Yacht models

Monterey 298 SS

Monterey 298 has a range of engines that will allow you to achieve unattainable speeds, which are perfect for water sports such as skiing, parasailing or just to have fun sailing. With its wide open spaces on board and sunshade canopies you can enjoy a relaxing day at sea and always accompany it with an anchorage in the crystal clear water.

Monterey 355 Cruiser

The 355 Cruiser is one of Monterey's most popular models, and it’s not just a mere coincidence. The combination of its modern design, superb layout and fantastic engine are undoubtedly a winning combination. One of the great strengths of this motorboat is the interior space which is divided into a living room and kitchen, both equipped with all the comforts and necessities that you’d want on your trip. There is also a pragmatic and comfortable cabin in the bow, which allows you to rent the 355 Cruiser for a longer time and sleep on board in a secluded cove under the Mediterranean moonlight. On deck, the comfy seating areas are perfect for enjoying a spot of fishing, sunbathing and of course swimming with your friends or family.

Moody 336

Moody es un barco cómodo para crucero y de fácil manejo. Tiene una navegación más eficiente que cualquier otro modelo Moody.

MY Korab

The MY Korab is one of your best choices for your next holiday if you want to rent a boat. This motor boat has great capacity, and can carry up to 12 people on board at a time. The spacious deck is perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and spending time with your friends and family. So don’t forget your sun cream and start to work on your bronze tan! The interior of the MY Korab is also of very high quality and was made and designed luxuriously.

Nautitech 40

The Nautitech 40 catamaran is fast and easy to handle, with a surprising habitability. It has a new deck and there are notable changes, including more space and a larger kitchen. The cabins enjoy the same size and spaciousness, all very important when chartering a catamaran.

Nautitech 40 Open

The new Nautitech 40 Open, is a fantastic catamaran, perfect for your yacht charter. Thanks to Marc Lombard’s design expertise, the French yacht maker has achieved a light and airy, spacious interior, without sacrificing speed, safety or an enjoyable experience. These features make this catamaran an ideal option for yacht charter, both for sailing aficionados and sailing novices, as it is a beautiful boat both inside and out.

Nautitech 44

Nautitech 44 is an elegant sailing catamaran built in 2010 in order to be able to enjoy sailing. Its 4 cabins offer a comfortable and spacious accommodation for up to 12 individuals. Renting this sailing catamaran, with a length of 13.40 meters, is an opportunity that will allow you to have an experience that you will never forget. The destination you choose for your cruise will never be the same if you decide to experience it in this pleasant sailing catamaran.

Nautitech 47

Focusing on space and comfort, the Nautitech 47’s sleek line makes it different from any other catamaran. This is the guarantee that you are on a real yacht whose seaworthiness is beyond reproach. Despite its thin hulls it offers an impressive amount of space, due to the cockpit and saloon being on the same level. What is most impressive when you climb aboard for the first time is the huge saloon looking to the exterior, its spacious, U-shaped galley, and the panoramic view. It is certainly one of the finest catamarans on the market. The standard version has 4 double cabins and 2 fore peaks which can be fitted out, allowing berths for 12 people.

Nautitech Fly 46

The <strong>Nautitech Fly 46</strong> represents the excellence and luxury of its French shipyard Marc Lombard, one of the most prestigious and successful yacht designers in France. It is still an innovative solution that responds to the needs of today's seafarers: power, comfort, performance and diverse designs. The great attractivity of this catamaran comes from its high ceilings and wide windows, which create a perfect lighting in the interior and make this catamaran a more comfortable and elegant boat.

Neel 45

Сatamaran Neel 45 has five cabins with excellent interior decoration and magnificent interior. This model has an elegant, refined and minimalist style. Perfect choice for a good holiday with family or friends.

Nuova Jolly Prince 23

If you want to spend a day traveling and enjoying the sea Nuova Jolly Prince 23 motor boat is a perfect choice. The power of 300 horsepower will present you fast and comfortable ride. On the ship there is a lot of free space, so it is the best place for taking the sunbathe. Inside of the vessel there is a comfortable cabin.

Ocean Star 48.1

This model is perfect for any weather journey. A large number of hatches allow sunlight to penetrate easily, making the interior bright and pleasant. The yacht has four cabins and a spacious cabin. Ocean Star 48.1 is incredibly easy in navigation and it’s a perfect choice for a family holiday. Superbly equipped kitchen will allow you to cook on board.

Ocean Star 51.1

This kind of boat has been built for a perfect sailing under all weather conditions. It has a large cockpit which allows you access to the interior without having to avoid any obstacles. If you go inside you can see how the lighting makes your dreams come true. The Ocean Star 51.1 offers a hall, a lounge where the whole crew fits in the same table, a full kitchen for lunchtime, and some rooms really familiar. This is a familiar boat with a very simple sail trimming.

Ocean Star 51.2

Right after the great success of the Ocean Star 51.1 model, Ocean Yachts shipyard has made several improvements creating the Ocean Star 51.2. This yacht presents a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty, offering a breakthrough in the art of design and in the performance capabilities, with the purpose to sail through the oceans of the world, thanks to its storage capacity. The cabin deck is set for relaxation, since the rooms are separated from the work areas and the interiors are hand-made built with the highest standards. The seating area exudes warmth and luxury. The twin steering positions and proximity of all sail controls and deck handling equipment make this yacht very easy to sail. Entertaining your friends and family will be much easier, thanks to the full size kitchen, which is is equipped with two stainless steel sinks, a refrigerator, a stove and a large amount of cabinets and drawers. Access to technical equipment is simple and hassle free for the service.

Oceanis 28.1

The Oceanis 28.1 comes from the boat maker Bénéteau and is a fantastic sailboat that is 8.6 metres long. This is one of its smaller Oceanis models, however, it does not lose out on any luxury or comfort! The Oceanis 28.1 is a classic and timeless model that will live long in your memory if you rent it for a holiday! It has a great interior layout, which is designed pragmatically, maximizing the available space. With this model, simplicity and comfort go hand in hand, despite its smaller size. We here at aBoatTime think that it’s spacious, agile and ideal for a sailing holiday.

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