Yacht models

Oceanis 55

The Oceanis 55, the new boat of the shipyard Beneteau is a lengthy sailboat featuring an avant-garde, taut design and large openings which make its interior bright and spacious. It is garnished with clean and modern lines. Its cockpit is as well very roomy and has ample lateral corridors to enjoy navigation, the breeze and the sun on its deck. Definitely a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy yacht charter with the best comfort.

Oceanis 58

The Oceanis 58 will impress you before you even leave the marina. Its modern design, with a clean and flat deck designed for ease of handling while under sail, will ensure that you enjoy yourself while sailing or at anchor. In the stern a convenient platform for swimming will allow you to recover from the rigours of your vacation. In the cockpit, the central arch takes care of the main sheet lines and allows for freedom of movement, so you can forget about the boom. Inside, an impressive saloon and a full galley will allow you to enjoy life aboard in complete comfort.

Oceanis 60

The Oceanis 60 is a fantastic sailboat that you could and should rent for your next holiday with family or friends! The Oceanis 60 is 17.75 metres long and is big enough for a day by day capacity of up to 12 people! That’s plenty of family and friends that you can enjoy exploring the coast with! The interiors of the Oceanis 60 are also very comfortable and designed in a modern fashion, you’ll feel like your out sailing in your own home! Moreover, the kitchen and living spaces are fully equipped with everything that you require during your sailing trip, allowing you to sit back, relax and not worry about a thing!

Ocqueteau Abaco 20

The Ocqueteau Abaco 20 is a splendid little motorboat that has features that make it different from other brands and its competition. The boat is very stable which allows you to spend your time on board in comfort, plus the sailing is unbeatable. This is perhaps one of the most stable motorboats in the Ocqueteau range. Furthermore, its distribution is well-designed for comfort, fishing and sailing. This motorboat provides you with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some time out at sea and make some amazing memories with friends or family.

Odin 820 nova

The sailboat Odin 820 Nova is a perfect choice for spending the weekend or a whole week traveling in the sea. Inside of the boat there are: very spacious living room and incredibly comfortable kitchen. In the stern of this model there is a very convenient access to the sea so you could enjoy the swimming at the open sea.

Open 470

Open 470 is an ideal variant to get a good rest in the sea and make excursions.

OPEN 550 Elite

Open 550 Elite is a six-meter motor boat. Comfort and functional design distinguish this boat among others. Rent of this boat will allow you to enjoy a relaxing stay at sea and spend your time with your family or friends.

Orana 44

The Orana 44 catamaran will guarantee a pleasurable charter. Spacious, luxurious, and well designed, the Orana 44 ensures comfort with large cabins, a spectacular saloon, and a fully equipped galley. Outside, the command post and the hard bimini cover are designed to let you enjoy navigation and anchoring in the most spectacular coves. Take advantage of the cockpit in the stern and enjoy yourself!

Oryx 46

The Oryx 46 is a motorboat model that provides luxury and comfort with all sorts of facilities. The motorboat has a modern and exclusive design indoor and outdoor, providing all boat spaces with technological equipment and huge and nice cabins. Its outdoor platform is idyllic if you like to enjoy your vacation the most.


The Pacha gulet is a fantastic boat that has a classic wooden design and décor that will be the vessel for you, your friends and family to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Explore gorgeous coastlines on this boat and spend your time, sunbathing, relaxing and swimming as you visit secluded beaches, coves and islands. This elegant gulet is very spacious, there is plenty of room for all the guests on board to relax and feel at home and cozy.

Pearlsea 31 Hard Top

Pearlsea 31 Hard Top is a sport motor yacht with unique stylish design. At the boat there are two spacious cabins that can comfortably accommodate four passengers.

Pearlsea 36 Open

The model Pearlsea 36 Open is very comfortable motor yacht with three cabins, you will like its interior. Bunk cabin is arranged in the bow of the yacht. This yacht is a great option for a relaxing holiday at the sea.

Prestige 36

<p>The <strong>Prestige 36</strong> will take you wherever you want to go to enjoy your vacation in style and comfort. A fly bridge, room in the bow for sun tanning, and a stern platform that’s great for when you go swimming, combine with luxurious interiors, including a saloon and a galley, making this one of the best options for your charter. Rent this boat and have a great rest in the sea. Your friends and family will remember this boat for a whole life.</p>

Princess 45

Princess 45 is the thirteen-meter motor yacht with three cabins comfortably accommodate six people. This boat is perfect choice to rest in the sea.

Princess 46 Riviera

The Princess 46 Riviera, built by the renowned shipyard Princess Yachts is the perfect option for daycharters or longer stays to enjoy the sea in comfort, since it has a daily capacity for up to 12 passengers and it is equipped with two large double cabins, an ideal choice to make the best of your holidays with family or a small group of friends. Its best qualities are its meticulous built hull (one of the best of all the Princess range), its huge cockpit and its sunbathing areas in prow and stern.

Princess 61

This Princess 61 is a luxury motor boat that can carry up to 11 people during days out at sea! This large motorboat is ideal for exploring the coasts and spending unforgettable days out on the high seas.

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