Yacht models

Princess 45

Princess 45 is the thirteen-meter motor yacht with three cabins comfortably accommodate six people. This boat is perfect choice to rest in the sea.

Princess 46 Riviera

The Princess 46 Riviera, built by the renowned shipyard Princess Yachts is the perfect option for daycharters or longer stays to enjoy the sea in comfort, since it has a daily capacity for up to 12 passengers and it is equipped with two large double cabins, an ideal choice to make the best of your holidays with family or a small group of friends. Its best qualities are its meticulous built hull (one of the best of all the Princess range), its huge cockpit and its sunbathing areas in prow and stern.

Princess 61

This Princess 61 is a luxury motor boat that can carry up to 11 people during days out at sea! This large motorboat is ideal for exploring the coasts and spending unforgettable days out on the high seas.

Princess 62 HT

The Princess 62 is an elegant yacht, of 19.30 metres in length, equipped with 4 spacious, light and airy cabins which ensure the ultimate in comfort for up to 8 passengers. The advantageous location of the cabin in the boat’s beam, allows for magnificent sea views for the hosts of the boat. The boat’s exterior is dominated by a spacious sun deck and relaxation areas, with teak flooring throughout. From the boat’s helm, one can access the deck and the bow, the latter featuring another relaxation area. Inside, the Princess 62 HT is designed to offer a light and pleasant environment, thanks to its large windows and modern décor, with a neutral colour scheme and wooden flooring and furniture. The vessel is equipped with the latest technology, with an LED TV in the saloon, with air conditioning throughout. The Princess 62 HT’s agility is another feature which makes it a pleasure to sail. The flybridge yacht is an excellent model for yacht charter, with a maximum speed of 30 knots and cruising speed of 24 knots.

Princess V 42

The Princess V 42 is a brilliant combination of luxury and functionality. The interior of the ship has a stylish and large main deck with panoramic windows and triple sliding doors that let in natural light and the pleasant sea breeze. The outlines highlight the sporty character of this boat and give it a special look.

Princess V55

<p>The <strong>Princess V55</strong> is a splendid combination of beautiful details and practical solutions, from the elegant lounge and cabins to the dining room, which can be easily converted into a large lounge. The interior of the ship introduces and elegant and spacious modern main deck, with panoramic windows and triple sliding door that allows the free passage of natural light to gives you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant sea breeze in a ship of this grandeur. Below the deck, the L-shaped dining room can become double berth for occasional guests, or you can designate it to be a third guest cabin as a permanent solution.</p>

Privilege 585

<p>A simple glance at <strong>Privilege 585</strong> is enough to percieve that this is a catamaran with magnificent qualities.</p> <p>Following the philosophy for highest quality luxury yachts, the Privilege 585 has been built with the best materials and the latest innovations in marine technology, to achieve finest comfort, highest safety level and a unique navigation that makes this boat the perfect choice for a fantastic holiday with your family or friends. Accommodating up to 8 passengers during the nights (plus 3 crew members divided into two cabins that are accessible from the deck), there will not be any shortage of space (in fact, what you can feel, perhaps, is the excess space) due to its great dimensions of 17.82 meters of length and 9.25 meters width.</p> <p>Every detail of the cover of the Privilege shines and creates a flawless overall impression. Between the two platforms made of teak wood (with diving board integrated), located at the stern of the double hull, the cockpit is protected by a collapsible awning. At starboard you will have a large wooden table, edged aside by a sofa and on the other side by several chairs, it is designed to lunch or dinner together outdoors. On the port side, elevated on a step, the helm presents an unprecedented steering wheel. Before going inside, note the two rows of hatches in the solarium, offering an unparalleled interior room light.</p> <p>Separated from the cockpit by a glass door, the living room is very spacious and presents a fancy Italian design with very good taste and attention to detail. While in the middle of the room you will have a lot of free space, two sofas are located the bow to port and starboard. Next to the first sofa is a large table, surrounded by several padded chairs. Moreover in this room you have a curve shaped shelf with a sink and a refrigerator, which you may use as a bar to prepare delicious cocktails for you and your guests.</p> <p>The bedrooms are divided into four private cabins, all equipped with a double bed, natural and artificial light, a small armchair, numerous closets and private bathrooms with a separate shower. Finally, as a novelty, the kitchen is located on the side of the port hull. It is elongated, stylish and equipped with everything you wish for: a sink, gas burners, an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator with freezer and a large work surface.</p>

Queen of Karia

Queen of Karia is a luxurious motor-sailor built in the tradition of the Turkish gulet. At 35 metres long, it combines classic style and glamour with the latest in comfort and technology. A cruising speed of 12 knots and excellent seaworthiness ensure that even the longest passages can be enjoyed in absolute comfort. Discover the charm of the Turkish coast and the Greek Dodecanese islands by sailing in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of the world.

Quicksilver 605

The Quicksilver 605 is a fast and comfortable motorboat, where you can spend a really good time. Since it is up to 7 people, it is ideal for water sports, relax while sunbathing or while fishing.

Quicksilver 635

The Quicksilver 635 is a fast and comfortable motorboat, with a capacity of up to six people. It is ideal for water sports, to relax in the sun or go fishing. You will have a great sailing day.

Quicksilver Activ 510

Quicksilver Activ 510 has a large deck and a comfortable place to fish directly from the boats. This model will make your day unforgettable. It is a versatile boat, where you can have a great stay on board for the night.

Rab 720

This motor yacht is perfect choice for those who want to spend an unforgettable day in the open sea. Also there is the cabin in case you if want to spend the night on board.

Regal 292 Commodore

The Regal 292 Comodore is a motor yacht with every comfort necessary to lose yourself in your favourite cove. If you decide to move, twin engines will take you back to port or to your next hideaway in no time. With two cabins and a galley, you can spend a weekend here with your family or friends. During the day enjoy the sun on the deck!

RIB Classic 7.75

The Clasic Rib is perfect for navigate from place to place and to enjoy with friends or family.

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