Yacht models

Dufour 405 grand large

The Dufour 405 grand large was "European Boat of the Year 2010", something that doesn´t surprise us

Dufour 455 grand large

The Dufour 455 belongs to the Dufour Grand Large line. Like all models in this range, is an exemplar

Bavaria 32 Cruiser

Bavaria Yachts launched a new small cruiser that comes with all the features of a big cruiser! T

Bavaria 41

The Bavaria 41 is an excellent boat with an elegant line. Its big cockpit offers plenty of space. Be

Bavaria 38 Cruiser

The Bavaria 38 is a vessel of small dimensions and has been very successful in the charter. The i

Bavaria 36 cruiser

The Bavaria 36 Cruiser is a sailboat that despite its contained dimensions offers a large deck space

Bavaria 36

The Bavaria 36 is a sailboat that, despite its constrained dimensions, offers a large deck space. Th

Bavaria 38

The exterior lines of the Bavaria 38 are sober, discreet and classic in its deck and in its inside.

Oceanis 40

The Oceanis 40 has all the ingredients for a perfect charter. Fine interiors and a very comfortable

Gib Sea 51

The Gib Sea 51 is the flagship of this line from Dufour Yachts. Its design is based on the same idea

Gib Sea 43

The Gib Sea 43 is a made by the French Dufour Yachts shipyard. It is a sturdy all-around sailing boa

Sun Odyssey 45

An exceptional design team, including world-renowned designer Phillippe Briand and the French Jeanne

Sun Odyssey 45.2

The international designer Phillippe Briand worked with the Jeanneau shipyard to combine comfort, el

Bavaria 35 Match

The Bavaria 35 Match is the sporty version of the cruiser series. It offers high performance for the

Sun Odyssey 42i

The international designer Phillippe Briand, together with the Jeanneau design team, has achieved wi

Oceanis 361 Clipper

The Oceanis 361 is a perfect yacht to hire for small groups or families. The interiors are comfortab

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