of the guest. The MacGregor 26X can be used as a sailboat and as a yacht, which will offer peace of mind when sailing or fun when moving at higher speeds.</p> <p>These characteristics make it an attractive option when holidaying with family or friends.</p> <p>Its interior is very comfortable with quality finishes, it has a fully equipped kitchen, six double bunks and two singles that are spacious. It also has a ballast water system that will provide better stability, storage for twelve gas tanks and a solid foam hull that will allow the ship to stay afloat in case of flood or damage, which will make you feel even safer during your stay.</p> <p>In short, it is a boat designed for easy sailing and comfortable handling, with a simple, high quality finish and spacious layout. Enjoy your wonderful holiday on the shores of your dream destination while enjoying a beautiful and quiet sunset under the sails. Plus, take part in great activities such as diving, fishing, swimming, water skiing or simply enjoying a delicious meal with your family or friends. Best of all however, rent this boat at a totally affordable price on a fantastic sailing holiday.</p>

Magazzu MX-13 Coupe

This impressive 13m long semi-rigid motor boat is the best option for those looking to combine high comfort with speedy sailing. The exterior space is plentiful which makes it the ideal motor boat to spend a day on. The large deck maximizes the outdoor space and kitchen area, there’s plenty of room to sunbathe too! But we must not forget about the fantastic interior space, which is ideal for people who want to take a break from the waves for a bit and rest in comfort. There is a large living room, one modern cabin and a spacious bathroom. The interior kitchen is the final piece of this great boat that has few rivals that can compete.

Mahe 36

<p>The <strong>Mahe 36</strong> catamaran is from the French ship maker Fountaine Pajot. With a length of 11 meters and a large deck, it offers plenty of space during your stay on board. At the rear there is a comfortable area, which can be used for sitting or sunbathing and to observe the surroundings. At the bow there is an area typical of catamarans where you can sunbathe. The interiors are impressive with a modern design and the cabins are spacious and comfortable.</p> <p>This boat can have two possible interior formats: three cabins which can sleep up to six people, while the format is with two cabins which sleeps only four people, but there is one more bathroom.</p> <p>The interiors and the deck have been designed to provide maximum space for the crew and guests to enjoy during the trip. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the cockpit of this catamaran is the 360-degree, panoramic view. This is beneficial due to improved safety because you can see all of your environment. Moreover, you can find compartments to store your personal items and a refrigerator for food and drinks. The living area is very light, and is ideal for communal activities such as eating, games or relaxing. The interior is practical, functional and can be adapted thanks to a modular design according to your wishes and needs.</p> <p>In addition, this catamaran has the latest technical equipment. Sailing aboard the Mahe 36 is very safe and its design is impressive: It was designed by Joubert / Nivelt and Olivier Flahaut, so you can enjoy a perfect stay on board and enjoy your holiday on the high seas!</p> <p>When navigating, this catamaran offers very comfortable, innovative technology, which allows sailing to be much easier. If you want, you do not have to manually move the rudder. Most modern nautical accessories improve the maneuverability and handling, making this catamaran very stable and safe for you to sail on during your chartered holiday. If you are interested in fishing, this boat is the perfect choice for you, as you sit down with your fishing on the seats and relax.</p> <p>It is the perfect boat for a few relaxing days to spend at sea and will allow you to enjoy an amazing holiday that you will never forget!</p>

Mauritius 44

The Mauritius 44 is the perfect gulet for you, your friends or family to spend some time out on the high seas whilst visiting some amazing pieces of coastline. This gulet offers all the services that you would expect on this type of boat, you’ll want for nothing. Enjoy some long journeys out at sea whilst being reassured by the great safety and stability that it offers during more adverse weather conditions. The upper deck has plenty of space for you and the other passengers to sunbathe and relax on too. The living room is large and offers ample space which is perfect for you to relax in with family.


This motorboat, the Menorquin is made entirely of wood in a stylish way that will fall in love with when you first lay eyes on it. The Menorquin is perfect for sailors who fancy enjoying a spot of fishing too. The Menorquin motorboat is the perfect vessel for people who want to get away from it all and just sit back and relax as you enjoy a quiet and peaceful sailing trip with your friends or family.

Menorquin 120

The Menorquin 120 Open is a beautifully built classic yacht designed by the shipyard Menorquin Yachts. It is a very versatile and spacy llaut. Its interiors are equipped and designed with taste and attention to every detail. The noble woods used in its interiors highlight the refined classic style which distinguishes the yachts built by Menorquin. Doubtlessly a fabulous option for small groups which look for week charters as well as day charters.

Merry Fisher 795

This beautiful motorboat is from the renowned and respected Fisheryard. It is surprising for its sporty and attractive design. It also stands out for its spacious and bright interior spaces. Its design is very modern and with great personality. It offers true sailing comfort and life on board and is perfect for family outings. It offers great comfort and dynamism in its handling. It comes equipped with an outboard motor that provides a high performance.

Montecarlo 27

<p>The <strong>Montecarlo 27</strong> is a modern motorboat with features worthy of the largest boats. It has a comfortable cockpit with room to sunbathe or sit and enjoy a meal. On the bow you will also find a solarium. Inside, you will find a full bathroom and space to sleep comfortably.</p>

Monterey 224 FS

The Monterey 224FS motorboat is the perfect boat for sailors who are looking for a stylish ride without sacrificing any comfort. Its attractive design is complemented by the minute details of the boat that have been carefully built, making the 224FS the best choice for a magnificent day of sailing. The deck areas allow you to enjoy both sun and sea, which can be accessed easily on the platform at the rear of the boat. Furthermore, the aerodynamic windshield will shield the passengers if they want to turn up the speed and feel the wind in their hair. It is an ideal boat for day trips out at sea in the company of friends thanks to its great capacity of 7 people. Its 220cv engine means that the 224FS is an ideal option for sailing along the coast, visiting islands, relaxing on beaches and taking a quick dip in the sea.

Monterey 238 SS

The Monterey 238 SS has one of the largest sundecks compared with its competitors. The 238 Super Sport is undoubtedly the best choice for those sailors who are looking for a fun day out at sea under the warm sun. Additionally, the seating area at the bow of the boat offers even more space for the passengers to sit back and relax on. It’s almost 9 meters in length and has a larger space to enjoy than most other similar models, thus the stability and space available is increased. The 270cv engine turns the 238 SS into a mixture of style and speed, making it ideal also for passengers who want to explore a coast at speed and with power.

Monterey 268 SC

The Monterey 268 SC is a great, smaller sized motor boat that is perfect for enjoying a wonderful day out at sea whilst surrounded by loved ones and friends. Both the maneuverability and handling of the 268 SC are of a very high quality, and add to the already high levels of safety on board. The 268 SC has a practical and functional design too which allows customers to enjoy a comfortable night on board even though there is limited space.

Monterey 268 SSX

The Monterey 268 SSX is a 9 metre long motorboat that is perfect for a group of up to 8 people who are ready for a sailing trip exploring a gorgeous coast. Both of the deck areas are spacious and comfortable, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the sun during the trip. One aspect that sets it apart from other similar motorboats is the ample storage space under the seating areas, which optimizes the space on deck. Its 350hp engine is the key to the Monterey 268 SSX's high speed, plus, it means you can visit large amounts of coastline in just a short day trip! Don’t miss out on a great holiday, rent the 268 SSX now!

Monterey 278 SS

The Monterey 278 SS is arguably the ideal motorboat to rent on your next holiday! Spend a day out at sea whilst relaxing or having fun in a luxurious and comfortable boat. Explore the high seas or find a secluded beach or cove to stop and relax in surrounded by your friends and family. It has a capacity of up to 8 people, a surprising amount for a smaller boat, but its design maximizes space. It has a sporty yet attractive design that everyone will be impressed with. The interiors are spacious and comfortable and also features a fridge plus an iPhone / iPod CD connection with speakers.

Monterey 278 SSX

Fabulosa lancha motora para navegar por las aguas del Mediterráneo. Tiene una capacidad para 7 personas que podrán relajarse disfrutando de una navegación segura y cómoda. Esta lancha es para aquellos amantes de la velocidad que puedan pasarlo en grande mientras se abren camino por las olas.

Monterey 288 SS

The Monterey 288 SS is a fantastic compact motorboat that is characterized by its refined elegance couple with its sportiness. It combines luxury, technology and performance and has deck areas at the bow and rear of the boat. It really is a great option for passengers who want to explore a lot of coast and relax at the same time! It is one of the most elegant motorboats that we have on offer here at aBoatTime.

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