Yacht models

Vagabond 47

The Vagabond 47 is a beautiful ketch with beautiful lines and a wide deck that allows us to comfortably enjoy the sea. It has classic and spacious interiors. It has excellent qualities when sailing providing very authentic sensations.

Valiant 750

Valiant 750 is one of the most complete rigid inflatable boats in the market, adapted to all leisure and professional needs, where you can have enjoy in your favorite sailing activity in a relaxing and stimulating way. This Valiant offers three basic features in the market for the inflatable boats: comfort, classic style and sport. In addition, the design incorporates all the traditional values of a RIB: performance, stability, security, storage capacity, ease of transport and use.

Valiant Vanguard 620 Cruiser

The Valiant Vanguard 620 Cruiser is a fantastic motor boat that has plenty of space for you, your friends or family to relax and sunbathe on your holiday. Up to 12 passengers can enjoy a short trip or adventure out at sea. This semi-rigid motorboat also has a fantastic engine so you can explore a lot of the coast in quite a short amount of time. Go sailing from cove to cove, beach to beach and island to island with the 620 Cruiser. There’s also a great stereo on board, which adds even more fun to your already entertaining sailing trip!

Vanquish V43

El diseño elegante y robusto de Vanquish V43 es por atraer toda la debida atención. Este irradia una energía dinámica y una vez liberado de sus amarras , corta el agua como un cúter suiza.Con su construcción de aluminio proporciona un rendimiento superior a sus competidores y el placer de una mejor experiencia . Esto es claramente evidente cuando llegue a altas velocidades de más de 35 nudos. Muchos clientes han descrito como VQ43 como un kart .

Vanquish V48

El nuevo Vanquish VQ48 está diseñado desde cero, de acuerdo con las líneas típicas de Vanquish Yates. Un aspecto importante fue la solicitud dala de los clientes que buscaban una mezcla de algunas de las mejores características de la VQ43 y VQ50. El proyecto incluye dos puestos de pilotaje especialmente desarrollados, un gran sofá del salón y un techo de estilo que se diferencia da los bimini tradicionales gracias a las tuberías y canalizaciones verticales. Para enfatizar aún más la 'proposición' controlador 'barco Yates Vanquish y cumplir con las demandas del cliente, este modelo ha sido desarrollado en estrecha colaboración con Guido de Groot de diseño, que tiene una excelente reputación en todo el mundo y ha trabajado en yates recompensados. Gracias a su experiencia en el diseño de coches, la agencia de renombre ha interpretado con éxito nuestras ideas, así como sea posible. La nueva forma VQ48 es una combinación, de una impresionante agilidad, comodidad y calidad de construcción suprema que todos los Vanquish comparten.

Vektor 401

The Vector 401 is a motor sailboat with four cabins. It has enough space to accommodate for 8 people. This model is an excellent option for yachting. You will be surprised with its design and comfort. The yacht is equipped with everything that you need for spending a great time in the sea.

Vektor 950

Vektor 950 is a motor boat with an engine capacity of 400 horsepower. If you like speed and maneuverability, this vessel absolutely for you. It is an ideal for day trips, and includes everything needed for an overnight stay on the board.

Victoria 67

The Bavaria 40 is a sailboat that is made for both racing and surfing ride. It counts with a great interior spaciousness. It is a ship of about 12 m. It has a generous cockpit that allows govern with ease. The cover is great for lovers and sun tanning.

Walkaround TF22

The Walkaround TF22 was designed for fun outings spent fishing or enjoying the sun. It has a lot of space to lie down while under way, and even a table for snacks. The control console in the centre makes it easy to steer, and in the stern you can find a folding ladder so you can easily climb aboard after a quick swim.

Watkins 33

Watkins 33 is easily controlled and maneuverable. The interior is spacious and comfortable. This yacht is ideal choice for relaxing in the sea.

Why Not

Why Not is a classic gulet, and is a magnificent vessel both inside and out. Its enormous deck, almost completely usable space, features a spacious sun deck fit for 8 people, as well as a bench at the bow and dining area at the stern of the yacht. Its luxury and elegant interior features mahogany paneling throughout, with 2 double ensuite cabins, accommodating up to 8 passengers.

X 41

The interior design of model X 41 is classic and functional. At the three cabins and the living room can easily accommodate up 8 people.

X 412

The model X 412 allows you to travel in complete comfort. Due to the spacious stern you can relax and take sunbath on it. The yacht is fully equipped that gives an opportunity to relax and enjoy the journey.

Zar 53

Since the ZAR 53 has 8 very comfortable seats facing forward, a double sundeck, and a combination of seats / sundeck, sundeck / table, it has broken a record. The ZAR 53 is ideal for families as it can carry up to 10 people. It offers a soft, stable and ease to handle sailing due to its hull, which is deep and long.

Zar Suite 75

The ZAR Suite 75 is the most versatile in its range and is available in two versions, the "Standard" one and the "Plus" one, provided it with a complete shower and bathroom. It has 9 seats in the direction of travel, comfortable and convertible into a wonderful solarium. The interiors are elegant and voluptuous.

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