Yacht models

Sessa Key Largo 22

The Sessa Key Largo 22 is a recreational craft, exclusively designed for day trips. Large parts of t

Cranchi 26

This speedy motorboat with its impressive engine was built for speed. It combines sportiness and ele

Sea Ray 280

The Sea Ray 280 is an ideal motorboat to spend a quiet day at the Mediterranean with family and frie

Sunseeker Superhawk 34

Renting the Sunseeker Superhawk 34 from aBoatTime is one of the best boats to rent for your next hol

Alfamarine 60

The Alfamarine 60 is a luxurious boat that shows off its elegance on all sides. It’s the ideal motor

Monterey 278 SS

The Monterey 278 SS is arguably the ideal motorboat to rent on your next holiday! Spend a day out at

SACS S33 X-File

The SACS S33 embodies versatility and adapts itself to the conditions of the sea. It can accommodate

Monterey 268 SC

The Monterey 268 SC is a great, smaller sized motor boat that is perfect for enjoying a wonderful da

Monterey 355 Cruiser

The 355 Cruiser is one of Monterey's most popular models, and it’s not just a mere coincidence. The

Monterey 288 SS

The Monterey 288 SS is a fantastic compact motorboat that is characterized by its refined elegance c

Monterey 268 SSX

The Monterey 268 SSX is a 9 metre long motorboat that is perfect for a group of up to 8 people who a

Monterey 278 SSX

Fabulosa lancha motora para navegar por las aguas del Mediterráneo. Tiene una capacidad para 7 pers

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 CC

The Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 CC is the refurbished and latest version of the motorboat from the Jean

Monterey 224 FS

The Monterey 224FS motorboat is the perfect boat for sailors who are looking for a stylish ride with

Hunton XRS 37

The Hunton XRS 37 is a stunning speedboat built with elegance, comfort and powerful in mind. It is t

Sessa S32

The Sessa S32 is perfect for sailing and visiting the hidden corners and coves of a gorgeous piece o

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Divide the cost of the yacht by the number of passengers, and you'll find in most cases, that it's cheaper than an equivalent week long stay in a hotel.
Drop anchor in a quiet cove, and enjoy wonderful evenings and the tranquility of the cove, allowing you to avoid the typical holiday crowds.
Organise your trip at your own pace, to suit you and your family and friends.
If you don't have a sailing license, don't worry. We'll find you a suitable skipper.

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